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  1. cloead

    $10 PGM-FI HRC Tuner Tool

    any luck on the '13 450s yet?
  2. cloead

    rekluse question

    I've been using a z Start Pro in my 450 for a long time (since I bought the bike) and I ride 99% MX with some woods/trail riding thrown in. I love it.
  3. This has been a problem since 09 I believe? You can ride Honda as hard as you want, obviously they aren't going to do anything
  4. cloead

    Cr125 power valve setup? Linkage arm?

    Nice! So I have it on there correctly now. Rode it on a track yesterday and she sure does rip compared to before. You wouldn't happen to have the rest of the manual available would you?...
  5. cloead

    Cr125 power valve setup? Linkage arm?

    Thanks for that. So I'm assuming when the power valve is rotated all the way to the left (counter clockwise) it is closed? I raised the arm up so it slid over the post on the power valve when the valve is turned all the way to the left, which is where it seemed to like to sit. Rode the bike and it seems to be fixed but I only got a few laps in before someone called the cops.. love living in suburbia sometimes. Before it would barely get into the powerband and would never stay there. My quick 1-2-3 shifts seemed to be MUCH better after doing this.
  6. cloead

    Cr125 power valve setup? Linkage arm?

    By case do you mean cover ? Or like split the cases again?
  7. cloead

    Cr125 power valve setup? Linkage arm?

    Mine is the same way.. could use some advice on that. I got it to reach by fighting the springs holding it down, but the bike runs like crap and won't get into the powerband in first and way late in second and has a hard time staying in it.
  8. cloead

    2001 CR125 power valve ? having issues

    Anyone know the process or have a link to dl that? I can't find a good one.
  9. Was putting the top end back on my 01 cr125 and noticed in order to get the power valve arm to go over the pin I had to compress the spring in there a little bit, is this normal? Once I got it running I can't get into the powerband in 1st, it's there in 2nd but takes forever, same with third and the upper gears. On the track it's damn near impossible to get into the powerband. Could my problem lie here or somewhere else? (carb). Any tips on how to test the power valve for proper function? Thanks
  10. cloead

    2010 Swingarm compatibility?

    Great, thanks
  11. So today I believe one or two sprocket bolts got loose while riding.. I landed a jump a little rear wheel heavy and heard a loud clang. Sprocket sheared off my hub and broke the welds holding the chain guard to the swingarm. These things seem to be a bit more expensive than I was thinking but the 09 swingarms are reasonable. It seems like the part numer changed in 2009 & 2011 & 2013 (last 3 digits). My bike is a 2010 Part#'s: 2008: 52200-MEN-A10 2009: 52200-MEN-A30 2010: 52200-MEN-A30 2011: 52200-MEN-A50 2012: 52200-MEN-A50 2013: 52200-MEN-A70 If anyone knows for sure please post! Trying to order asap =/ Thanks
  12. cloead

    2010 CRF450R Fuel Pump? Injector? Help?!

    yep. new pump. didn't want to take the chance of having it still be messed up. i'll buy a filter kit and replace it and put my old pump on the shelf as a backup.. which may or may not be good lol will do. thanks for the tip. they are still in the freezer i think
  13. cloead

    Filter Sock Question for EFI Bikes

    right about 80 hours is when my bike started acting up no clue. but i bought and installed a '13 fuel pump and so far so good
  14. cloead

    Filter Sock Question for EFI Bikes

    I had an aftermarket in tank filter sock in my bike since I bought it new. Last weekend my bike started struggling to run and upon removal of the fuel pump and fuel pump filter I found that my stock fuel filter was nearly 100% clogged with black gunk.