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  1. small_and_fast

    Cut out at high RPM

    Sorry for the delay, lots of craziness around here this week, small basement flood and restoration company in! At TDC I put the cam's in the proper position/timing and everything seems to be great. I am not sure what caused the cams to go out, perhaps when I changed to my MCCT and was adjusting that, I may of had that to loose while trying to find the sweet spot. Cam chain doesn't have significant miles on it, so I don't imagine it being stretched. I'll just have to do hot cams and a new cc to be safe 😆😆
  2. small_and_fast

    Cut out at high RPM

    Thank you all for the advice, bike is running like normal now, feels great! Did just a short test in front of the house, I really shouldn't be riding right now due to injury. Check out the video below of my crash from August! Also just fyi I do have the TT MCCT installed along with FCR and 3x3. Stock exhaust still as I love how quiet it is.
  3. small_and_fast

    Cut out at high RPM

    Thanks for the quick response Ohio! I'll do that this afternoon. Problem solved? Hope so!
  4. small_and_fast

    Cut out at high RPM

    If I don't get it figured out this weekend I will grab a cdi from a new DRZ from my local dealer next week and try that out. 👍 Here are some photos of my cams this morning. Something seems off to me. There are 15 pins between the arrows but the other lines don't line up with the cylinder head. Can someone confirm from these photos if my timing is off or if something doesn't look correct? Thanks!!
  5. small_and_fast

    Cut out at high RPM

    Thanks for all the comments everyone. I replaced my stator with an OEM unit. Install was easy but did not fix the issue. Tps unplugged. This bike is starting to get to me! My other two DRZ's were rock solid, always performed perfect. This one can't seem to do 1000km without needing something replaced or repaired. I will go over everything closely again, check all grounds ect. I just took it up and down the road for a minute, runs great at lower rpm. The same issue remains at higher rpm. I will post up my findings.
  6. small_and_fast

    Cut out at high RPM

    Thanks 1hp, yes I have had the petcock out and tried different fuel. Fuel flows into the carb freely.
  7. small_and_fast

    Cut out at high RPM

    Hi all, I've searched, read and tried many things to try and fix this issue I am having to avoid posting a new topic but nothing I have done so far has solved my issue. 04 KLX400s with FCR carb, 3x3 mod. Bike has been running fine all season and the issue started recently and has not gone away or changed. At high rmp the motor/revs will cut out. It does not die, and is consistent in the exact way it cuts out. In neutral in the driveway, riding down the road or trying to go over 3/4 throttle to hit a hill on the dirt the motor, the same cut out happens. Essentially anything above 3/4 throttle with any load on it the revs will pulse, going from high to down to an idle and back for as long as you keep the throttle open. Does it the same way at the same time every time. I have had the carb off multiple times, replaced all jets and needle, cleaned thoroughly every time, tried a variety of jetting over the entire spectrum, float level in spec and nothing I do to the carb has any effect on it what so ever. I've tried with no side covers, all covers, tape over 3x3, really just doing anything I could to try and effect the issue and none of that has made a difference at all. The carb has about 1000 miles on it. After searching the web and chatting with locals I was thinking the issue had to be electrical. I read a couple threads that sounded similar and replacing the stator fixed their issues, so I did this yesterday, and no change. Now I'm looking for recommendations on what way to go. I still think it could be electrical, the three DRZ's I've had have never had electrical issues so this is a first on this bike for me. I am going to triple check for an air leak again, but nothing has been apparent to me. Thanks for any tips!
  8. small_and_fast

    Video of my crash at Arizona AMA Endurocross

    Thanks for commenting Eric, it's cool to hear from someone who saw the crash happen! I've been hoping for a video or photo of it from the stands but no luck yet. And thanks to everyone else that commented, helps lift the spirit. Just had two 6" pins removed this morning. Four more weeks of no weight bearing but I'm out of the cast and in an air boot which is much nicer. I'll be back!
  9. This is the crash I had over the finish line jump in Prescott Valley for round one of the AMA Endurocross series. Dislocated foot & ankle. Multiple shattered and displaced bones. Thanks for checking it out! 😬
  10. small_and_fast

    Oversized Gas Tank “ Post your Pics”

    2007. The first two pics are the same bike. The 3rd pick with the Clarke is my first 07 that I had. I just prefer the way the IMS fits between my legs while riding/racing.
  11. small_and_fast

    Oversized Gas Tank “ Post your Pics”

    IMS. Stock. Clarke.
  12. small_and_fast

    Oversized Gas Tank “ Post your Pics”

    I've run both the IMS and the Clarke. I personally much prefer the fit and feel of the IMS, especially when riding. The bottom shroud bolts do become a tough fit, using a t handle makes it easier though. I swap the stock tank and IMS back and forth. Extra petcock is nice. I had to order a new rubber gasket from IMS so I ordered a couple to keep a spare. I had no fitment issues or modifications needed. Tank swap is super quick. I think the clear looks cool!
  13. small_and_fast

    Flag or Wrap Around

    I ride and race at a fast pace. Enduro, Endurocross, some extreme enduro. The local riding I do is mostly gnarly terrain. I also mix it up on moto and arenacross tracks. I run flag guards and it's mostly a mental thing. I feel more confident running flag guards then wrap arounds. I run the levers angled down a bit, and because of this I find the only flags I can run are Cycras.
  14. small_and_fast

    Help plan my week trip from Canada to Boise

    Does anybody recognize this? Would like to know where this is!