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  1. William1


    Model? Year? Photo of the bike? Engine number (many Yamahas, the engine number is the same as the VIN) Defaced VIN is not a good thing
  2. William1

    Used Drz400SM - Need help

    Good deal, with the second set of wheels, you are in biz. Now to get the correct FCR and a set of real E cams.... Patience pays off.
  3. William1

    New (to me) bikes. Having carb problems

    The 80 was the starter jet. I'd wager you need to buy a new pilot jet. Having a pro with 'the bath' is the way to really get the carb clean, probably money well spent Vs. tearing hair out.
  4. William1

    Triple tree problems?

    Rust??? Sounds to me like it is time to take it apart, clean and regrease, ditto with the swingarm and suspension parts.
  5. William1

    Accelerator Pump Help Timing

    I'd set the float to OEM specs. Set the slow air jet to a 100, realize too, your intake adapter may be screwing things up. That looks to have very deep passages. The longer a passage, the more difficulty air has to get through.. The smallest pilot anyone has needed (and that was because of a junk alloy fuel screw) was a 38. If anyone actually rightfully needs a 38, I'd change the slow air jet to a larger one. If fuel passages get too small, they tend to clog sooner. Set the fuel screw to 1,5 turns. If the bike needs the choke to start and starts hot fine, call it a day.
  6. Get the float height right. Confirm it, do not guess. Close the fuel screw some. Start at 1.5 turns from gently closed, then with a low idle and set it to be a smooth idle. Then raise the idle back to 1,850. You should need the choke to start the engine cold. You should not need it with a hot engine.
  7. William1

    What's wrong with my bike? Valves?

    Check your valves, do a leak down test. Though it sounds more like a fuel issue (too rich at idle) and a fuel delivery problem.
  8. William1

    Accelerator Pump Help Timing

    You are not looking for it to slow. Only stall if fully closed AND the idle speed is low enough. For are looking for a reaction from the bike to changes in the fuel screw. You set for the smoothest idle and then bring the idle speed back up. Do not over think this.
  9. William1

    Accelerator Pump Help Timing

    Idle speed is too high. Set the slow air to be a 100. Lower temporarily to where it just idles, adjust the fuel screw at that point, then raise the idle speed back to 1,850 rpm.
  10. William1


    Ride? For more than two minutes, no. Fix the problem.
  11. William1

    2001 yz125 jetting ball park

    Start at the pilot and air screw and move up the line (needle-straight diameter, taper, length, fine adjust with clip and main, then back to needle length), going by actual throttle grip position and do so in 4th gear under load. You have to do it in 1/8th of total throttle movement.
  12. William1

    Accelerator Pump Help Timing

    Shoot the video at 30 FPS. Then step through frame by frame to see when the squirt happens. Your squirt also looks week to me.
  13. William1


    A jet kit does not add power, it makes it run smoother. A slip on does not add power, just makes it louder. The carb bore and exhaust header are restrictive to making more power. You want more, you need a larger carb (FCR29 or a CV 40) and a full exhaust (MRD or Yosh Ti). Can you imagine chugging a beer through a straw? How about through a 5" section of PVC? See what I mean? Best of luck
  14. Engine is consuming it or it is leaking or it is coming out the breather or you are over filling.
  15. William1

    Milsaps Retires

    Sure, we have two places. Reddit and 4Chan. I am sure you already have links to /b/