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  1. ChrisAguayo

    Who can read spanish?

    Translation. (I speak spanish and its not spanish but its similar.) From my understanding the other racer lost control of his motorcycle from an opposite track. There were two races happening at the same time.
  2. Hey what song is that?
  3. ChrisAguayo

    Gorman or Rowher Flats Sunday 2/18

    Gorman was full, it was like a quad convention
  4. ChrisAguayo

    Gorman upper trials open ?

    Closed due to mud
  5. ChrisAguayo

    I-5 this sunday!

    Hey whats up guys? How is I-5mx, at least the main track? Im pretty much novice to the whole track thing, is it a fun track, any pictures of the layout, thanks guys!
  6. ChrisAguayo

    On The Pipe

    NOFX does rock!
  7. ChrisAguayo

    Cleaning white plastic?

    Soap with WD-40 no joke! with a soft brush and then wipe with soft white! towel with some more WD-40
  8. ChrisAguayo

    Lake Elsinore Saturday

    I might go tomorrow morning hopefully it wont be busy, second time there and Im a little more experience where should I start, I was think about the vet track? is that a good place? any tips?
  9. ChrisAguayo

    The Many uses of Tape

    The bubbles are actually pieces of ply-wood which got stuck under the sticky side; I just did it to see how it would look with checker graphics on the back. I’m sure it looks better on a white fender!
  10. ChrisAguayo

    The Many uses of Tape

    I used electrical and measuring tape. I placed a long strand of tape on ply-wood and sliced off a piece every inch and then just made the checker pattern. It took me about 30 minutes. (kinda got tired measuring and just free handed it:bonk: .) As far as doing the front fender and rest of the bike, maybe some other raining day.
  11. ChrisAguayo

    Vented Number Plate

    What does a CDI box do?
  12. Its was a raining day in Glendale, California So I was bored and did this with electrical tape. http://s114.photobucket.com/albums/n263/ChrisAguayo/?action=view&current=013007_204922.jpg http://s114.photobucket.com/albums/n263/ChrisAguayo/?action=view&current=013007_20511.jpg
  13. ChrisAguayo

    Anyone here from France?

    Im going to be mainly in Paris and then in Nice hey guys Pm me! Thank You