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  1. Slackkinhard


    I've had some jeepers look at me funny. Especially when I have to wait for them to get through something before I could go. To them, it seems like I'm 'rushing' them, so I've got some weird looks, but no conflicts.
  2. Slackkinhard

    Ricky Russell riding the Whidbey Island MX track a couple days ago

    nice casual track
  3. Slackkinhard

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    I'll be dead before any of this ever comes to fruit. I have a cabin in the area and go burn through there in about 20mins and onto other lesser known places in the area. There is no way we can hurt it, so IMHO, they just need to let us have a few poker runs. Hang some ribbon and get 'er done. All this talk about where and how to build sustainable trail and where to plant trees just wreaks of human pompousness. One warm rain on a snow pack, big landslides, entire terrain changes. My brain hurts thinking about it.
  4. Slackkinhard

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    I wasn't at Reiter
  5. Slackkinhard

    Help! Where to Ride in NW USA in early February

    East fort rock during the week, especially an off day when nobody is there is a guilty pleasure. I only go once, maybe twice a year, but some lunatic built some trails with corner radius' and berms, etc that allow for extraordinarily high speeds through the woods. To plod along at trail speed one might get bored, but dial a handful and oh man, dirt bike bliss. I looked at my speedo high speed mark...87mph Big time consequences for a head on or an accident at those speeds, so be careful and go when nobody else is there.
  6. Slackkinhard

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    strange inversion out there in the hills today.....47F in Index, 32 in Sultan. Found a bunch of trail that nobody has ridden in years. Good stuff, crapload of logs to hop. Climbed about 2500' and didn't hit snow Leroy the Mauler in the house
  7. Slackkinhard

    Walker Valley Trail Conditions thread

    I've heard there are some good fishing ponds out there. I've found some good looking ponds, without good fishing
  8. Slackkinhard

    Walker Valley Trail Conditions thread

    It's all part of 'reserve' thing. Our government knows what happens if you open up a bunch of land. They really don't have waterproof processes that control everything, so they try different things to keep the flood gates from opening. Much of our lands are checker boarded, State vs Fed for that exact reason. It forces the special interest groups to cooperate if they are going to use large land areas. Some of these measures are being destroyed by efforts like the Teanaway community forest. Some of our lands are 'locked up' by large corporate interests so they don't have to deal with the issues of opening it all up. The corporate interests get some sweetheart agreements, and the public just has to deal with it. Like it or lump it
  9. Slackkinhard

    MX Track @S.End of Boeing Field?

    people must be riding there, saw fresh track this week
  10. Slackkinhard

    Walker Valley Trail Conditions thread

    when you say 'public'....the folks out there with far more money and resources than the general unorganized public can combat, show up on the scene....some folks call them 'developers'....I don't
  11. Slackkinhard

    Walker Valley Trail Conditions thread

    why do you want houses developed out there? Trust me, it's a delicate balance. I prefer to ride where I'm not supposed to rather than through the neighborhoods. Slippery slope
  12. Slackkinhard

    Walker Valley Trail Conditions thread

    what parts of Walker does the old railroad grade run through? I like to check it out sometime. what is now Tooler(at least I think it's still called that) sorta stops these days at about where the grade was, veers right onto a skid road then continues up. You won't be able to tell, it's all been wiped out/regraded years ago. Tooler used to be called the Rock trail because at the top ya ran into the railroad grade gravel and it was a bitch to make it up the last section.
  13. Slackkinhard

    Help! Where to Ride in NW USA in early February

    I have found that many a BC singletrack rider comes down here to enjoy some of the more open, fast stuff. Reason, cuz they don't have much of that trail up there. A couple years back we entertained a group at Tahuya and they couldn't get over how much fun it was to blast the quad width main trails. These were all expert level singletrack riders from the island that were just giddy about how much fun it was to grab a handful. They didn't even want to ride the singletrack. Luckily, no head ons that weekend.
  14. Slackkinhard

    South Puget Sound winter men’s club: Wednesday riding

    Kingston ferry for me these days
  15. Slackkinhard

    Walker Valley Trail Conditions thread

    I wanna ride from Walker Valley to Baker Springs How'd ya get across the river?