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  1. SOLVED!!! I bought a 2006 YFZ450(quad) Voltage Regulator and spliced the wires to fit my 06 WR450 and it worked!!!! No more eating headlight/tailight bulbs!!!
  2. This is what has always worked for me...you'll need a hand pump, brake fluid and a clear hose(something with an end that fits securely over the bleeder screw) Remove the brake system from the master cylinder to the caliper. Remove the brake pads. Remove the brake resevoir cap. Secure brake system so the line is straight(veritcally), i mounted my master cylinder to a vice and left the caliper on the ground. Put fluid in the hand pump resevoir. Attach clear hose to handpump and fill it with fluid(so your not pumping air into the system). Attach clear hose to bleeder screw. Crack bleeder screw 1/4 turn. Pump fluid slowly and carefully watching for air bubbles through clear hose. Also watch master cylinder since it will be overflowing, if you will see air bubbles coming out, that is good! Do this until no air bubbles are present. Install brake pads to caliper. Install resevoir cap to master cylinder. Install back onto bike. Remove resevoir cap to master cylinder, again. Pump brake pedal while filling resevoir with fluid, carefully making sure fluid is at proper level. Your done, enjoy your new rear brakes!!!
  3. the 03-05 yz fenders work, no matter the brand. you just have to trim a couple holes for the wr's subframe bracket that holds the coolant overflow...thats all you have to do. i think the yz fender i bought(acerbis?) was already indexed to show where it needed to be cut to fit on a wr. good luck
  4. 03-05 yz fender fits the 06, i did it to mine and looks a helluva lot better!
  5. your sure of this??? i just searched ebay and found about 20 of them, i'm ready to order one!
  6. ....other than OEM: $105!!!! I tried ebay and other online stores to no avail....HELP please!!!
  7. wow wr250x sex ftw!! just a sidenote: rotate your exhaust slider 90 degrees clockwise so the unprotected part is at 9 o'clock
  8. thank you i will try that first! how much should i add? 10-20cc each?
  9. this is going to be setup for supermoto....the majority over at smj.com were saying 45mm race sag for forks and 75mm race sag for the rear shock. i know i'll have to dial in the compression and rebound settings, the rear feels fine, just the forks are unpredictable in the corners! and when the front brake is applied it just dives! i'm assuming this means the valve lets too much oil through?
  10. Thank you! Where can i get these valves from?
  11. 06 yamaha wr450 i weigh 175 and the spring rates are good enough for me...per Racetech recommendations. when applying the front brake the forks dive, basically close to bottoming out. will changing the shim stack and heavier oil affect this? my race sag(75mm) is about a whole inch too much. i was able to set the race sag on the rear shock, just not sure how to do the forks... anyone?
  12. okay thanks, might as well get a few of them...
  13. should i replace the emulsion tube and hot start plunger seal?
  14. heres what i've done.... replaced the NVCQ needle with the supplied gytr ais kit needle found a hole in my exhuast packing....repacked it sealed up whole exhaust still makes the noise...i'm stumped!
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