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  1. theyouthahead

    NewJersey Raceway park practice

    does anyone know if they still require you to get that insurance and do they require you to wear a chest protector??
  2. theyouthahead

    2007 rmz450 bogging when I crack the gas

    Nah bike starts first or 2nd kick and no I haven't touched the fuel screw
  3. theyouthahead

    2007 rmz450 bogging when I crack the gas

    I just cleaned the carb and some adjustments may have gotten messed up but the bike has a fmf full exhaust and ran fine prior to me going through the carb now it bogs when I crack the gas Im gonna try to upload a video of what happens and what it sounds like
  4. theyouthahead

    NewJersey Good tuning shop in north jersey?

    lookin for a good tuning shop in north jersey now that i just moved up here from central jersey. Always used to goto RRP or MBR racing to get my bike worked on. Lookin for a place a little bit closer does anyone have any ideas im near the meadowlands?
  5. i goto school at towson and have my bike here for the semester so i was lookin for some tracks to hit up besides blue diamond.
  6. theyouthahead


    sick whips man
  7. didnt think this thread would be such a hit lol...but im on a 450 only 23 and all i hear are stories from my dad about how much power the 500 had and how it was like you were holdin on for dear life...id love to get on one
  8. oh alrite thanks for the info !
  9. it seemed like the premier class of today, and ive searched around and cant find an answer to why they stopped having it and went to just 250s and 125s
  10. http://www.locomx.com/2009-Shift-Strike-Pant-p/2009-shift-pant-strike-d.htm
  11. theyouthahead

    will this work on my truck

    http://www.locomx.com/Universal-Samson-Truck-Bed-Rack-p/universal-samson-rack-truck-be.htm there it is 109$ i have it and love it
  12. theyouthahead

    will this work on my truck

    that is rediculously overpriced...there are plenty of cheaper adjustable ones out there i forget the name of the brand i have but i think its from loco mx check that out
  13. theyouthahead

    My backyard helmet paint jobs

    wow man thats really good i like it a lot
  14. theyouthahead

    lepis land NJ!!!!

    id definitely be interested in riding this track what town is it located in?
  15. theyouthahead

    07 rmz trouble

    wish i could help ya id take it to a shop i have nothing but good things to say about my rmz450