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  1. Fullbore4

    All NEW 2010 YZ450f Released!

    Yah my next one is a KTM. I'm not willing to play "Can you find the carburetor?" or "How many beers does it take to get the valve cover off?".
  2. Fullbore4

    It's Here...the 2010 YZ450F

    Looks awesome in all respects but I'm wondering if the heat off that exhaust header will be a problem.
  3. Fullbore4

    XL600R, anyone need parts? :(

    What is a 1986 XL600R complete engine with 12000 miles worth? I'm going to sell on ebay any day. Thing is it weighs in at 101 lb so its a hundred dollars shipping ups.
  4. Fullbore4

    Just bit the bullet on some "Bog" parts.

    One caveat of the diaphram used in these carbs is the variation of fuel pumped via a new diaphram compared to a used one. I found there to be a big decrease as they age. I wish they could have used a positive displacement plunger like a piston-cylinder setup instead of a flexible diaphram. Oh well, it won't matter long anyway with the advent of EFI.
  5. Fullbore4

    Lactating '03 WR450F

    Also if you went through deep water, some water may have gotten in through the crankcase breather. Just check the oil and make sure its not milky colored.
  6. Fullbore4

    Just bit the bullet on some "Bog" parts.

    ranger85, In zip-tying the linkage you have essentially done the Red Beard mod EXCEPT you need to grind down the diaphram stud so it doesn't bind when ample throttle is applied. I found my 06 WR450 to run the best with the Red Beard mod also but I had best results with an 80 leak jet (I didn't have an R&D bowl).
  7. Fullbore4

    Need Wiring Diagram For 06 WR450.

    The above link is for the manual. The electrical schematic is on page 6-1 of the manual in pdf format.
  8. Fullbore4

    Need Wiring Diagram For 06 WR450.

    The link is in the "WR Performance Index" sticky as shown below: http://www.yamahaownershandbook.com.au/?r=0
  9. Fullbore4

    BFN 09 WR450 runs terrible on the bottom.

    Yah I agree that it sounds like the dealer left old gas in it forever. In that case the carb would have to come off and be thoroughly cleaned....good luck.
  10. Fullbore4

    YZ exhaust cam/ACV question

    Right......I meant the Pilot Air Jet should be changed from a #80 to a #100. My bad.....LOL.
  11. Fullbore4

    YZ exhaust cam/ACV question

    By red beard mod, I mean safety wire the linkage, grind off the diaphram stud and drill out the leak jet to an equivalent 75 or so.
  12. Fullbore4

    YZ exhaust cam/ACV question

    If you disable the ACV replace the MAJ (main air jet-stock 80) with a 100 to lean out the circuit a bit. As for the AP, I've tried em all and had the best results with the Red Beard mod. But again, its the results that count, not what others say. Happy wrenching. I never check the spark plug color myself on this bike. I go strictly on how it runs.
  13. Fullbore4

    YZ exhaust cam/ACV question

    YZ exhaust cam will give it a lot more power. ACV valve was a Yamaha addon to take the pop out on decel.....YZ's don't have it......by disabling it, you can actually read the plug color, meaningfully. Throttle response is a bit better and you can use a much smaller pilot jet. Also you will be able to set the fuel screw much easier by idling the bike like Eddy Scisneros talks about. The best needle is the 05 YZ OEM needle (NFLR), not the JD red and definitely not the blue one. The Powershot AP cover works better than the Boyesen covers. FMF Powercore 4 is awesome for the 06. Powerbomb moves the power a bit lower. The Powernow noticably helps low end and smaller jets are used because air flow through the carb is enhanced and pulls more gas. The redbeard mod is the best AP mod because O-rings break but the leak jet must be sized LARGER (I recommend a #75-90 (stock is 55 I think)). Others may not agree with me but I've followed the advice of pros on this site through heavy research and I have found my results through tedious trial and error. Seasoned riders with Hondas, KTM's, Kawis and other Yamys have verified my results. Let us know what your results are and have fun wrenching.
  14. Fullbore4

    My Best Crash in years and I missed it!

    I see your 52 yrs old......at least your still ridin.....I've done about the same over the years......I'm 50.......happy trails!
  15. Fullbore4

    2003 Wr450 In The Sand????

    I'm not sure if the following swingarm linkage listed on ebay will fit an 03 but its worth a look. It would be nice to have an extra linkage so one could be greased and ready to swap out. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Yamaha-WR-YZ-Swingarm-Shock-Linkage_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trkparmsZ72Q3a1205Q7c66Q3a2Q7c65Q3a12Q7c39Q3a1Q7c240Q3a1318Q7c301Q3a1Q7c293Q3a1Q7c294Q3a50QQ_trksidZp3286Q2ec0Q2em14QQhashZitem130294417451QQitemZ130294417451QQptZMotorcyclesQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories