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  1. zuk931

    Parts needed for 1976 suzuki rm 125

    thanx snow,ill check em out....
  2. zuk931

    Best year for the RM250

    In 2004,suzuki switched to showa forks which i felt was a plus for them. i had a 04 and loved the bike. i have a 06 and the bike is a monster. love them suzuki's...
  3. zuk931

    Best year for the RM250

    Any year from 2004 on up.
  4. zuk931

    Who's going to Mid-Ohio?

    I might go,depends on the cash situation. ill know by next week if im going or not..
  5. zuk931

    rm250 manual!

    try clymers..
  6. zuk931

    Intake Boot- Please Help

    just measure the inside diameter of the intake boot with a metric ruler.then contact k&n and tell them what your bike is and the measurement you have.they probably know what will fit. try it,and see what happens...
  7. zuk931

    1981 YZ 250 Torque Specs.???

    i would torq them at 13 ft pds.what size are the heads of the bolts? if they are 10mm or 12mm,13 ft pds should be good.
  8. Hey guys,looking for a complete top end for my 76 rm 125. i need the head,cylinder,exhaust flange,and the intake boot and reed cage. or,if you have a complete motor,that would wok also. thanx,zuk....
  9. zuk931

    2003 rm 125 jetting help

    contact fmf and tell them your location and what your using. they will help you out with your jetting..
  10. that is one bad ass looking suzuki... nice job!!!!!!
  11. zuk931

    76-78 rm 125 silencer

    looking for a silencer for my 1978 rm 125. i think that the 76,and 77, will fit also. just picked another 78 and looking for parts. any help would be great. thanx....
  12. zuk931

    Plastic Swap

    no, i dont think they will work.
  13. zuk931

    2000 CR 250 handlebars

    they are the 971 renthal bend.they are close to the rc bend.
  14. zuk931

    ti-4 jetting for 08 RMZ

    contact the company that makes the ti-4 system. tell them your location,sea level,and temperature. they will gladly help you out on jetting specs...