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  1. Wayne_Nosala

    Please help LOST UTV Rowher Flats

    Unconfirmed Victim was found Deceased Sorry Wayne
  2. Wayne_Nosala

    Please help LOST UTV Rowher Flats

    I was just informed the truck was seen there on the 14th, So I was Incorrect on the arrival time, Please Keep an eye out W
  3. Wayne_Nosala

    Please help LOST UTV Rowher Flats

    More info says truck has been there since the 14th, Not good
  4. Wayne_Nosala

    Potentially missing OHV'er at Rowher/Texas Cyn

    Thanks, Looks like we were about a minute of report W
  5. Hey folks, Long time no post, Please read below Sorry for text issue, But I do recall a UTV missing in Randsburg a couple of years ago, I spent day looking for and was found same day, Not good result I trust this community if in the area, Please just keep a keen eye, The Agencies are not wanting public help, (Imagin that!) Thanks Wayne Tonight a spot-on offroader noticed this Blue Ford parked at Rowher Flats (Texas Canyon) at 7pm. When he drove by again at 11pm he noticed that the truck was still sitting there. Concerned, He posted to an off-road FB page about his concern for whomever the truck belongs to. A few MAJOR easily noticed things stand out that tell you this guy didnt plan to be gone long. His truck is parked in a "NO OVERNIGHT PARKING" area. \ His ramps are still out. Tie-down straps are still sitting in the trailer with one end connected. His stuff isnt tidy or put away. There is a rack that goes into a hitch mount sitting next to the trailer. There is a nice chain saw in the bed. His truck is unlocked, windows cracked. Camping gear in the bed of the truck. Cold weather gloves on the passenger seat. Syringes for possibly insulin on the front seat. After looking everyhting over closly, its obvious that this guys truck has been sitting here a few days because there is rust spots on the brake discs. NOBODY would leave there set up like this a few days for any reason. If your hiding from the police, you wouldnt leave your truck unlocked with valuable tools and equipment sitting in the back! Its obvious that he is alone because there is stuff in all of the seats except the driver seat. There is a Disabled placard hanging in the rearview mirror. NOTHING about this set up would say that this guy planned to be gone more that a few hours. The Sheriffs came out and said that there was nothing they could do. What we did learn was, this guy doesnt have anyone that would or could report hhim missing. He doesnt have any family that he has regular contact with. Nobody would even know that this guy is missing. Mark my words, THIS GUY IS MISSING and probably dead at the bottom of one ot the canyons. You will hear about it on the news in a few days I'm sure. This guy needs a voice. This guy needs someone to fine him out there in the canyons!!! His name is Michael Skelton. He lived in Saugus. If you know Michael or anything about him, speak up. If you know what kind of OHV he had, speak up. Someone knows this guy and someone needs to find him. Its below 30 degrees and windy as hell out there. Im hoping that someone from the offroad site puts together something to go look for him when the sun comes up.
  6. Wayne_Nosala

    Who's going to desert for thanksgiving?

    Took the Buggy for a nice ride today Been watching all the brand new UTVs on the 14 and Mojave on their way out here to take over Or lose a limb or two
  7. Wayne_Nosala

    Ten years gone

    Channel islands Small private vessel, Had a small kitchen and a head, Only big enough for about 4 guys if we wanted to do serious fishing It also made a great little get away if the valley temps got too hot, we would just hang in the harbor at Channel islands and the whole dock was always a party. I was quite the drinker back then, The cattle boats would see my name and my brothers and they had to stock xtra beer, Caught huge Calicos, clean out the fridge, Had a restaurant owner fix them up,( we had to give up some of course) but the guy would never charge us for dinner, just drinks. Also took some divers out Good times, Unfortunately, Aside from my brother, everybody passed on to that great ocean in the sky, I got out of the it and moved here in 05 I would do it all over again, we had a blast!
  8. Wayne_Nosala

