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  1. hi i have just sold both my it and yz.the main diference 1 porting in the barrel. 2 yz piston has large inlet cutaway it has 2 holes in inlet side 3 gear ratios 4 carby jets yz are bigger 5 different exhurst wisco will make pistons but you need to buy 100 at a time.to get around the no pistin problem 1 use 465 piston bore barrel to suit 2 4mm spacer on bottom of barrel to take up the hight of thr 465 piston. works fine yz barrell and piston will fit and run on it bottem end. cheers jim sydney australia
  2. the thread started with cr250m wich were not made till 1973 if you want to goto other models you might be right but 250s were not made till 1973
  3. hi they were not made till 1973 ihave no 700 cheers jim g
  4. hi the 1978 yz400 is easy to get parts from as earler stuff fits.ebay isnt bad as long as you stay in control.new pistons are aftermarket.my 1979 is gen yam only so parts are harder to get.if your 82 frame is complete look for a it or yz 465 as they run a bit better than the 490 (gas quality) and have 5 speed box.big decision is needed either build the 400 up and get rid of the 82 stuff or build the 82 up and get rid of the 400 stuff or build both.i just bought a 1981 it 465 of a 60 year olg farmer its striped for farm use but in very good condition will take it riding 12 august i then can tell you which i like better 400 or 465. cheers jim
  5. hi the motors are different as the 400 has center port exh and 490 has side port exh.my yz400 has twin down tube frame and the 490 has single down tube frame.to monut the motor you will have to fabricate the down tubes on to the 490 frame.
  6. it400 c =246cc or 8.3oz it400e d =250cc or 8.4oz it400f =296cc or 10 oz dont foget cc = mls cheers jimg sydney australia it400f
  7. hi i have a 2002 tm300en and find it very easy to ride it runs well when you are off the pipe but when you gas it this is were the factory race bike comes in i gen ride fire trails anf some sigle track the bike never bogs down or fouls plugs.i do use 98 oct gas though.the gearing i use is 13/48.my bike also has the base gasket done as well. cheers jimg sydney australia
  8. hi is there any aftermarket seat cover that will fit my 2002 tm300en i herd that cr250 cover might fit. cheers jimg
  9. hi i have a 300 tm and have no problems with it and jd motor cycles are the best just ring they most likly have the part and it is del to your door in the mail.also very helpfull cheers jim sydney
  10. yep you are right but he said he thought he had a 1980 with disc brake.late model 490s had disc brakes but that frount end will fit streight on my 1979 400 as well same head stock cheers jimg
  11. hi 1980 it were 425 center port 1981 it were 465 side port none came with dic brake but later model disc brake front ends will fit on my 1979 it 400 take old one off bolt new one on no mods at all
  12. hi to check if it is the crank shaft seal drain the gearbox oil and replace it with castrol R racing oil the stuff speedway bikes use.if it is sucking oil from there you will be able to smell the R burning it has a very strong But nice smell. cheers jimg tm300:ride:
  13. stroke is shortened or increased on the flywheel not the conrod.
  14. hi if it is a gen 1979 yz400 it is the most powerfull 400 yamaha made.it was called the update model.pistons are very hard to come by as the only ones i know that fit are the gen yamaha ones no one makes aftermarket ones.the barrel is different and also the ignition.i havent checked about the 1980 and beond parts yet but i do know not much fits from earlier yamahas.some it400f parts fit as i have a it converted to yz.if you can get a yz490 disk brake front it should bolt straight in as they still use the same steering head bearings. ps mine whips the arse of a 2006 wr450.my mate cant keep up with me even on a gravel road.
  15. hi i would like to know is there a crossover for the front sprocket for a tm300en 2002.also how much oil goes in the gearbox cheers jimg
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