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  1. P.S. The modifications I've done on my intake include rerouting the cylinder breather hose from it's original position alongside the left footpeg to my airbox as well as rerouting the carburetor intake breather hoses (2 of them) to my airbox. All 3 hoses are zip tied to my subframe at the very top of my airbox.
  2. To anyone who posts on this thread, your assistance is much appreciated. This last weekend I dumped my '06 YZ250F in a deep creek and was able to keep it running until it eventually bogged out and died. I have done mods to waterproof my bike, but the holes in the sides of the airbox are still vulnerable to water penetration. Water entered the airbox and (I assume) soaked my airfilter; preventing me from being able to open my throttle without the bike bogging out and dying, however, it WILL RUN at idle with the choke on (I already removed whatever water may have entered my exhaust system which was almost nothing). I'm about to drain my float bowl and pull my airfilter to see what's wrong, but before I do so, does anybody have any assumptions as to why, exactly, the bike's engine won't run any higher than idle speed? Maybe a little water got into the float bowl? Again, any help is much appreciated.
  3. I just read this whole conversation and I'm kind of frustrated at "CRF-dork" for wasting approximately 5 minutes of my life that I will never get back. The following is a letter I would like to direct towards CRF-dork: Dear Mr. CRF-dork, Since you seem to have no knowledge of/interest in what these helpful fellow TTers are trying to tell you, no knowledge of proper grammar or spelling, and are replying to their concern for your safety (hence the references to worse handling) with puns about as mature as "YO MAMA" jokes, I'm willing to bet that you are an adolescent who believes that you know everything and that the TTers posting in this thread (who, by the way, are looking out for YOUR safety) are just a bunch of lunatics with their heads in their asses. Maybe you should consider the fact that, when addressing the people on a forum site via question, you're going to get answers whether you like what they have to say, or not. Or maybe you should unglue your ass from your chair and your eyes from your computer screen and go find something better to do with your life than sit around and poke fun at those who are, in the end, taking the time out of their day to tell you exactly what you need in order to perform a SAFE and PROPER transition from 150R to 150RB; much like I have taken the time out of my day to explain to you (thick-skulled as you may be) the error of your ways. Sincerely, Loopy-dork P.S. Yo mama so fat, the only thing stopping her from going to Jenny Craig is the door!
  4. Best dirt bike helmet cam viewing experience I think I've ever had... Great job on the video AND the race (even though you did eat it pretty hard a few times... lmao)!
  5. Don't get me wrong, I love me my two strokes, but what powerband is this you speak of?
  6. Nope. Fuel is the first on my list of things to check if the bike won't start. Ever bog down heading down a fast straight on the track only to realize you didn't turn the petcock to the "on" position?
  7. Pff... I wish. Ever gone to start your brand new bike, kick it wrong by holding your foot down on the kickstarter after it's reached the limitations of its travel, and have it kick back up sending you over the bars of the bike? (Mind you, I was 14 and weighed all of 120 pounds.)
  8. I had a similar experience once while vacationing in South Dakota during the Sturgis Bike Rally. This was also during a time of mountain lion population explosion. I was in the Black Hills free climbing at Needle's Point and decided to go for a quick hike off the beaten path. Deciding to travel even deeper in the woods in order to avoid bumping into other hikers (I had to relieve my bladder), I rounded the corner of a stand-alone rock spire and there stood a very large cage with two large hunks of meat hanging from a hook that was being suspended from the ceiling. Mind you, this is not 100 yards from the road that winds through Needle's Point; a place where families go to hike and picnic and such. Just thought it was kind of eerie...
  9. By saying "short-sighted" I was hoping you could infer that I meant one isn't willing to look past one's nose and understand that when a tree falls and nobody's around, it DOES make a sound. Lol, I'm not angry, it just seemed like you were attacking the idea that MAYBE somebody could be great at MX or enduro or harescrambles without ever actually racing. No hard feelings, it's just that emotion can't be conveyed very accurately through text (part of the reason I hate phone texting) between two people actively discussing something. What the other end reads instantly becomes an imagined response and whatever type of response first comes to mind (whether angry or not) is what they generally interpret that message as being... My bad if you got the wrong message, I just enjoy playing the devil's advocate sometimes. I'm certainly not defending myself, haha, trust me, I couldn't dream of keeping up with even B class MXers. Sure, I have skill offroad, but that doesn't mean I'm super fast on a MX track.
  10. No. I ran over a dead raccoon once though... Ever chase a group of turkeys on a trail? Those little f***ers are FAST!
  11. I've never ridden a 450 that was underpowered...
  12. I have buddies that have used K&N filters and had no problem with them at all. If there was "dust" on the inside (especially on a street bike as mentioned in the link) then surely he didn't set the filter in properly. The reason they cost so much is that YOU ONLY NEED TO BUY ONE, JUST ONE. After that, just clean it regularly and it should do its job. If it DOESN'T do it's job, you better be calling K&N right away.
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