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  1. ForceTen

    van setup?

    There's a lot of van setups here. Just need to dig through them. Chickenhauler did a little post in the top of this section with a few differerent vans as well.
  2. ForceTen

    Snowing yet...???

    Was in San Diego for a week while all this debate was going on. I could live with that weather 365 days a year.
  3. ForceTen

    Motorcycle Shop North of the Twin Cities

    Done that many times. Though, DK is too far to drive at times.
  4. ForceTen

    Motorcycle Shop North of the Twin Cities

    If the one in Center City (or is it Chisago) doesn't have it on the floor, ask. Because that's their warehouse. Same here. I've ordered from DK online and never had an issue with the orders. At times, their pricing is extremely difficult to beat. Especially when it comes to closeout clothing, etc. I'll periodically buy from Waldoch's or Motoprimo. But, Motoprimo is too much of a drive unless I want to drool at the Ducs. Or, BMW's at Leo's South.
  5. ForceTen


    Once I can get to my bikes, I can start working on them. Then, Elko will be a reality.
  6. Hey, it was an adventure! It's mid May, and I can't even get to any of my bikes to do maintenance. Garage is packed with other people's stuff.
  7. ForceTen

    4WD trails within 100 miles of TC?

    http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/ohv/index.html http://www.mn4wda.com/
  8. Bet the guys doing Monticell HS wished they had some studded tires...
  9. Y'all are just jealous of my pimping ride.
  10. If you would just buy a cargo van, you wouldn't have to worry about towing.
  11. I'd expect Nemadji to dry out enough to be rideable by, oh.... August 1st.
  12. I thought I was bad for not repairing the 250F my son crashed Super Bowl Sunday, 2010 yet. I even have 90% of the parts sitting on the workbench.
  13. Sadly, I'm no near closer to being ready to ride than I was last fall. Looking pretty grim for me this year. But, I do plan to get the bikes in riding order sometime soon.
  14. My bikes are sitting exactly where they have been since I put them in the garage last fall. Too many things going on over the past few months that, quite unfortunately, have put them on the back burner. Add to it an uninsulated garage, cold temps, lots of snow and it made not being out there a little easier on me. Doesn't mean I'm not already stressing about riding this year. But, it's going to be limited...
  15. ForceTen

    Sandbox Arena Track

    Or, you could have a full size cargo van and haul everything inside. Safe from salt, sand, chemicals and it's warmed up before you get there. Sadly, I won't make it there this winter...