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  1. deelong4002

    Supermoto Wheel setup finally

    Thanks. I've never bought a bike with as few of miles as this one, so i'm completely anal about cleaning it. I hope to have it for a long time.
  2. deelong4002

    Supermoto Wheel setup finally

    I haven't posted on here in forever, but i thought i'd show off my 450x I rode YZ250 2 strokes for years, decided last year to make the switch over to something i could plate and get more overall use of. I ended up getting this 09 450X off a guy who put 2 hours on it, and parked it until 2014. Got a really good deal too. The plan was always to get a 17" wheel set, but it took me a while to pull the trigger. But I must say, after doing so, I couldn't be much happier. I ended up ordering the Mototstrano Bare-bones kit, which included a set of warp 9 Rims, Bridgestone Battleax tires, Sprockets, chain, and Supermoto fender. I ride this bike in the woods of northern Michigan alot, but this will really open up some new uses for the bike where i live, in southeast Michigan. I had an SV1000 Streetbike for a couple years, and this is alot more fun in my opinion. Where i live, there are alot of twisty roads and back country roads, which suites this setup perfectly. Switching back and forth from Dirt to Street is probably an hour job or so. I might buy some extra parts which would make it easier, but for no I'll manage.
  3. deelong4002

    450x Street Use

    Just ordered a basic Supermoto Wheel, tire, and fender package from MotoStrano.com for my 2009 450x. Wondering if anyone else on here uses their X for street use, and if so, any tips? This bike will still see plenty of trail use in northern Michigan, but i wanted to get a little more use out of it at home. I realize oil changes are important, but that's true regardless. I change the oil every couple hundred miles anyway. I'm hoping the wheel swap won't be a huge pain in the ass. Hoping less than an hour to swap back and forth. FWIW, my bike is plated, and I've ridden it on the street quite a bit since i purchased it last year. Just looking for a little something different. I'm sick of wearing out knobbies.
  4. deelong4002

    EG YZ295 Jetting?

    What is your elevation? I'm under the impression the #8 slide is more of a high elevation thing, than anything, but i may have misunderstood that.
  5. deelong4002

    EG YZ295 Jetting?

    Well i'll try to report back on monday. I'm going to jet it up a little bit, and i should be able to do some good riding this weekend. Now as far as deceleration surging goes, is that caused by a lean pilot or main? Because i did notice some of that as well. I used to enjoy my good fuel economy with my YZ because i trail ride, looks like i might be getting an enduro tank if i keep upjetting....
  6. deelong4002

    EG YZ295 Jetting?

    Well i'm gonna throw the 185 in this weekend hopefully, and we'll see how she responds. Bike is pretty wicked though with the 295 kit. Pulls like Mack truck. I re geared it a bit to tame it down, was 14/50, and it was power wheelies in every gear. I dropped the back sprocket two to give me a little more speed on the wide open sections in northern Michigan, but should still have plenty of torque for the tight stuff as well.
  7. deelong4002

    EG YZ295 Jetting?

    Guys, Just want to see where everyone is at jetting wise. I had a chance to run my bike this weekend after having Eric go through it. I guessed on the jetting, but upsized both the pilot and the main to be safe. I ended up extremely lean, and the bike bogged like crazy at anything over half throttle. So i got it back to the house, and swapped in a 182 main, 52 pilot, and set the needle in the middle. Problem is, the bike still seems a bit lean on top, so i'm thinking about putting a 185 for the main. However, after reading some posts, that seems extremely rich. Bike runs good, plug is a tad on the lean side, but not white. Getting a little bit of lean surging on deceleration as well. Specs 2006 YZ295 with "mo better" porting, cut for pump gas. V force 3 Reed cage, with brand new reeds DEP pipe, with Pro Circuit Nature Friendly spark arrestor ( with fresh repack) Brand new fresh 93 octane gas and Klotz R50 oil Air screw 1.5 turns out, w/ good idle, but getting some lean surging after letting off the throttle Riding in northern Michigan at about 65 degree temps. I'm a little baffled about the jet sizes, because it seems to me everyone else went leaner on the main, and bigger on the pilot. Whatcha guys think?
  8. deelong4002

