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  1. You'd need a master sized to flow enough fluid for both calipers and you will either need a bias valve or use identical calipers front and rear. You might get away with a dual caliper sport bike master.
  2. If you have money to burn, Ohlins makes a shock for the DRZ. It is very nice.
  3. 99% of the dynos in a shop are designed for just getting a full range power curve and not particular rpm testing. Also, riding is not done as a roll on in 4th gear and simply held until the power signs off. Finally, few shops are going to do the A/F on a 2S as the oil in the mix destroys the sensor. A good shop will know what jetting works well in a bike they sell in the area you ride. If they just want to blindly install a jet kit, then, no, no good. Your owners manual typically covers the basic on jetting, and combine that with the experience of other owners of the same bike in similar air density, will get you more than adequately dialed in.
  4. Is that the only way to do it? Can I not just take it out once it's done and let it sit in the garage? Or why need to leave it in the oven for so long after You want the heat to get in it slowly and out slowly to prevent localized heating and cooling, that is what causes warping.
  5. Service the AP. Also realize it is a race MX bike and has a very large carb. It is not designed to be ridden below 1/4 throttle ever. You can put in a smaller leak jet.
  6. Metal only, 400 will be fine. Put in the cover when the oven is cool and let the part be in the oven during heat up. Put on a backing sheet and a rack above it with another backing sheet to eliminate direct heating. Then once it hits 400, shut off the oven and let it cool down with out disturbing it for several hours. When you can touch the baking sheets without getting burned, you can remove the part. Your parents or wife is going to kill you due to the contamination of the oven.
  7. No one rides a race bike at idle and then nails the throttle. Get your rpms up. The QS2 does very little other than having a slightly larger chamber. Run the smaller leak jet, put on a stiffer AP spring.
  8. Common cause is running at a load at low RPM. Worn piston to. Your bike is a MX race bike, wear is expected.
  9. They do tend to run rich up to about 1/2 throttle then they normalize out and actually run lean from 3/4 up, so you have to use significantly different needles and main jet. The thing is, for a woods DRZ, probably the best carb is the CV40. I've toyed with putting a CV carb on my WR250F.
  10. Buy a OEM one for a woods bike, has all the same little holes for better atomization at small throttle openings. The oring means nothing. Not carb part is going to boost Hp by 7% (that is a claimed gain over 2Hp on a stock DRZ with a FCR, the FCR added already 4) Snake oil.
  11. yeah when dudes on street bikes tell me they always listen to music when they ride it sounds my squid alarm. I'm like, bro, the motor IS music. Around here there's a lot of guys that smoke and ride, if you're a head it doesn't affect you much but there's no way i can do it. I could cruise safely with a buzz, but not drive/ride fast. Weed made my night vision terrible, motorcycle headlights back then (A candle and a rusty reflector) sucked. So riding with a buzz was a chore. Fortunately, as a kid, I lived in a large town and the speed limit was 25 and the roads were wide boulevards with street lights so it was never a issue going cross town. I can't see riding distracted in the woods or going fast. Unless of course, it just seems fast as you wonder why 5 year olds on BMX bikes are roosting you......
  12. Nearly never. Back in my younger days, I was practicing at the MX track. My pals were there, hanging in the pis, drinking beers (none were racers). I was beat, so I came in to drink something. All there was was beer and 'cooler dysentery water'. I took a swig of beer and went back out. My lap times plummeted. I made mistakes. I was in my head and not on the next corner. It took an hour before I got my rhythm back. Sure, I have had drinks and gone a a lazy trail ride. Driven a car. But never fast and never in a situation where I needed more than 50% of my ability. Same with weed or even music.
  13. Both will be about the same. Louder. Less low end grunt and a little more top end. You will just think you are faster. A TTR is a trail plonker, not a race bike. A carb kit will make it run better, a pipe might shave some weight oiff but that is not really a issue on a bike like the TTR. Better would be just to take very good care of it and invest your money in good tools and read the service manual a lot.
  14. make/model/year?