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  1. wow but when alessis dad speaks for his son hes an ass. not saying you say that but everyone else does
  2. The way I see it is RD is a great rider. PPl cry about his podium speeches but he doesnt just rattle off sponsors as others do. He is polite and professional. As for the speed he is one of the fastes and on some nights the fastest. As for the be there guy It used to be reed and now CR has picked his speed up. I feel as Dungey gets more confy on the bike and they have data to look back on he will get faster. He is still young and already owns records and doesnt look bad on all time win lists.
  3. I know just like that one that finished 4th last wknd. Also that other one w the holeshot. And the guy in 4th isnt even known for supercross skills.
  4. You know I have a buddy that wears sidis too. He has a screwed up knee and ankle and swears they are great. I have also heard about the femur thing but after shattering my ankle and constant pain in it 4 yrs later I think I may rather break my femur instead of an area that is always needing to pivot and move.
  5. NO F YOU> U IS B FULL OF SH**> IT ONLY IS B TAKE 4 AV REPLIES TO GET ARGUE GO IN THIS HOOD ON THESE STREETS HERE SON> DONT HOLLER BACK AT YOUNGINS LIKE ME IF YOU CANT FLOW W THE BIG DOGS HOMIE. Sorry just joking but you are right. As for the ignorant ghetto talk I was watchin the real homie g dawg wheelie boyyyyyyyyzzzzzzzzzzzzzz so I couldnt resist!!
  6. Just like when you run out of mountain dew and tilt the can wanting that 1 last drop.lol I actually do that!!
  7. Its crazy how the 16 or 17 guys that didnt crash that weekend slowed up so he could win. I also hope he earns one. They were so slow I could have won that race. I think Jim Dirt was telling me that they have the 2nd most flawed frame and suspension behind yamaha though so when he rides at the real dungey speed level there are issues. He prob cant push the bike as hard as hes capable of so he may not win another unless everybody crashes and slows up again.
  8. Mike can do no right and all wrong to ppl here. He has obviously worked hard on supercross and is top 10 or better speed every week in the deepest field in yrs. Last year he missed mains and finished at the back more often than not. Maybe on a 350 but in a way less stacked field on the factory suzuki he wasnt nearly this fast. Now my point is that there are lappers that dont move in every race yet they often dont get noticed or mentioned but since its MA he is the worst guy in the world. As for the above video making anyone feel better I hope you can seek some therapy if watching a man have that happen to him brings you any enjoyment.
  9. Im not sure what study it was but I saw something a while back about red bull and it thickening your blood. They claimes that one of the ingredients is banned in european countries so it is a different set of ingredients over there. Not sure how true it is but I drink red bull if im working two days straight and it works to get me through the 2nd day.
  10. Nobody knows what was said leading up to the incident. Not saying it was right but there may be way more than meets the eye. Sometimes instigators come off looking like victims
  11. Yeah it takes some gettin used to. It also doesnt hurt to be drunk.lol
  12. Sweet. We dont have in n outs here in ohio but i dont think u guys have white castle. I may be wrong. Anyways I have some sweet stewie pjs w all of his diff characters on em too. God did an awesome job in blessing somebody with the creativity to make the characters and the pjs. Or wait. Was it ancient aliens? Was it allah? Guess we may never know.
  13. Why do ppl really care so much? Honestly if somebody believes in something or someone that makes them work hard and try their best to be a good person that should be good. Ppl on here complain of the riders that act like dicks and complain when they are too good. Who is the happy medium? We have stewart and reed haters too yet they are praised for not talking about god. Yet its ok to come on here and say you dont believe in god. I dont get it move to korea or china if it bothers you so much. Then you can just be told what to say
  14. If you play world of warcraft you meet tons of em
  15. The way I see it is with CR at least when he is pissed with performance he is mad at himself and doesnt blame needing the bike tweaked. He usually praises his team and their efforts on the bike and points out his flaws as the issue.
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