    Blown Piston, Possible powervalve issues. Questions

    After thinking about it, i think i'll leave the gears alone. Maybe just go a little smaller in the rear sprocket and call it a day. The 295 should pull it no problem. I really like the racy spacing of the gearing. I ride the bull gap system alot, which has those long fire roads. I try to avoid them as much as possible, but they are innevitable. But i want to expand out to some tight single track elsewhere. Thanks for the help. Any suggestions on shops to rebuild the crank? a new OEM is like $350 at rocky mountain. I see that Eric Gorr Rebuilds cranks too.
  9. deelong4002

    Blown Piston, Possible powervalve issues. Questions

    Rocky mountain has a step by step video basically on how to do the bottom end on a YZ250. Now i just need to figure out whether i want to rebuild my existing crank, or just buy a new one. I've heard horror stories about the Wiesco's and Hotrods, but then others claim they last forever. I'd probably just source an OEM or rebuild. Also thinking about doing the WR 4th and 5th while i'm in there. IDK, i love the snap of my bike and i'm worried i'll lose that in the higher gears, but when the trails open up, my buddies CRF250x just has more on the topend and i dont like that he can hang with me there, cause he can't hang anywhere else. Yep, it's becoming a real project already. Might as well rip the whole thing down to the frame and do all the bearings while i'm at it.
  10. deelong4002

    Blown Piston, Possible powervalve issues. Questions

    Thanks. I wasnt sure if it was clutched in some way based on rpms, or if it was directly driven by the crank. Good to know. As far as the lower end rebuild goes, you are probably right unfortunately. I just wish i didnt have to split the cases. Oh well i guess i have all godforsaken Michigan winter ahead of me to get it done. If only the trans in my Camaro didnt also need some freshening up. Looks like i have my work cut out for me this year.
  11. deelong4002

    Blown Piston, Possible powervalve issues. Questions

    Here is the powervalve. I didnt dissassemble cause i was just going to send to EG like this, cause he takes it apart anyway. It has a very small knick on it, but i just figured some piston material tickled it upon exit. But the actuator arm not moving when cranked over has me worried. Is there something broken in there?
  12. I bought this bike about a year ago. Admittedly i should have done a top end, as i was starting to sense some underpower issues, and starting issues. Also the jetting has been all over the place lately. I couldnt seem to get it right at all. Anyway, i had the chance to go to the sand dunes one last time this year. It was about 45 degrees out. I'm guessing the jetting was lean for the temp, and the constant high rpms due to the nature of dune riding caused a piston failure. After about 2.5 hours, this happened: Now i was planning on doing an Eric Gorr 295 kit anyway this winter so i wasnt too bummed so long as everything else was ok. However, i'm questioning that. I have a few questions. 1. After taking the powervalve actuator arm cover off, it was absolutely filled with black oil. Is this normal? I cant remember what my 99 looked like, as that was about 4 years ago when i rebuilt it. 2. Should the actuator arm move as i crank the kick starter over? There seems to be no movement at all when i kick it over, which has me thinking something is broken internally in the case. The powervalve had a slight knick on it, but nothing catastrophic. 3. The crank appears to have gotten 'hot' as seen here: Is the bluing at the connecting rod normal? I thought i remembered reading something about that being a side effect of the installation process, but i can't remember. The bike didn't blow up or even really make any bad noises. It just litterally cut off on me while riding. I thought i ran out of gas until i went to kick it over, and felt no compression. Then i knew it was blown. This is a 2006 YZ250 with unknown hours. I put 30 hours on it myself, as i installed an hour meter immediately after purchase. Any help is appreciated. The cylinder will be going off to Forward Motion most likely this week or next, but i'm questioning whether or not i should just bite the bullet and rebuild the crank as well. I've never split cases before, so i'm a little apprehensive. Thanks for any help. It's a Vertex Piston FWIW
  13. deelong4002

    does this make anyone else sick???

    James Stewart really doesn't have anything to do these days does he?
  14. deelong4002

    hard packed dirt and a 2 stroke

    Ride a gear high. I don't know how easy that is on a 150, but on a 250 its the best way I've found to get traction.
  15. deelong4002

    Pro circuit 304 Shorty

    Will work fine. Most pipes (if not all) pipes use the same flange on each bike, so parts can be interchanged. I've never had a pipe not fit another brand of pipe.