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  1. doublediesel

    2005 CR125 Engine for SLOW woods riding?

    If you don't mind answering.... In the first vid, what gear are you in for the most part? What is your gearing? Do you have a flywheel weight on the bike?
  2. doublediesel

    2005 CR125 Engine for SLOW woods riding?

    I realize there are better bikes for woods riding; I own one. Had a line on a 250R but I didn't trust the owner. The 125 would be too small for me at 270 but my sons are less than 200 lbs. I wouldn't want to get involved with engine mods but I would gear and add a flywheel weight. I'm not an aggressive rider at all...I could doze off while riding. But the sons may like the bike and overall the 2005 CR125 seems to be a decent bike.
  3. doublediesel

    2005 CR125 Engine for SLOW woods riding?

    Sold 230 3 months ago. Hoping to go 2 stroke...
  4. doublediesel

    2005 CR125 Engine for SLOW woods riding?

    Yeah, Selling my mighty XR650R though....
  5. I'm weaning out my four strokes for 2 stroke bikes. Don't want to start a CR125 engine comparison/bashing here, but how is the 2005 engine for SLOW woods riding? I mean real slow.... It will be jetted correctly and have the right gearing. Will it perform without constant clutching? Can I run in second or third gear and get away with it or am I going to need to "be on the pipe" in a lower gear. Have a 2000 250 EXC so it chugs right along, but we're looking at different animals here I know. Thanks for your experienced input..
  6. I thought everyone installed these on their bikes!
  7. Riders, I got a 16 0z. Steahly weight ready to install. I've searched the site, e-mailed Steahly etc. and I am in need of installation directions. Can someone scan and e-mail them to me. It's a 03 YZ450. Yeah, I know it's easy but if something can get get screwed up, I'm good for it.. Thanks for your help!
  8. doublediesel

    Hurting the stock springs..What do I need??

    Thanks, been checking on there. The stuff moves fast! Is there a PDS equivalent I could use?
  9. Bought a 2000 250 EXC today to go SLOW in the trails with my son. I'm 260 with no gear. What rear spring rating do I need? Stock is a PDS3-250. If someone has both a WP and a PDS number for my weight that would be great. I'm a little confused, I guess to much reading... Has aftermarket decals on the front forks, no idea whats in there but they are OK right now. Seems like a good bike, need to dig into the jetting, running rich at sealevel.. Thanks
  10. doublediesel

    carillo rod on stock crank or complete stock crank??

    I think for $350.00 I got the complete rod and crank OEM from Service Honda. Funny, now I have a slipping third gear too. It might be time to stop the bleeding and pasture the 650 for a new steed....so far its been a money pig!
  11. doublediesel

    3rd Gear only, Clutch Slipping

    Ouch, the price of riding. Moneywise, I guess the parts shouldnt be too bad if its limited to the one gear, but the labor would be killer. Maybe 8 hours in a shop? With a manual, lots of time and some help online, do you think it could be done by someone like myself thats never been in an engine or am I looking for trouble? I'm somewhat mechanically inclined, but new to bikes.
  12. doublediesel

    3rd Gear only, Clutch Slipping

    Can I continue to ride? Slow woods rides in first and second gear only or do you think I will do more damage. Not a good time to repair and I would hate for the bike to sit...
  13. doublediesel

    3rd Gear only, Clutch Slipping

    Do the 650R's have the same issue??
  14. doublediesel

    3rd Gear only, Clutch Slipping

    I searched but there did not seem to be an answer. I have a 2001 XRR with untold miles and previous poor maintenance for sure. (Had the engine apart after buying). My first bike, I have alot of mechanical issues yet to experience so I need some advice. Anyways after some reading, I switched to Rotella synthentic oil a week ago. While riding, in 3rd gear only, the bike acts as if the clutch is slipping. It surges a little, bucks etc. From what I read pretty sure its the clutch. This occurs in 3rd gear only. I switched back to Dino oil, hoping for fix but no go. Same poor 3rd gear performance. My cable is adjusted out pretty far. The other gears are fine, no slipping. I ride infrequently but my 11 year old was on our 230F yesterday for the first time yesterday and hes ready to go! What do you guys feel I'm looking at. Can I add the clutch plate mod? Do I need a new clutch basket? Any other tests I can do to narrow this down? Thanks, Skip
  15. doublediesel

    Learning to ride on a WR450?

    At 38 I bought my first bike and took my first ride ever. The bike is an uncorked XR650R. (I know it's a Yamaha post, just sharing). Am I careful? You bet I am... even at my fat butt 270lbs. AND we just bought a YZ450F to replace my son's CRF230F. Funny, he seems faster now... A WR may be in my future, I do like the way the YZ is put together. Carefully go for displacement..life is short..