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  1. Pullin, how many miles you got now. I just purchase a Lifan and it is not a honda, but it serves my needs. 400 miles and no problems. Allen
  2. I am still trying to get my xt 200 on the road. My latest discovery is that the trans is stuck in first. The shift lever moves some but will not shift out of first. I had found a broken circlip on the kickstarter shaft and fixed that. I suppose it is possible that a piece of that circlip is stuck someplace. Engine turns over and the trans turns too, just can't shift out of first.
  3. katoranger

    Help with sr500 bid

    I wouldn't go more than $500 based on the description. Sounds like it needs alot of cosmetic work. Plan on new tires too if it has been sitting. Allen
  4. katoranger

    Hotrodding an SL100

    That 125 engine should be able to donate some parts and give you alot of spares. I don't know the condition of the insides. Thanks for getting it out of my shed. Allen
  5. katoranger

    synth,semi synth, or dino?

    The Rotella is a diesel oil and doesn't have the same additives as the car oils and therefore works well in bikes. It is also reasonably priced. Allen
  6. katoranger

    I admit it.....I once owned a.......

    I remember holding the throttle open on the carb on my briggs powered minibike. It also had no brakes.
  7. katoranger

    I admit it.....I once owned a.......

    You had a string?
  8. katoranger

    85 Suzuki SP 600 Carb

    Is there a model number on the carb? It may be that you could use it to cross-reference it with other models. Mikuni and Keihin are common bike carbs and are use by most of the big names. Allen
  9. katoranger

    82 TT250 Parts???

    If you are watching ebay also search for XT250 and look at the old yamaha atvs too as some of the parts interchange Check here too. http://www.powerpartsplus.com/ Allen
  10. katoranger

    Hotrodding an SL100

    KDN, how about I send you the whole motor. Allen
  11. katoranger

    Xt 200 shock rebuild

    The clymer manual says that the 125 and 200 shock is not rebuildable. The 250 is, but doesn't give the steps. Allen
  12. katoranger

    Tires for SL100

    I have the wheels and swingarm I will sell you cheap. Allen
  13. katoranger

    Xt 200 shock rebuild

    I don't know if they are rebuildable or not. The xt200 was sorta of the bottom enty level bike so it didn't have the best parts. Allen
  14. katoranger

    Xt 200 shock rebuild

    I have a clymer manual. If I remember I will look it up for you and try to scan it. There is an xt200 being parted on ebay. Allen
  15. katoranger

    Hotrodding an SL100

    Thanks for the info. I would probably be best to get a big bore kit that is intended for the 100. Allen