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  1. drz400s_guy

    Drz400E to SM swap gearing

    I've been on trails I shouldn't have before with 15/44 and it did ok. I wouldn't recommend it for any serious offroading though. Where you at in Michigan?
  2. drz400s_guy

    Cyclops LED headlightbulb V10 or regular?

    Did you guys that bought the V10 version get the 38 watt or 76 watt version?
  3. drz400s_guy

    Drz400E to SM swap gearing

    Exactly, It is going to be a compromise running 15/47 and a 112 link chain. It is going to suffer on the road with SM wheels.
  4. drz400s_guy

    Drz power trip

    Stick with the 39mm unless you are going stroker/big bore.
  5. drz400s_guy

    Drz400E to SM swap gearing

    You can go down to a 44t rear on the SM wheels, but any shorter and the chain will need to be cut down. If you could run 15/47 on the E wheels and still manage a 110 link chain 15/41 or lower it would be great for SM duty also.
  6. drz400s_guy

    Drz trike conversion?

    OMG! I can picture it now, a DRZ 470 three wheeler! How awesome would that be!
  7. drz400s_guy

    Cyclops LED headlightbulb V10 or regular?

    Good to hear, probably going that route. Good to hear, probably going that route.
  8. drz400s_guy

    Cyclops LED headlightbulb V10 or regular?

    I can't remember the exact one, but I got it from here: https://www.bluhmenterprises.com/applications-main.php?app=MOTO I am pretty sure it is one of the 90/100 models. Still kicking for 5000 miles or so of putting it in, which is surprising as most over boosted bulbs usually fail quickly like you mentioned. Thanks for the input so far! I want to go led anyway if for nothing else but reliability offroad.
  9. drz400s_guy

    Cyclops LED headlightbulb V10 or regular?

    How's the beam pattern on V9 compare to a higher output H4 in the stock housing? I am trying to decide if I want a V9 or 10, or get a headlight replacement like the JNS Engineering one.
  10. drz400s_guy

    seeking replacement exhaust advice

    Q4 is as quiet as you are going to get over stock. The power increase isn't worth the cost when you figure in the header also. If you have the 3x3 did you rejet also? You would need to with a pipe also. I say take the stock system off, get the rust and peeling paint off and hit it with some high temp exhaust paint for now. As for the plastics melting, no pipe from any major brand has caused problems with that I am aware of. My MRD SSW cooks my license plate, but that's it.
  11. I run the Seat Concepts seat and Pilot Road 3's in 150 on my SM. It is a good setup for doing 150+ miles at a time and not killing the bum!
  12. drz400s_guy

    gearing change

    See if you can't find somebody on here with an S that took their stock 44 tooth sprocket off and put that on the rear.
  13. drz400s_guy

    SM Upper Chain Guide Alternatives

    I went with the full SM swingarm and slider on my S and I still get chain rub on the tire. The tire profile and the fact that my rear wheel probably doesn't have enough offset will mean it won't ever fully go away.
  14. drz400s_guy

    What handlebar bend are you running?

    I have no local shops so it was online only and it sucks. I kinda got a bar I like, but it was also weird feeling from the stock bar. I ended up getting the ProTaper SE 7/8" Handlebar Henry/Reed Bend and it still isn't where I would like the bars to sit.
  15. drz400s_guy

    Gripper top or no gripper top?

    I run the Seat Concepts seat and have the gripper top. I would stick with that one if I had to do it again.