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  1. jonyfiver

    Black KDX pics

    can't wait to see it done
  2. jonyfiver

    Black KDX pics

    the bike looks MINT love it...with a black frame it would be the baddest KDX out there, ( my opinion) the flat black is amazing
  3. jonyfiver

    KDX 200 rear Shock

    Hello all does anyone know of any other shock you can put on a 1990 KDX200 mine is toast and they are hard to find....I heard the 95-05 will not fit, do I have any other options ???
  4. jonyfiver

    Finished boy's XR200

    looks great
  5. awesome thanks eddie
  6. jonyfiver

    XR200R Modification Guide

    I just went to the local Honda dealer and got 1 size up on both main and pilot, I also desnorkelled and put a unifilter in so it could breathe better
  7. jonyfiver

    XR 200 Clutch Help

    thanks a bunch
  8. jonyfiver

    XR200R Modification Guide

    geat stuff Quick D. did you find out the year for the 250 rear suspension yet?? And some of us know how much time you put into it and greatly appreciate it too!!!
  9. jonyfiver

    XR 200 Clutch Help

    to the right of the clutch plates there is another part that prevents you from simply taking the plates off .....do you have to pull it off as well and if so do you need a special tool ?? and where do you get them and how much are they
  10. is richen up or down
  11. jonyfiver

    XR200R Modification Guide

    Doesn't say a thing about 250 front forks.....says the rear shock is questionable but that is not what I was asking
  12. I just did the same in my son's 2003 xr100 although there is no hesitation it will eventually stall so if anyone has answers please let us know,,I did a search on xr100 jetting and it says nothing about stalling
  13. jonyfiver

    XR200R Modification Guide

    Just a quick question ...my buddy has a set of front forks off a 85/86 xr 250 would theses bolt right up??
  14. jonyfiver

    300EXC-E - 2007 e-start pic

    I love the thought of the estart, I am a shorter rider and think the estart would make life a whole lot easier ( not lazier as I go to the gym 5 days a week and hike alot and a few other things ) are the same guys who are complaining about the estart complaining about their TV remotes!!!!!) any way great idea and one of lifes little luxuries. If you don't like it don't buy it but I am sure KTM has done it's homework and a company as successfull as they are does not put something into production for a minority
  15. jonyfiver

    Still making KDX220r

    I have checked on every Kawi website that I could find including Australia Europe etc. etc and it seems they have all gone to the KLX