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  1. Fallsoffalot

    Where do you put your stuff?

    I use a Moose fenderbag on the front for the tube and tools, and a Camelbak for water, phone and soft stuff like gloves etc. Falling off your bike with a ton of stuff in your pockets hurts!!! Cheers.
  2. Fallsoffalot

    Only 383 Signatures?

    Done. Good luck from the UK!!!!
  3. Fallsoffalot

    UK people

    Basically, 99.9% of all off road m/c sport, (Trials, MX, Enduro etc.) is carried out on farmland. Farmers very kindly let clubs & organiser use their land for a small fee, even for free sometimes. The Goverment in their wisdom decided to tell farmers that if they wanted to continue to receive Farming Subsidies on their land, they (the Farmers) weren't allowed to have any more motorsport on their land. The Farmers obvioulsly not wanting to loose any free European subsidies had to cancel all motorsports events on their land. Thanks to a huge amount of support and a media campaign against the Governments plans, Tony Bliar and his cronies have made a U turn, and motorsport will be allowed to carry on again. Many thanks to those who signed the petition. People power at it's best!!!!
  4. Fallsoffalot

    Engine snatching at low revs. CRF250X

    KELSTR, The bike is running on 99 octane pump gas. I ride at between sea level and 1,000'. (Not too many mountains in the South of England!!) I fitted JD's jetting kit to the bike when it was new to cure bogging and the bike has been running like a champ, until the last 3 or 4 trail rides. I really reckon there's a blockage in the system, as the problem is intermittent and only at very tiny throttle openings. I will take out the jets this w/end and have a look. Keep you eyes peeled on Monday for a Thread starting "Help, my bike won't start"
  5. I have an carb/jetting fault that's driving me nuts. At low revs, very small throttle openings, the motor stumbles and then snatches if a tiny amount of throttle is wound on. It makes controlled slow speed technical riding a pain. At half/full throttle the bike behaves as it should. I've had the drain plug off the float bowl off many times, which seems to cure the problem temporarily, but there's nothing in the bowl to give any real indication of what's wrong. I'm guessing that I've got a blocked pilot jet, but I thought I'd turn to you guys for advice before stripping the carb down.
  6. Fallsoffalot

    This is what I call a HOT Motor

    For about $3,500 you can get about 7 laps in some older (early 90's) F1 cars. You start the day in a road car, then a 1600cc Formula Ford, then a F3000 and then you get to drive the beastie. Mere mortals won't even scratch the surface of what an F1 car is cabable of. If you're ever in Europe, and you've got a bit of spare cash, you too could be Michael Schumacher for a day!! You'd only have to sell your soul to the devil to pay for it!!!! http://www.f1-sales.com/f1drive.htm Check out this link for info.
  7. Fallsoffalot

    Believe it or not... a cool ranger ? ! ?

    Question from ignoramus UK TT'er. I've seen mention of red & green sticker bikes, and I assume that it's something to do with emissions regulations. Can someone kindly explain why/how a bike can be legally ridden at one time of the year, and not ridden at other times of the year. Is this a California thing only, or does it apply to the rest of the US too?
  8. Fallsoffalot

    This is what I call a HOT Motor

    The car is an Arrows iirc, powered by a V10 Cosworth engine. I think that movie is from the 2002 season. The team collapsed in 2003 after 25 years racing, but unfortunately no wins. A huge amount of their assets were for sale at aution recently by the Minardi team, and a fully functional, running F1 car could have been yours for $180,000!!
  9. As many of you know, most off road motorsport in the UK is held on farmland and fields with the landowners permission. Under new government rules, farmers are no longer allowed to hold motorsport events if they wish to continue receiving farming subsidies. To date over 220 events have been cancelled. This includes Trials, Moto Cross, Grass track etc. Please look at the online petition and sign. http://www.petitiononline.com/som/ Our sport, pastime, hobby is at risk. We cannot afford to do nothing and get shafted by the government again.
  10. Fallsoffalot

    Off Brand Import Bikes

    A friend bought a cheap chinese bike for his daughter. It lasted about 2 hours before the engine started making a "death rattle" noise. It expired before the end of the 1st day. The dealer that sold it has disapeared into thin air. My buddy has now bought a used but well looked after Yamaha for his little girl, and she's real happy now.
  11. Fallsoffalot

    Question about a Hydraulic Brake Light Switch.

    Her's what I did on my CRF. Attach one wire from the light to the - terminal on your battery. Attach the other wire from the light to one of the wires on the brakelight switch. Take the last wire of the brakelight switch and attach it to the + (Red) terminal on the battery. You now have a simple circuit, with an on/off switch (brake). Test the circuit with everything loosely assembled, and when (if!!!) it all works, solder the joints for strength. I also found that heat shrink tubing kept the joints looking better too. Don't forget to to test your brakes after bleeding them Good luck.
  12. Fallsoffalot

    A little fade to black

    I definately need one of those for knocking out speed cameras at the side of the road. Dear Father Christmas..................... The specs of the gun can be found on the manufaturers website here.http://dillonaero.com/layout1/page/template/specs.cfm?
  13. Fallsoffalot

    front forks make a ckicking sound

    Just a wild guess, but is the noise definately coming from the forks, or could it possibly be wheel bearings? Good luck.
  14. Fallsoffalot

    Broke my brake line. Can it be fixed??

    Look for a brakeline Mfr in the Yellow Pages. Take it to a pro, you should be able to get a new banjo fitted. Don't attempt to fix it yourself. Good Luck.
  15. Took today off work to get some rider training. The London Police force (The Met) have a number of days a year where their motorcycle officers give Joe Public instuction on how to ride safely on the road. As 99% of of my riding is on the dirt, I thought some road training would be useful. So at 8.00 this morning, I try to kickstart the bike, but somehow the top of the kickstarter tears into the side of my boot, and rips a huge hole in it. After a quick repair with duct tape, I set off up the motorway to London on my CRF 250x. It's not far, and I keep the speed down to under 60 because the engine is revvin' like crazy. I meet up with the other riders and the "Old Bill" instructors. All except me are riding streetbikes, but what the hell. The cops are riding BMW's and Honda Pan Europeans, they also have a Buell, R1 and a Street Rod to play on. After the initial breifing, the cops go outside to check the bikes for roadworthiness, and I get a summons to my bike. The cop points out a pool of liquid under the bike, and then shows me that the rear caliper and pads are covered in oil. It seems that 30 mins of motorway riding have taken their toll on the gearbox, and tranny fluid has blown out of the breather and all over the rear of the bike. Needless to say, the cops weren't keen on taking me out riding with defective brakes, so I ended up going home, getting changed and going to work after all And just to cap it all, my car seems to have a serious misfire, it was fine yesterday, but now it sounds like a 3 cylinder diesel. It was very illuminating to meet the cops in a friendly enviroment. They were all absolute bike nuts and very professional. I normally have very little to do with the police, but these guys have certainly gone up in my estimation. I've booked myself on the next course. Better luck next time. Have a great weekend. Simon.