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    Buffy88 Call me anytime you have my number. You only live once and trust me getting 2 surgeris (this one and the revision) sucks. I did the same thing then while practicing snap almost 1 year later to the day! called Dr mark and he just said get on a plane and lets fix it right. way less pain way less down time and trust me you will beg for the pain to go away if it is not done right. Those drains doc put in were worth gold compared to the first surgery which kept me in bed in pain for a month! just do it and don't think about it! Go to the Doc please!
  2. azvetmx270


    Dear Buffy88, please do not have your ACL done in AZ. I just moved here 8 months ago. Please allow me to inform you about treatment. If you are 65 plus and need a hip replacement, your in the right place. Last time I checked not many senior citizens tear acl's. I promise you the team doc crap is BS. Most Docs consult locally but players travel for surgery. In Pa there are 4 of the top hospitals in the country but Donovan McNabb ( Eagles QB)went to Atlanta, not Philly. For my second surgery I went to Dr Mark. My only mistake was not going for the first surgery. He has seen more ACL MX injuries than any doc I know. I flew from AZ to Hou, Got done and rode 6 weeks later at speedworld and at 8 weeks was back up to speed. please PM me and we will speak. I know what needs to be done.
  3. Doug Henry underwent surgery yesterday to relieve pressure from his broken T12 vertebra with doctors calling the surgery a success, according to Yamaha personnel in Florida. The good news is that Henry suffered no spinal cord injury in his Supermoto practice crash on Sunday and he currently has feeling in the pelvis/hip area, but has yet to regain feeling in his legs. The T12 injury is just above the area that Henry broke in his famous Budds Creek crash of 1997. Yamaha reports that the three-time AMA National Motocross Champion and his wife are in good spirits following the surgery.
  4. azvetmx270

    Leatt-Brace - Yes or No?

    We all want this to work but in reality there is no scientific evidence that this would prevent a spinal cord injury from occurring. Then again it even says it won't in all cases. I guess wearing it won't hurt you so even if it does nothing or might do something then what the heck. Then again we all were knee braces too which do nothing ( I am Guilty ( Cti2's). I wish more than anyone that it works great and if it did it should be a rule like helmets, googles, chest protecter, pants jersey, boots, and gloves
  5. azvetmx270

    Thanks again Dr. Mark

    Like I said. I am finally normal! You will be too!
  6. azvetmx270


    2-4 horse power through out the power curve and an edge at the track. If you had any other bike brand and got a big bore kit it would be alot more than 200 bucks! But don't think the other Jap bikes riders at the track don't have kits especially in the vet class.
  7. azvetmx270

    how should i get in shape for a harescramble

    Ride as much as you can focusing on technique and be smooth. Then when you race FOCUS on being smooth. All the training in the world won't work if you panic, are anxious or crash trying too hard and not riding in form or riding smooth! On non riding days do cardio!
  8. azvetmx270

    Thanks again Dr. Mark

    7 Weeks post op. Yesterday I heard a crashing sound down stairs in my house. I was up stairs and came running down the stairs. My dog knocked a pot off the counter. It was a moment later I realized I ran down the stairs! I haven't done that in 2 years! I now feel like I never had an knee injury or surgery! Thank you for being on Thumpertalk, Thank you for your encouraging analysis of all our injuries and most of all THANK YOU FOR BACKING IT UP WITH YOUR SURGICAL SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, REHAB PHILOSOPHY AND PERSONAL SUPPORT! Merry X-Mas, Happy Chanukah, and a Happy New Year. Joe
  9. azvetmx270

    ACL done 9 weeks ago and I want on the mx track

    I changed my mind. I will wait the other 6 weeks. At 43 I will wait. If I were 20...................
  10. azvetmx270

    It's just a little creek!

    Thats what off road riding is all about.....The stories!
  11. Dr mark did my surgery 10-27-2006. I feel good and want back on the MX track. I will take it slow but the AZ series starts 1-22-2007 an I need bike time. Opinons.....
  12. azvetmx270

    My Experience with Dr. Mark

    southwest air is cheapest. ding! Regional Sales with 14-day advance purchase: Book by December 14 for travel through May 10, 2007. Travel within the state of California for $49 one-way. Travel to/from Texas cities for $49 or $79 one-way. Travel between select Midwest cities for $49 one-way. Travel between the Northwest and select cities from $49 to $99 one-way. Travel long distance between Houston, TX and select cities for $89 or $99 one-way. Travel to/from Long Island, NY for $99 or less one-way.
  13. azvetmx270

    Healthy Breakfast Cereals?

    I drink that Muscle milk (Joe Mocha) at the Gym. Didn't know if it was good or not but it taste awesome. Now I feel greta it is that good!
  14. azvetmx270

    Healthy Breakfast Cereals?

    Kashi go lean and Kashi go Crunch ( just read the box and buy it)
  15. Thanks Dr Mark for taking care of my buddies. I have known Kerry and his son Brandon for 4 years. Kerry had a shop called "Just Dirt" and always hooked me up and fixed my bike as a favor. He is very generous. We used to hit the tracks almost every weekend. We usually have 4 or more others but they go less consistantly. After the races we all went out and had a blast. I always looked forward to each weekend and all the trash talking during the week! Brandon is very fast. He went to Loretta' and did great in 2 of the 3 moto's ( a crash held him from a great day), Kerry has dominated the 40 B class with top finishes and qualified twice for Loretta's but did not race all of the moto's in order to help Brandon. The three of us would always trophy. The best race Kerry had was at the Maryland State Championships when he won moto 1 but fell in moto 2 and from dead last got 3rd for 2nd overall! Over the last year Kerry's shoulder got worse and worse. He went from top guy to mid pack to being unable to ride. Brandon got so bad he couldn't even ride sitiing out all of 2006. The Docs at University of Penn had Kerry back in 6 months and Brandon back in a year and a half! After my success with Dr Mark's ACL reconstruction, I urged them to go to Houston last week. They did. Both surgery's went well and they will be back in 3 months. Thanks for getting them back on the road to recovery. We will be having a reunion in phoenix at the Supercross then we will be riding together late spring 2007. Thanks Doc!