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  1. -dj-

    Thinking of parting out...your thoughts?

    proceeds from existing parted out motor + $100 = running used motor. pretty simple math equation.
  2. -dj-

    Dropped the bike off today...

    awwwwwwww....that's kinda cute. so funny how we get attached to our bikes. i love it.
  3. -dj-

    where to get parts after crash

    to the rescue!
  4. -dj-

    Oil (again)

    mum's the word.
  5. -dj-

    Oil (again)

    any HP gain?
  6. -dj-

    Oil (again)

    mcb hasnt posted too often lately.
  7. -dj-

    $1000 for free..What would you do?

    save it the economy is in the shitter and you may need it
  8. -dj-

    Stolen E and now?

    Totally redesigned DRZ450 coming out in 2010 Fuel injection, six speed tranny, USD forks, the works,,,gonna be a street legal KTM Killer!!!
  9. -dj-

    DRZ yosh tri-cone carbon

    anything is possible....how much $$$ do you have is the question.
  10. -dj-

    Wanna trade for a 3.2 IMS?

    i'll trade you a stock black metal tank or a stock black plastic tank....your choice
  11. lol i thought you said "do they make green chains" damn dyslexia!!!!
  12. -dj-

    My little colection of 4 wheels

    its stock on any sm
  13. i have the rear e model spring as well