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  1. Betas are great bikes, lots of high quality parts stock. Cant go wrong with either bike
  2. johncr250

    Filter skins and removing backfire screen

    I pulled mine. The airboxes on these bike love being opened up too, as long as you don't ride in a very dusty or wet area.
  3. johncr250

    ktmandhusky experience?

    I purchased it through Slavens Racing and had no issues with it, i think your confused
  4. johncr250

    ktmandhusky experience?

    Wouldn't say it was downgrading at all the bike runs better than ever. As far as the starting i always seemed to crank it over for about 10 seconds before it would fire up. Not sure why. As far as the settings i never really played with them, just went with the recommended settings. Planning on putting it on a dyno in the spring and checking the a/f ratios
  5. johncr250

    ktmandhusky experience?

    I running the KTM/Husky tuner on my 2017 500 since last summer and its been awesome. I ran the Vortex prior and it was good but starting was difficult and wayyy overpriced in my opinion. On the street or trail friends can't tell the difference between my bike and others with the vortex so i couldn't be happier with it. As far as his other products i`ve never used them but i don't see a need for the fuel rail or intake tube so I'm def not pushing his stuff. It just seems funny how the people that keep pushing the Vortex and saying its the only way to go are making $100 each sale on them
  6. johncr250


    The first pic with the AF ratios look ok to me, maybe it could be richened up a touch but nothing major. The second pic the AF ratios def got lean after 7500 rmps. I've had cars and bikes dyno tuned in the past and always tried to get a 12.8 AF ratio across board. Dyno tuning is great but unfortunately its only as good as the tuner. The Vortex def ran good in my bike, maybe they sent out a unit that was for another model? My only real issue with Vortex was the price as the JD and other tuners offered the same performance increases for a fraction of the price.
  7. I'm just over the boarder in NY, was out yesterday. Cold day but did about 80 miles sloatsburg and warwick area.
  8. johncr250

    KTM 500 FMF Exhaust

    Its a 2018 500 exc mostly woods and dual sport. I opened up the stock can and removed the spark arrestor and its still pretty quiet. Its got the usual mods desmogged, reeds out, FI tuner.
  9. johncr250

    KTM 500 FMF Exhaust

    Looking to pick up a FMF muffler for my 500 exc, is there any real difference in all the FMF mufflers its kinda confusing. Power Core 4 Hex, Factory 4.1, factory RTC?
  10. johncr250

    Need advice - valve check on 2018 250 EXC-F

    I wouldn't touch them
  11. johncr250

    2018 FC450 airboot vs 2018 FE501 airboot

    FC airboot looks a lot bigger!
  12. johncr250

    Piggyback Tuner FE501

    Mine is mounted behind the front number plate/headlight, i thought the airbox was too messy to mount it inside. Also seen it mounted on the steering stem. As far as reliability I think they have proven to be very reliable. I've had one on my harley since 2007 without any issues. The are also use by Vance and Hines, FMF, Weisco, and many other tuning companies on everything from boats to snowmobiles http://www.dobeckperformance.com
  13. johncr250

    Tusk Radiator Cap with Temp gauge

    Thanks thats exactly what its doing gonna try and return it
  14. Anyone run this? I picked one up for my 2018 500 and it seems pretty cool idea. Installed it and the bike blows coolant out of the overflow almost right away. Bike wasn't even hot just showing about 150 degrees. Double checked the part number and its right but it seems like it sits further down into the radiator than the stock one does. Any ideas? https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/917/61141/Tusk-High-Pressure-Radiator-Cap-with-Temperature-Gauge
  15. johncr250

    Piggyback Tuner FE501

    I'm running the Best Dual sports tuner its been awesome on my 500 exc. I ran the vortex too for a few months it was great but not worth the price to me. JD tuner is great too. Good luck with the new bike!