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  1. xr4_rider

    It's finally done !

  2. xr4_rider

    2010 KX250F Popping Sounds From Exhaust

    What elevation are you at? Is it popping on throttle closed? How easy does it start? Mine does that b/c its lean on idle circuit, but I go up in elevation, so it works for me by being very easy to start.
  3. xr4_rider

    Starting tricks

    Mine was a bitch to start until I found what works for me, based on what I had for jetting. I live at 1200' elevation, and I ride from my door to about 4000'. I run a 40 pilot, fuel screw turned all the way in. Its lean yes, but I give it 5 cranks of the throttle, then she fires up, first kick. I pull on the choke, and let it warm up. Its never more than a 1 or two kick bike now, and its never flooded on me.
  4. xr4_rider

    Yamaha TTR125 (2001)


    Works shock for TTR
  5. xr4_rider

    Yamaha TTR125 2001

    Works shock for TTR
  6. xr4_rider

    Kawasaki KX250F (2008)


    Light, torquey, but hard suspension..
  7. xr4_rider

    Kawasaki KX250F 2008

    Light, torquey, but hard suspension..
  8. xr4_rider

    Honda XR400R 2001

    Fantastic. Would own again.
  9. xr4_rider

    Honda XR400R (2001)


    Fantastic. Would own again.
  10. xr4_rider

    I miss my 400

    I sold my 400 2 yrs ago. It had the aloop seat, better rear spring, jetted perfectly...b/c I do have a "better" bike, in a 08 KX250F. Having said that, its just not the same. Its not a put gas in and go bike, and I miss that about the 400. I will get another one though.....
  11. xr4_rider

    Leaking head gaskets on BBR (150cc) kit!

    I would not torque anymore... Chances are gaskets have failed due to the leak. Don't cut corners....pull jug and replace gaskets.. D
  12. xr4_rider

    How can I make my ttr 125 much faster for cheap

    I beg to differ..it does not take much to make these bike feel better... A bigger carb, and a lightened flywheel, plus putting some washers in the rear baffle make the bike feel completely different. I agree though that throwing money at it is not wise. A KX100 would be a better platform.
  13. xr4_rider

    TTR125 Mods

    Hi guys. Anyone still doing mods on the ttr? I have the longer works shock available if anyone wants it. 10" travel. Pm me for details. D
  14. xr4_rider

    05 cr150f motor in a 08 150 frame

    I did a xr100 engine in a 150r frame and it was tight. U will not be able to do a larger engine unless u start cutting. You might be able to search this forum and find my conversion.
  15. xr4_rider

    My TTR125/YZ80 conversion

    Good job on the project. I did one for my son quite awhile ago using a longer work shock, with yz85forks which worked ok but if I was to do it again I would start with the yz125frame and install the ttr engine in that.