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  1. by chance still have the xr100/crf100 stem dimensions


  2. minifig-phil

    New Takegawa +R kits XR/CRF100's

    Is anyone using this kit?
  3. minifig-phil

    The Suzuki RM370 rebuild

    I'm currently Vintage racing a '76 RM125 and would be very interested in the porting and pipe specs and any other tips you have for the '76 125.
  4. minifig-phil

    Crank went out - TB132

    Why was it over heating? That is what you need to solve the fact that parts wore out is not a suprise if things get that hot. Do you have an oil cooler? What type of oil are you using?
  5. minifig-phil

    head gasket question, PLEASE HELP !!!!!

    Did you have the head apart? It is very easy to damage the seal when putting the springs back on if you compress them too much. I don't use an oring between the cyl and head. Did you put new rings in it?
  6. I Like it! That Looks Sweet!
  7. minifig-phil

    100 transmission swap

    Hey ACS Long time! I hope everything is going well. I still have a couple of XR100's but there pretty tame now compared to what I use to have (the TZ250 is taking up most of my fun money). Just BBR 120 kit cam and 200x carb. Here is the link to the gearbox post http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=190755&highlight=close+ratio
  8. minifig-phil

    front end vibration

    Check the motor mounts to see if they are tight.
  9. minifig-phil

    Spark Plug Thread

    Looks like that is correct
  10. minifig-phil

    LOOK here Small cc Bikes banned!

    This is just for the US BUT you have to remember that the US is the biggest market in the world for these bikes by a large margin and it might not be worth it to the manufacturer to produce these if sales in the US is baned. So in a round about way yes it will effect Canada if the ban is not lifted soon. Remember Don't Suck on your motorcycle!!!
  11. minifig-phil

    Making an XR200 Run On Alcohol... A great story!

    Just giving you a hard time for no reason
  12. minifig-phil

    Making an XR200 Run On Alcohol... A great story!

    I still want to know what ported valves look like
  13. minifig-phil

    CRF/XR100 Cam Tower Differences?

    I know you probably know better than this but do you have it on backwards. I've done that before. Usually in production they have many different "molds" to cast them in that's what you see. I have never had one not turn before and I mix them up all the time. possibly someone machined one of them or maybe even the head??
  14. minifig-phil

    8 month review on kitaco 145cc kit. A MUST READ!

    I would go to Vegas now! Nobody can have that much bad luck! It's bound to turn around for you.
  15. minifig-phil

    8 month review on kitaco 145cc kit. A MUST READ!

    Great Job Socal!! WOW! Not trying to make fun of you but that blowed up real good! Sorry to see that Hope you get it fixed soon.