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  1. Sad when a question is answered and the answers do not fall in line with the affirmation the questioner is looking for. I really do not understand why people only want to hear what they want to hear. Anything else and they get combative.
  2. William1

    Altitude on ya 250

    What make/model/year? FI bikes self adjust, just the idle needs tweeking
  3. William1

    Some basic questions on the automatic clutch.

    Off throttle, press the shifter. The only thing you need to know is to shift only when the bike is not under load (on the gas). As you ride it more, you'll get the feel of what conditions make for the least effort gear changes. At the same time, do not be terrified if you are riding hard and you shift without letting up. Just do not make a habit of it, you do not have a race bike.
  4. William1

    6D and Bell sizing?

    BTW, if you use a shop to find a good fit, try to give them the business as well. If they do not sell, they will not stock and the next time, they might not be there for you to try it on. *** This is aimed at all people that buy gear who read this thread***
  5. William1

    6D and Bell sizing?

    Unless you can try on a helmet, fit is 'hit and miss'. Head shape and face shape all play a role in good fit. Good fit is more important than style, unfortunately. It is very disappointing to go try on multiple helmets of a model you like only to find none fit right and a helmet you are not wild about, feels custom made just for you. You should not add 'home brew padding' as it tends to reduce the helmets effectiveness. Safety is the reason for helmets.
  6. William1

    4 Stroke Resale Value?

    This thread is done. A bunch of you deserve infractions.
  7. William1

    Rim Lock Placement

    Sheet metal screws are not a good option for a off road machine. Stay with the locks if off road. SuperMoto, the screws work. You need air pressure to keep the beads seated, think more of them as teeth and not as devices to hold the tire in place. A low tire pressure, and extreme flex will ruin the bead and truly leave you stranded.
  8. William1

    Rim Lock Placement

    Old rule was one rim lock, lore or less opposite the valve stem to minimize being out of balance. Second rim lock opposite it (as best as possible given the spoke pattern). Then we migrated to sheet metal screws on street bikes, keeping rim locks on dirt bikes.
  9. William1


    Lube of the cable or throttle tube will do that. Hence I never lube either and keep them dry. If it is lube related, clean the tube and remove the cable, spray electrical parts cleaner through it until all the lube is out and the inner glides.
  10. William1

    Cush Hub Issue

    Yup, we are. I've seen both styles. The non-spacer ones are typically a less expensive design used on low HP bikes.
  11. William1

    Cush Hub Issue

    Normally, yes. Though sometimes I have seen setups that used a special spacer on the sprocket hub that slid into the bearing to enable the hub to free float slightly as you describe.
  12. William1

    Cush Hub Issue

    Your 'washer' only needes to as wide (OD minus ID) as the inner bearing race so as to provide a tiny bit of separation. The rubber 'donuts' do not and are not supposed to to that. Alternatively, you can have a machine shop pop the sprocket holder on a lathe (this is what I do) and remove a few though to ensure when it is bolted up that it is inner race against inner race. This assumes you did nothing wrong and your isse is poor quality control on the manufacture side.
  13. William1

    Can Dirt Bikes & ATV Co-Exist?

    All things are possible if people respect one another.
  14. William1

    Whats wrong with my bike

    Good, how much time elapsed between when it last ran? Now answer mlatours Q's too. Also, why did you take the original carb off?
  15. William1

    Cush Hub Issue

    Go with metal. Any plastic/nylon/rubber will get crushed. It has to be able to withstand the 'squeeze' on the axle being tightened. Though the marks do not appear to be back and fort motion of the cush hub moving.