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  1. five21racing

    Rim Lock Location

    Consider the weight of the rim lock compared to the valve stem. The valve stem weighs next to nothing and it will not make a difference. Whenever I build a wheel the rim lock gets installed as close to the valve stem hole as possible. It's a little easier when changing tires that way.
  2. five21racing

    Best case protection??

    The Big Minis skid plate has wings that offer a little more protection.
  3. five21racing

    Green levers?

    Do any companies make green clutch/brake levers? I've never seen any before.
  4. five21racing

    polishing header guard

    Probably start with 320 and work your way up to 2200. Then some mothers polish will probably do the trick.
  5. five21racing

    New track in South Dakota

    Post the pictures
  6. five21racing

    KLX 110 with KX 65 linkage

    This thread is from 2002!
  7. five21racing

    They need to be fired

    You do realize there is awhole lot more people watching than just the MX-related crowd. Nothing to complain about from me.
  8. Are your valves really not moving or are you guys just trying to get more people in the blue section? I find it hard to believe that next to no one has ever had to adjust their valves. I bought a new 06 and they moved at 20 hours or so (typical). Changed the oil at 5 hours, always had a clean air filter, ect, ect.
  9. five21racing

    Quad Shock on Klx 110???

    The long travel shocks are 14.25''. Are you running a long travel swingarm?
  10. five21racing

    Making KTM 65 forks stiff enough?

    Just get them revalved/sprung for your weight at a suspension shop. Done right the first time and they will feel great.
  11. five21racing

    Kx 65 swinger...PICS!

    Good job on the custom job. The swingarm is angled down way too far though. I wonder how long that chain slider lasted?
  12. five21racing

    How to set up a 110 for an adult?

    Yep, you have to drill out the holes slightly on the KX60 rear rim (32 spoke hole count) If you want to do a 12'' rim with a KX65 hub; I'm guessing you could just use a 12'' CRF/XR 50 rim. Both hubs use 28 spokes. I haven't tried it yet but, I sure will. I can do the 12'' front wheel on an OEM klx110 hub for you. email me since I don't get on TT too much - five21racing @ hotmail.com Here's a KX60 front end http://www.planetminis.com/f68/sale-complete-kx60-front-end-101705.html
  13. five21racing

    How to set up a 110 for an adult?

    You're getting some wrong info. here. The KLX110 rear rim is a 36 hole so it won't work on the front. http://www.planetminis.com/15/12-front-wheel-klx110-99794-2.html Let me know if you want to change up your suspension. I have everything already; so to be for sale.
  14. five21racing

    help my 2008 klx 110 throttle

    Can you move the throttle now? You need a cable lube. Go to your local motorcycle shop and they should have some.
  15. five21racing

    kx65/klx110 front end swap

    Ah, alright. Thanks for correcting me.