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  1. braaap308

    Fast parts outlet

    thanks for the input, i saw them reffered on this site before by someone and i noticed on their site its been around since 06 so i thought they were legit. hopfully it all works out
  2. braaap308

    Fast parts outlet

  3. braaap308

    Fast parts outlet

    no one?
  4. Whos used them or has anyone even heard of them? their site looks pretty legit yet i havent recieved a tracking number yet and i orderd an order on the 19th. any insight would be greatly appreciated thanks
  5. braaap308


    awsome. thanks!
  6. braaap308

    My sons first video

    ya shudda! that band has the BEST instrumentals ive ever heard in any band before.
  7. braaap308

    My sons first video

    lol go look up some songs by Job for A Cowboy
  8. braaap308

    My sons first video

    thats nothing compared to some bands. the band in the video, Alesana, is very good actully. cool video, i liked it alot
  9. braaap308

    New graphics on my ktm

    that thing is beautifullll
  10. braaap308

    How much is this worth?

    well thanks to all who replyed. i live in ct and i really dont ride it as much as other people i know do. i put about 6 hours on it a week if that
  11. braaap308

    How much is this worth?

    a rough approzimation how much do you think this is worth? 05 crf250r
  12. braaap308

    pictures of your mountain bike

    my 2007 transition trailorpark:banana:
  13. braaap308

    Best Wallpaper

    anyone notice hes riding a suzuki, and reppin KTM on the jersey? lol
  14. braaap308

    Let's see your custom pits.

    heres mine, nothing much. ssr125 asv clutch lever asv brake lever five0 1/4 turn throttle and a couple other things =]
  15. braaap308

    green rims on a HONDA

    merry christmas!