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  1. honcrf150

    Cleaning bike

    I own a pressure washing company that mainly does "Soft" washing of residential houses and commercial structures...yes, you can "pressure wash" a bike without harm, do it all the time. The key is to use less pressure and use cleaners to chemically release the soils, dirt, whatever. Use the black tip that came with your washer, it brings down the line pressure and you can still use it as a washing tool.
  2. honcrf150

    650L won't stay running for awhile

    I don't know what it was, but I think the bike is running correctly now... Starts pretty decent cold, when its warm..just the thought of pressing the magic button fires it right up.. WOOT! Finally got to ride it a bit..took it out on the road around the block and took it out in the back yard..I think i'm starting to love BRP's!! It's a beast!
  3. honcrf150

    650L won't stay running for awhile

    I'm thinking can we rule out something electrical since I have a consistant spark? Like killswitch, CDI, sidestand switch etc?
  4. honcrf150

    650L won't stay running for awhile

    I cleaned the main as well, it was just the pilot that may have had some junk in it. Going to go clean it again and put it back on and see if that works... one thing I found out when I was pulling the carb last night, the hose coming out the front of the carb was unplugged, where does that go to?
  5. honcrf150

    650L won't stay running for awhile

    So last night I put a fresh sparkplug in it to see if that would help..it didn't..I just now took the new sprk plug out and it was completely dry..not a drop on it... So it's not getting gas. Somehow..
  6. honcrf150

    650L won't stay running for awhile

    Checked the valves this morning..all within spec..the intake on the left was a little tight but adjusted it. I am getting spark.. Checked the CDI box just now, took it out, tapped on it, beat on it, nothing..
  7. honcrf150

    650L won't stay running for awhile

    The bike doesn't start up immediately after it dies, it has restarted quickly once...the other times I had to let it sit for awhile. Now I can't start it up at all.
  8. honcrf150

    650L won't stay running for awhile

    Yes, shut off under power...it also has a bit of a high idle. I didn't really think it was something electrical like the safety switches since it still has spark When it turn the petcock on the gas pours out with the cap on and the carb fills up, so i'm pretty sure its getting fuel.
  9. Just got a dual sport and now having the itch to meet some other riders in the area and do some DS riding! Who's out there? p.s. I'm in Manassas
  10. Hi guys, I have a XR650L I bought the other day...while the bike is warm, it has a high idle....after some riding the bike will randomly shut off if just crusing...I cleaned out the pilot jet and that seemed to help out the hard to start problem.. ideas? Thanks!
  11. honcrf150

    Do stoppies blow fork seals?

    I was asking in regards to the way the forks respond to excessive braking. I've heard it might cause seals to leak and they started to leak not long after I started doing stoppies on the 250. Think about it, the stress put on the forks is different from "50ft double" BTW I had seal savers and there was very little dirt behind the dust seal
  12. I've been thinking about this for awhile both on my old 150 and my 250 I have now (refer to profile pic) I did stoppies and my seals have leaked. Anybody experience similar?
  13. honcrf150


    The value of containing myself.
  14. honcrf150

    why do you ride?

    It started 6 years ago when my neighbor got a ttr125, his dad offered to let me ride and teach me. I learned, it was a BLAST..then a few months later my dad got me a Honda 150f. Heres the oldest pic i have on the comp to date. and the reason I ride is because it's me...Kind of like a tradition...my dad rode when he was a kid and had numerous bikes, so I take after him. Riding MX is like a rollercoaster, but you control the thrill and each time is a little different...Relieves stress too!
  15. honcrf150

    crf250 for 13yr old

    IIRC the x is a tad shorter