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  1. jayh300

    new to trials

    having a ball... been riding single track forever.. picked up a cota 315 a few months ago..found some boots and a helmet first event I felt like I had never rode before.. second much better.. great sport..
  2. jayh300

    Help controlling yz250 in the woods?

    yep.. I had a 250 and a 300 at the same time... made my son ride the 250 way to pipey for me... the name was gofast gofast at first... changed to gasgas.... cool scoots.. I have a ktm 300 xcw now, sometimes I sure miss the old gassers...
  3. jayh300

    Help controlling yz250 in the woods?

    I got the info off the gasgas site as well... I don't remember for sure if the rm needle is a triple taper or a dual... the yz needle I think is a triple.. the gasgas guru back in the day sold his jet kits with a cck needle in them.. it just works. it is a single taper. I would pull the needle and see what is in it.. it is stamped in the top of it under the clips. i had a spare around and i put it in my ktm 300 xcw and it made a tractor out of it...
  4. jayh300

    Help controlling yz250 in the woods?

    ^^^ bingo.... single taper needle works great in those..
  5. on the forks.. i have not been into mine yet.. i would assume they are open chamber wp's.. and it would depend on what you are going to do to them.. a fork seal driver makes that job a ton easier.. i have most sizes and use them alot.. if you are just doing seals and bushings, that is probably all you need.. again, i have not been in the forks on mine for sure.. hopefully one of the smart ktm guys will chime in.. no idea on the hoses.. my pv was way low in the window.. it hit hard as soon as it picked up throttle.. i moved it a little above that langston setting and it feels good so far.. have not had it on a trail yet, but it feels more like a 200 should to me anyway..
  6. just bought an 03 a couple of weeks ago and am sorting it out also.. found this thread on the pv.. set mine last night and it is much better.. http://www.702sportbikes.com/showthread.php?21825-Adjusting-The-Power-Valve-On-The-125-200-KTMs
  7. jayh300

    1981 xl500s rh engine side cover ?

    just like you said... it was kinda stuck on the kickstarter seal.. popped right off
  8. jayh300

    1981 xl500s rh engine side cover ?

    awesome.. thanks for the input..
  9. jayh300

    Texas nps land issues

    we are facing a national park service partial closing / limiting access to our main riding area... if you guys have time, there is a "open for comment" tab on the lh side of this page.. go in and ask for "option A" which is no change to the current management of the land... thanks for your help.. jay http://www.parkplanning.nps.gov/proj...rojectID=20192 __________________ broken down over 50 slow rider.. jhendr3702 View Public Profile Send a private message to jhendr3702 Send email to jhendr3702 Find all posts by jhendr3702 Add jhendr3702 to Your Contacts Edit Tags <a href="http://www.gasgasrider.org/forum/tags.php">Tags
  10. got a bud called me last night and cannot get the rh side engine (clutch side) side cover off his bike... going by there this weekend to help him.. just looking for input as to what i am up against.. looks pretty straight forward by the engine pix's .... thanks in advance jay
  11. jayh300

    2000 gas gas ec250 on the trail

    sweet.. hit me up when you are coming over here.. i thought your email looked familiar.. i inquired on you ktm once.. we ride all the little single track goat trails..
  12. jayh300

    2000 gas gas ec250 on the trail

    amarillo... we ride at the canadian river entrance off dumas highway.(north of amarillo). did not know you could ride in that area at all... how much can you ride over there ? i own 2 gassers, one of my riding bud has 2 also...
  13. jayh300

    2000 gas gas ec250 on the trail

    canadian river... amarillo tx ??????
  14. jayh300

    Let's see pics of your exotic bikes

    thanks hawaii.. been watching alot of vid's from over there.. very cool. the 07 is loaded up for a ride saturday.. sadly, the 01 has not moved in years...
  15. jayh300

    Let's see pics of your exotic bikes

    my 2007 mc300 gasser... i know they never made one, but I did..