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  1. machoman_#618

    06 YZF - What is this..?

    looks like a void in the metal casting.
  2. copper type gasket as it will swell with heat ........also it will have many uses over time. Dibs on the second one,lol.
  3. machoman_#618


    I guess for the same reason alot of females look at short guys and assume that Mr Winkee is short to. FYI alot of people think since Im short I need a smaller bike too. Just tell them Look Bucko..............I need another sales person your rude
  4. machoman_#618

    moron's at yamaha

    dang I guess I need to drain my truck over nite too,lol.
  5. machoman_#618

    05 yz450f parts

    below the bars and around the steering stem and then two holes are drilled and tapped into top side of frame right in front of the gas tank.
  6. machoman_#618

    05 yz450f parts

    swapped out the tank. I also got a scotts steering stablizer for trade...................it has a 05 yz250 smoker bracket mounting system.......yes it was on a 250 smoker yamaha.
  7. machoman_#618

    06 YZF Clutch Pull To Hard! How To Make It Easier?

    Move your clutch lever----------------------> that way as much as you can stand it. Then rebend it so as its closer to the bar. Next extend your clutch arm like you said in the 1st post. Re-adjust your tension so as your cutch ingages sooner also.
  8. machoman_#618

    I fell today on my 06 250f :(

    wrong its called parking with style
  9. machoman_#618

    05 yz450f parts

    seems I got some sence knocked into me,lol. I will have the1st year alum 2 smoke and 1st year alum 4 stroke.
  10. machoman_#618

    05 yz450f parts

    swapped the tank...... I loved the rekluse. But I got rid of the 450. I had only one Harescramble race on it. he rekluse is not even really broke in yet. I went 2 stroke.
  11. machoman_#618

    05 yz450f parts

    I got a rekluse auto clutch and a clarke clear 2.8 gas tank for a swap. these are not or sale but if you got some crap you want to trade let me know. They will fit 03 thru 05
  12. machoman_#618

    My 06' Limited with new goodies

    did I tell you that you sux!J/K
  13. machoman_#618

    How much in trade?

    I would not worry about it, your wife said you could trade it.............that alone is priceless.
  14. machoman_#618

    Brett Downey 38

    I hope you and your family can come to Texas one day and ride a GMB event with alot of us. It would be an honor to meet you and watch you ride the lap of honor with some other folks I know. This gives guys like me the chance to honor your love one with a prayer of love and to shed a tear with you. It really does bond the heart with your fellow riders who offer up love to you and yours. Please know that alot of us feel your lost.............. sincerely Mark
  15. machoman_#618

    Just brought my 06 home

    sjwr450, thanks for the pic!Looks like I'll be running same color as you!Couple more days and I'll have that poo eating grin like you!