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  1. 2007. The first two pics are the same bike. The 3rd pick with the Clarke is my first 07 that I had. I just prefer the way the IMS fits between my legs while riding/racing.
  2. IMS. Stock. Clarke.
  3. I've run both the IMS and the Clarke. I personally much prefer the fit and feel of the IMS, especially when riding. The bottom shroud bolts do become a tough fit, using a t handle makes it easier though. I swap the stock tank and IMS back and forth. Extra petcock is nice. I had to order a new rubber gasket from IMS so I ordered a couple to keep a spare. I had no fitment issues or modifications needed. Tank swap is super quick. I think the clear looks cool!
  4. I ride and race at a fast pace. Enduro, Endurocross, some extreme enduro. The local riding I do is mostly gnarly terrain. I also mix it up on moto and arenacross tracks. I run flag guards and it's mostly a mental thing. I feel more confident running flag guards then wrap arounds. I run the levers angled down a bit, and because of this I find the only flags I can run are Cycras.
  5. Does anybody recognize this? Would like to know where this is!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm driving down from British Columbia to Boise ID for the AMA Endurocross race on Nov. 4th. Will be leaving the night of Nov. 2nd, not looking for riding on the way down but would like to take a bit of time driving home to ride some cool areas. Maybe there is some sort of race or event on the following weekend (Nov 11/12), I'll race anything from endurocross, enduros, 24hr, desert, moto, arenacross or trials events, so if you know of something this late in the year in ID/OR/WA please post it! Other then that I'm looking for recommendations on cool riding areas. I prefer tough gnarly riding but any areas you can suggest would be great, easy riding with neat views is fine to. I don't mind driving a bit west/east as I make my way back to the boarder, but within reason. Thanks for any suggestions!
  7. Very cool! I'd race that in a heartbeat if the opportunity arose!
  8. They can bite back pretty quick! Here's the video of me going over
  9. FancherMX have you heard back? Im in for a new rack as well if they are available, PM sent
  10. Screenshot from my gopro, rider down on the rock downhill section hard. He wasn't the only one, second pic is me when I caught the front wheel at the top and went over the bars!
  11. Thanks for the replies. The cylinder and piston look untouched and in great shape. I'm going to pick up a complete head from ebay and get a MCCT and new cam chain from the TT store.
  12. With the combo of the 13oz FWW and the Gnarly it made it much better ya, with just the 13oz it wasn't enough, the gnarly actually made a noticeable difference. I can chug it pretty slow and low in first and second. But there is still a lot of throttle control needed for the real gnarly stuff, but that's true for any bike in that terrain, just more so on the KX then say a 300xcw. Most people that ride my bike off of a more woods oriented bike are surprised at the delivery. I've had a couple 300's in recent enough years as well. I did not like the KX in stock form. Was really aggressive for the tight, gnarly riding I like to take it in. I could race an extreme enduro on my KX with the current set up. The G2 maybe would be even better.
  13. I have an 07 kx250, 13oz fww, gnarly and 13\52. Also has new v-force, fresh bottom and top end 2 weeks ago ect. Very luggable with these few mods. I've had two ktm 300's in years past and the kx is not that good, but still quite impressive. Maybe look into the G2 throttle tamer as well. I've been wanting to try one but having trouble getting one in Canada.
  14. Just to clarify those last few pictures (of the parts on the wooden bench) are from my roached parts motor. I have yet to pull my head off, hoping to have the time one night next week. I was low on oil, but not empty by any means. I had full intentions to change the oil and filter after this first 15 minute ride of the year, just didn't work out as planned! Once I pull the head I suppose I'll know all of what is needed for parts. But if anyone has a full head for sale let me know!