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  1. 65fastback

    CR250 pipe

    thank you
  2. 65fastback

    CR250 pipe

    Hi, I'm looking for a pro circuit pipe for my 89 cr250. Can somneone tell me if an 88/90/91 pipe will fit the 89?
  3. 65fastback

    2011 TXC 449

    I have been riding my 2007 TE 450 for almost 5 years and absolutley love the bike. I originally bought the TE with the thought that I would use it on the street. Well I very rarely do. So I am in the market for a new bike and have been seriously looking at the TXC 449. I have a couple of questions. In Alberta, where I ride it is the law that all off road bikes must have a headlight and tail light. Has anyone added these to a TXC? I love the dash I have on my TE. Can you easily add a trailtech viper or a TE dash to a TXC. I also use a recluse on my husky and love it. Does anyone use a recluse on the TXC ? Thanks
  4. I'm looking for a Husqvarna Tent/Canopy. Anyone know where to buy one?
  5. 65fastback

    What's a good price?

    I am thinking of adding a 2007 TE 250. What would a fair price be for one in excellent condition. Less than 400 miles on it.
  6. 65fastback

    new to me 07 TE

    Who was your dealer if you don't mind me asking. I am from Edmonton and the one thing we lack here is a decent dealer for parts. I won't spend a cent at my local dealer. I buy my parts from Scott in Ontario.
  7. 65fastback

    KDX OEM Pipe

    He is a fairly aggressive rider. That's what concerns me ;-). I have not doubt he will be able to handle the bike. I was just a little concerned about "hit" We ride mostly woods and tight stuff going over logs, roots ect. I want hime to have more low end power than a mid to high range hit.
  8. 65fastback

    KDX OEM Pipe

    The bike came with a FMF pipe but I want to put a stocker on first until the boy gets use to the bike. I was told the FMF has a definite hit to it. At this point I don't need performance. I like the idea of it quiet.
  9. 65fastback

    KDX OEM Pipe

    Is there any difference between the KDX 200 and the KDX 220 OEM Pipe? Thanks
  10. 65fastback

    My new 2002 KDX220

    Sorry Slick, I sold the whole bike tonight.
  11. 65fastback

    My new 2002 KDX220

    Ordered up some new plastic, air filter and two new levers and she will be ready to go. As I mentioned in another thread I bought this bike last week and it came with a 2001 KDX220 with a blown piston. I finally took a look at the engine tonight. The head looks good. The cylinder needs a resleeve. The crank looks good. The cases have a crack in the bottom, though looks to be fixable. Everything else is good. Forks, shocks, frame ect. The stock pipe has a dent. Obviously it would need new seals, gaskets and bearings. I doubt I will have the time or ambition to rebuild it so I think its best to part it out or sell the whole think as a parts bike. I'm sure someone with some time and a few bucks could bring this thing back to life and have a decent bike fairly cheap. I don't even know what to ask for it but I'd rather sell the whole thing than mess around one piece at a time. I bet it only needs 5 or 6 hundred in parts. I will probably list it in the classified section and on kijiji.
  12. OK I just picked up a 02 KDX 220R and since I like my bikes to look really clean I am thinking about buying new tank shrouds and decals. Does anyone have any suggestions on OEM vs the UFO shrouds? are they the same color? I would like them to match the existing fenders. Where is a decent place to buy this stuff at a resonable price I picked up some new side panels off ebay. Everything else just needs a good cleaning. I'll post some picks when I get her all cleaned up.
  13. 65fastback

    Thinking of buying KDX220

    There is an angine, however the piston blew. I haven't had a close look at the cylinder or the cases or the crank. I was told the crank should be OK but recomends new bearings. Everything else seems to be there. I think for about $500.00 in parts this bike would be up and running.
  14. 65fastback

    Thinking of buying KDX220

    Well, I bit the bullet and bought the two bikes in Calgary. Going to pick them up tomorrow. Paid 2800.00.
  15. 65fastback

    Thinking of buying KDX220

    I'm still looking. I have narrowed it down to the KDX200 or 220 or a KTM200EXC or XC Just need to find a decent deal on one in great shape. what do you guys think of this one that was posted earlier http://calgary.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-motorcycles-dirt-bikes-motocross-02-KDX-220-W0QQAdIdZ185579341 I think he might let these two go for 2800