    Ten years gone

    I can relate Mr BigBob AKA skipper I just turned 50 over the weekend. I dont want to hijack or bring anybody down, Its really unfortunate But you experienced the world class riding of your choice that many here will either never experience or maybe they are and not reporting on their adventures finding that choice stuff as nature slowly reclaims. Heck I dont know, I have payed no attention to anything for years now I hopped in the buggy tonight for a quick shake down ride, 10 miles or so, whooped out sand wash whether has not repaired it as of late, Going to spread some ashes in a undisclosed location tomorrow First time I had it or a bike out in exactly a year I too used to also skipper a salt water boat some 15-20 years. The same enviro BS has restricted all the good ocean fishing spots, and its all fished out anyway, Yak is great to get close to shore in the kelp for some good surface action Rambling again, somebody restrict me to 1-2 short paragraphs dam it! Wayne
  9. Wayne_Nosala

    Cal city to Primm Nevada

    You guys are welcome as always to stage here if you like It adds about 20 miles to the ride BTW, Where the hell did everybody go? Not been here a while Seems same players, different names? Oh well, Back to the lab, If I dont surface by 2015, you can figure out where I blew the lab
  10. Heya Bill, Only read the first page of this thing and seemed to go down hill from there But from one person to another who is perfectly happy we moved from the Valley and to some satisfying Dezert digs, I wish you all the best chasing the dream, Not only bike riding but life itself, ​I told my wife 10 years ago now, We move ONCE, I am never going to move a house, toys and a CNC machine shop again Have fun man, thats what its all Its about
  11. Wayne_Nosala

    California Positive Press for a change

    Sorry if somebody already posted this, But for LA Times, Im rather suprised http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-c1-hy-randsburg-20140129-m,0,4096561.story?page=2#axzz2rqEwpBu6
  12. Wayne_Nosala

    Mojave - Bird Death Continues, Turtles go missing

    Hey guys, Have not been here in a bit, bought a zippy new puter and have finally have my favorite web board bookmarked that contains all my favorite "Friends" First off, The person in the OP article Chris Clark is one of the most biased anti everything lib as they come, Quite frankly, I would not believe a word he writes Second, regarding habitat conservation and renewable projects, I predicted years ago when they started tieing up Jawbone/Dove. Cuddyback will be the next in the cross hairs. I suspect we will soon see miles of ugly fencing and barriers as in the for-mentioned in the Cuddyback/Fremont peak area. Everybody treats those ares as open, Those are the most sensitive tortoise habitat areas, and the Mitigation offsets from renewable projects are already sending preservationist types, biologist, So called BLM habitat Xperts and so on to use the $$$ from renewable projects, and they are chomping at the bit to close what they can. Ride it while its there, we will be contained to the same bladed roads and fence-lines rather soon Wayne
  13. Wayne_Nosala

    Cal City info needed on R43

    R43 has always been car wide, Its history has gone back to the mining days You can catch it from Cal city side, take it through the rand mountain range, and If you know the connectors and its signed, you can pick up EP100, Ep15 visit Schmitt Tunnel, Bickle Camp and you can connect to Dove Springs and Jawbone done it 100s of times, many different routes, R50 to Randsburg. Government peak 1000s of miles of routes that get you anywhere of interest in east Kern FOJ map is accurate, and you can download FOJ map app for your Iphone or Driod It can get whooped out,People complain about the whoops, Then people complain when it gets fixed Its all in fun ya know
  14. Bump for Lou, Great Promoter, Has vision for a city and county that actually welcomes OHV in CA There was sign at a Mojave gas station last week read "Welcome OHVers" I thought that was pretty cool. Support those who appreciate us
  15. Wayne_Nosala

    Johnson Valley Alert: Need 5 minutes from you

    From CORVA rep Kim Carpenter Your hard work to save Johnson Valley pays off, The October 30th, 2013 late afternoon meeting between Senator Feinstein and Congressman Cook was clearly a productive first step towards understanding all of the issues surrounding the Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base Expansion. Congressman Cook was able to fully explain the reasoning that went into amended language that is in the current House version of the NDAA. Senator Feinstein listened to that reasoning and agreed that there needs to be further review. It is important to know that your effort in contacting Legislators is paramount in this ongoing process. For now we should suspend our efforts to contact Senator Feinstein. You have been successful; we no doubt will have to do this again, so stay prepared for the next round in our ongoing effort to Save The Hammers. This fight is far from over and will continue to the bitter end. Through the massive efforts of the OHV community, the leadership of our California Motorized Recreation Council and the professional guidance of the Livingston Group in Washington DC, we continue to engage in balancing the needs of all parties. Thanks you for your ongoing support to protect Johnson Valley