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  1. Dezracerd

    Broken VOR waterpump housing

    Sent you an e-mail.
  2. Dezracerd

    VOR Ignition 450 ENE

    The position of the magnets inside the flywheel isn't as critical as maintaining the correct spacing and keeping the grooves between the magnets absolutely clean. I have inspected these things and can't find a trigger of any kind so I don't think they are timed.
  3. Dezracerd

    Broken VOR waterpump housing

    We have them in stock. shane@frontlinemoto.com
  4. Dezracerd

    Houston VOR 2002 Main Bearing Failure...not...yet...

    It was the early 2002s that had the problem. If yours hasn't given up yet it has probably had the fix. In fact I think your bike is a hybrid Enduro Nut Special and is probably OK. The warning sign is a very noticable growl from the cases.
  5. Dezracerd

    Gas Gas 300 vs. KTM 300 xc(w)

    The GasGas has an outstanding motor. It has a very smooth, tractable and responsive power delivery but flick the little switch on the handle bars to the advanced ignition setting and it becomes an MX style rocket ship that will run with most 500s. If I remember right the stock gearing would do over 80mph but the engine felt like it would pull much taller gearing. The ergonomics are very interesting. The bike comes with multiple bar mount positions (forward, back, up and down) and feels very roomy and comfortable for me in stock trim (I'm 6'1") but I had a chance to ride the bike Fred Hoess set up for the Quicksilver and it felt very small. So there is a lot of adjustment available as stock. I bought my son an EC200 this year and can honestly say that this is now my favorite bike in the mountains. I think my next personal bike will be the 300.
  6. Dezracerd


    A friend of mine has a mid to late 80s full size with 351 and power everything for cheap. Body is perfect but needs a buff job. If interested PM me and I will give him your contact info.
  7. Dezracerd

    Is Gas Gas in any kind of trouble?

    Only good things in the future for GasGas. Just to defend GG a little bit, they were never in any trouble and they DID offer flooring (although not many dealers used it). As far as I can tell the dealers I have spoken to are pretty happy with the GG experience, but there is always room for improvement.
  8. Dezracerd

    Vor Parts, HELP PLZ!

    I have a set of motard wheels with 320mm and 220mm brake rotors. They were used twice but are still in excellent condition. shane@frontlinemoto.com
  9. Dezracerd

    vor 2001 swinging arm linkage pivot bearings

    206020044 = Hk-2218-rs
  10. Dezracerd

    What year is this bike? VOR 503

    Well, I was thrown off by the exhaust head pipes and the graphics but it is a 2001. The frame, engine, plastics and silencer are 2001 anyway. All of the parts are interchangeable in the early style. The rear suspension is a little different between years but they will bolt up.
  11. Dezracerd

    What year is this bike? VOR 503

    I just had another look at the photo and I saw lots of 2001 parts as well.
  12. Dezracerd

    What year is this bike? VOR 503

    It is a 99 MX model but it looks like you have the aluminum enduro engine cases.
  13. Dezracerd

    vor 503 headgasket

    We stock head gaskets. E-mail me your contact info at info@frontlinemoto.com
  14. Dezracerd

    Gas Gas Ec250

    The 07 is getting a stronger subframe
  15. Dezracerd

    Normal temperature for a VOR head.

    It should fz but not fzzz. Just kidding. With the engine cold open the radiator cap, start the engine and see if the water is circulating. Next make sure the cap works. If the water moves and the cap isn't stuck then I would not worry about it. VOR engines run very hot by design, but I put two desert racing seasons on my MX503 before I had to add a single drop of water and only then because I drained it. Be sure to use ONLY distrilled water and 50% coolant mix in the bike. Tap water does really horrible things in aluminum.