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  1. The SM fender is more modern looking and closer looking to the bikes you mention, and is also fine off-road (mine has spent most of its time there). A black front fender does not have to match the tank/plastics colour. Or you could also spray paint.
  2. richmond

    Moving Battery Location

    The Ballistic batteries look good. It seems some are also using the 4 cell. The small size of that makes it even easier to move. I think I will mock one up to see where it could fit before buying (they are harder to get and more expensive in Europe)
  3. richmond

    Moving Battery Location

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I notice a few pro custom shops have placed the battery in a similar location for DRZ400 scrambler/flat track type conversions, albeit with smaller Li batteries (although I think probably only giving a few centimetres more clearance), so it made me wonder. Pity, because I would like to get rid of the rear side fairings, but the view is not pretty with that standard battery location!
  4. richmond

    Moving Battery Location

    Following a few searches, it appears moving the battery inside the airbox is not a good idea, but what do you think about this location for road use, below?
  5. richmond

    Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR

    The scorpion rally STR seems to get good reviews and I am thinking of fitting to my DRZ400 SM. They do a front in 120/70 so that is ok. They do not do a 140/70 rear. They do 170//60, 150/70, 140/80. Would one of these work? Which would be best? also, anyone have any experience of the STR? thanks
  6. richmond

    CRF 125 clutch lever

    I am having problems finding a replacement clutch lever for a 2014 CRF 125, preferably in the UK. Is the lever the same as other models or years, so I can widen my search? Thanks.
  7. richmond

    CRF 70 won't run after buying

    You were right - it was something very simple. One of the bullet connectors on the group of wires on the LHS frame had been pulled loose. I thought I had reseated all connections, but this wire was hiding within the rubber boot. Connected it back and it started first time. Oh well, at least I now know the carb is clean! I will also buy a new spark plug tomorrow so I know that is something else also ok. Thanks for your suggestions.
  8. I have just bought a 2010 CRF 70. It started and ran well when I went to view, so I handed over the money and put into the back of the car. one and a half hours later I arrived home and went to take the bike out. I was convinced I had turned the fuel tap off, but now it was on - explaining the smell of gas in the car - so it either moved as I was putting it in (I was leant on its left side in order to fit) or I made a mistake. Anyway, since then I have not been able to start. I have a spark. I have compression (thumb test only). I have new fuel. I pulled the carb, float bowl seemed ok, but cleaned it anyway, as well as the jets (carb cleaner and air line). I reseated all the electrical connections I could find. Ignition key and engine run switches are in the right position. Still won't run. Any ideas? What could have happened during 1.5 hours on its left side in the car? Driving me mad. Actually the kids are driving me mad because they just want to ride! Any help appreciated!
  9. richmond

    Who's on "The Dark Side"

    My all black.
  10. richmond

    SM Bar Mounts - Universal or Standard

    I used the Moose risers which allow fatbars to be mounted. They come in three different heights and i bought from the TT store. I then fitted Renthal fatbars without a problem.
  11. richmond

    S Wheel Size

    Thanks! I'm off to buy new wheels and a set of TKCs.
  12. richmond

    S Wheel Size

    What is the standard wheel size on the 'S'? I am going to buy a set of dirt wheels for an SM, and am wondering which size to buy: Front - 21 x 1.60 or 21 x 1.85 Rear - 18 x 1.85 or 18 x 2.15 or 18 x 2.50 Thanks.
  13. richmond

    DRZ400 Rallye Raid Dakar

    Check this out: http://cgi.ebay.fr/SUZUKI-DRZ-400-RALLYE-RAID-DAKAR-EXCEPTION_W0QQitemZ150369816095QQcmdZViewItemQQptZJG_FR_Motos?hash=item2302bd4e1f&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14
  14. richmond

    Prepare my DRZ to cross Africa trip...

    I have taken a DRZ through North Africa - Atlantic route to Dakar. Standard spec is fine. And I think it would also be a great choice if you were doing a full trans-Africa down to the Cape. I had DirtBagz panniers and Kriega tailpack. Worked well for me. Kriega are brilliant - a pity they don't make panniers. Trick is to travel light - I am amazed to see how much some people take with them. I also had a 28L Aqualine Safari tank (really useful) and a corbin seat (quite useful, although I only bought because I got a used seat, otherwise I would have stuck with the standard seat).
  15. richmond

    DRZ S Long Trip Compatible?

    Won't be a problem. Mine has been through North Africa, including the journey down to Morocco through France and Spain. I use dirtbagz panniers, Kriega tailpack and wolfman tankbag. Trick is not to overload it. I have a corbin, fcr and yoshi pipe. I also have a 28L tank, although that is not really necessary