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  1. jaysunm

    California gorman 2/9 or 2/10

    hi, i am looking for people that want to meet up and go riding in gorman in a couple of weekends. my riding buddy has crashed hard and is having issues convincing the wife that this is a good activity to continue. So I am basically looking for some new riding buddies that want to hit up the local spots with some frequency. I live in SFV, woodland hills area...partial to gorman because of the drive time and gas cost, that said, open to the desert or other areas. I am mid thirties, decent intermediate rider - ride ktm 300 or ktm 450. hit me up..thanks
  2. jaysunm

    DRZ vs KTM dual sport, what to buy

    you only have to buy hand guards and a skid plate for a KTM; no real extras required.
  3. jaysunm

    Looking at buying a DRZ

    my local dealer has 07 S for 3999; brand new.
  4. jaysunm

    Handlebar crossbar pad-usefull?

    i have managed to hit my head on the pad; glad it was there
  5. jaysunm

    DRZ Fuel Injection from the LT-Z400 ???

    is there too much hype in FI? I know a lot of my friends are waiting for their dirtbikes but i don't understand the desire well enough. The FCR is true tried and tested... last thing I would want to do is screw around with FI on a DRZ or other "dirt" bike. I probably don't stand alone on this opinion... .02
  6. jaysunm

    part out vs. complete sale results

    bike has/had over 3k in mods (1200 was for wheels)... some of which i have already parted with i.e. FCR... i'll probably remove the zeta products, mirrors but keep the edge other lighting...
  7. jaysunm

    part out vs. complete sale results

    I was thinking it would move faster with the SM wheels on it... guess i can try the dirt route... I no way imagined that I would recoup my aftermarket costs + bike; one or the other being covered would be fine...
  8. jaysunm

    part out vs. complete sale results

    hence the comtemplation to part it out... I don't want to fire sell the thing for 3k when i paid 1200 to put SM wheels on it...
  9. I have done some research on opinions as far as the question to part out or sell the drz as whole... i haven't found any results as to how the experiance went so far... i have been been trying to sell my 04 S w/SM wheels for 4000 for a while now and it isn't moving.. thinking I should part it out... besides the new engine on ebay, i can't find an idea on what that should be priced at... should I put minimums or let free market bidding take over... thanks
  10. good work... your replication came off very well... I like how yours sets back a bit closer to the bars than the duke... here is a ref pic for all..
  11. I had it down to about a 1/2 hour - 45 mins... I found the front brake to be a pain in the arse with the SM rims... i also use an aftermarket lock nut for the rear which helped out; no need to use a pin
  12. Anyone have any pics of this installed?
  13. jaysunm

    What is the "G" ?

    I have an 06 XC-G, which is a green sticker cal bike... sx engine
  14. jaysunm

    Thinking about selling my bike-

    interesting post.. i found myself in the same delima, 3500 in aftermarket parts on a bike that is not even worth that... BTW - someone already snagged the FCR... =) But you need to figure, there are some big ticket items in there: SM wheels 600-800 Dirt wheels 500 Engine ??? Would those 3 put you above 2Gs?
  15. jaysunm

    Differences in KTM Models

    I own a Duke and bought the when I got he fender eliminator it was for the SM. What I have noticed is that a lot of the body parts look the same for the duke and SM; exception being shorter forks. I was wondering if I could put a full exhast on from an SM on to my Duke... any thoughts?