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  1. CR23


    I have them on my 15 350sxf. 95% moto with a little woods play now and then. Huge improvement over stock 4cs. I'm learning setup but lately started running them softer and still getting great bottoming control. Would buy them again.
  2. CR23

    mx tech 4cs lucky system

    I got a set for my 15 350sxf. Very happy with them. They seem to be breaking in and getting better as I go. The first couple of rides they were sooooo different than what I had, I was skeptical. Mine are set up for MX, but I think they'd outperform my old setup even in the woods. They are "seamless", if that makes sense. Harder I ride, better they feel.
  3. CR23

    MX-Tech Lucky

    Anyone have first hand knowledge of this product? Looking for a real world review. I have a 15 35sxf and ride mostly moto. Would like to hear opinions if this cartridge is worth it for track riding. thanks,
  4. CR23

    4CS Modified

    I have a 2015 KTM 350sxf, second owner. Enzo revalved for the original owner. I opened the forks to change the oil last week and noticed that the blue/green seal that separates the upper and lower chambers has been removed. There are no compression adjusters added to the bottom, like most OC conversions I have read about. Both top adjusters are "white", so someone changed out the red one on purpose. Anyone ever seen a conversion like this? My assumption is I have an OC fork with two rebound adjusters up top and fixed compression on the bottoms. I don't really know. I asked Enzo before I opened them up and found the seal missing. They said this was just a "standard" revalve at the time. I ride mostly MX. In the woods, the forks aren't that bad, but I can fully bottom them, even with 80mm oil height. Obviously, they bottom easily on a track on the smallest of jumps. I'm 60lbs heavier than the original owner. I've sprung the front and rear to my weight. Curious of which way to go.
  5. CR23

    exerciser machine?

    Concept 2! Yes its pricey, but when I ordered mine, all I could find were 10 year old units for sale at 60% + of the original price. If you don't like it, I guarantee you can get rid of it, (on here!) I'm mid 50's with no ACL in one leg, and tons of other injuries and I still love it. Truly a great piece of equipment. Its addictive!. I use wireless headphones and watch movies. Add a heart rate monitor and a free iphone app and you've got a gym quality workout with enough data to train yourself.
  6. CR23

    New to me 06 rmz450 popping and cutting out

    Oil drain is on the bottom, left side of the engine. There is an internal "screen" but you can't access unless you split the cases. I think its behind the hole where the oil filter sits. Not sure if there is another internal screen at the bottom of the cases, but again, you have to split them to get to it. I wouldn't worry about either unless you start seeing a lot of brass / steel slivers in the filter when you change the oil. Is that what you're referring to?
  7. CR23

    New to me 06 rmz450 popping and cutting out

    I have an 06 also. Do all the things suggested above first. If problems continue, take the carb completely apart. And I mean completely! Soak if overnight, blow air thru it, make very sure all air passages are open. I now run only non ethanol and drain the tank and carb after I ride. I think sitting in my garage (not temp or humidity controlled) is part of the problem. Its the only way I can keep from snatching the carb off before every ride. Good luck CR23
  8. CR23

    06 broken hot start at carb

    I broke the plastic threaded piece of the hot start, where it screws into the side of the carb. Ordered the new parts, but there is a small part of the plastic still threaded into the carb body. Typically, I could figure out how to get that out, but its still go the cable and plunger captured down inside the carb hole. Anyone every do this and figure out how to fix it?
  9. CR23

    Why is my 2006 RMZ450 not "peppy?"

    When you check the timing, compare the intake / exhaust cam sprocket to the lobs. I had one spin on me. It was off over a tooth, but i didn't realize it until i compared it to a new one. Mine showed up in very stiff kickstart first. Just something else to check.
  10. CR23

    Firmer Forks

    Need some help communicating correctly/accurately with my tuner. 2006 RMZ450 FS .48, SS 5.6 revalved, 370 oil height Sag ~ 102 to 105 Fork C 9, R12 Shock LSC 10, R 11, HSC 1.75 to 2.0 weight 205, VET B speed, MX outdoor tracks Bike is well balanced, turns very good, does most everything well.. Stable at speed, and handles well on moderate chop and braking bumps. Fork oil adjusted to where bottoming is ok, no metal on metal feel. Problem is when I push hard and hit bigger jumps, the forks feel too soft, blow through the last 1/2 stroke too easlily. (oring on the fork goes to within ~0.5 " when I bottom). Even when I land a large jump correctly, I'm worried that I will colapse the fork. Shorting/Over something large is even worse. It sometimes also feels soft hitting the face of a sharp, big takeoff. I feel I could ride faster if the fork was firmer under the big landing/ takeoff conditions. If have adjusted the F compression in further in, but it begins getting harsh at the handlebars on even the small stuff. Is this a valving issue? Should I try even more oil first? Am I missing some info? Opinions appreciated.
  11. CR23

    Damage from overheating 2007 RMZ 450

    Sounds like a bad head gasket. Buy and head and base and take the top end off, if you haven't already. It will let you look for heat damage at the same time. I had a very similar problem a few weeks back with blowing coolant out of the overflow. Found that the lamination on the head gasket was gone. FWIW, buy OEM gaskets. I had a cheaper one in for a couple of months before it just let go.
  12. CR23

    places to ride in north florida

    Well, Southern Raceway in Bainbridge is the 45 min north of Tally. Chase Bell's place in Cairo, open to the public. I think one can ride parts of MTF in Cairo by the day. County Line MX in Fountain is excellent.
  13. Just a suggestion, but I devised a better tie down method in my 08 Prerunner. At Lowes, bought a section of strut commonly used to build heavy shelving with. Cut it to 48" I believe. Bought two of the "sliding nuts" that stay captured in the strut and two 1"x2" L brackets. Pulled the two front bed bolts (where you wish they had installed D rings) and ran the bolt through the L bracket. Had to cut two holes in my rubber bed matt to accomodate, but now the matt cant be stolen! The strut bar runs across from one side to the other, the normal strut holes are every inch or so. Extremely strong and plenty of options where to put the tie down. I can take a pic if this doesn't make sense. Think I spent about $30 for the rig.
  14. CR23

    rmz 450 hard to start

    check your timing. Sounds like it is off a tooth or two. will cause the kickstarter to be very difficult to kick through.