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  1. attatoy

    how much does your e wiegh with fuel?

    NICE....... :D
  2. attatoy

    how much does your e wiegh with fuel?

    well you are right on what dirt rider said...thanx for doing what i could not! and is your bike stock....duel sported....?
  3. attatoy

    The Horror... DRZ-S Weighing in at 318lbs

    sounds like a great joke......YOUR MOMMA IS SO FAT SHE RIDE'S AN S!!!!
  4. attatoy

    650 L Exhaust

    E bay!
  5. attatoy

    Knolls, UT Video - 1/26/03

    [censored] is broken!
  6. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....yea can't be riding that much!
  7. and what about a street legal modle......europe?????
  8. attatoy

    how much does your e wiegh with fuel?

    yes well you are no different than i...borad....but i have asked the question many times and all i am ever fed is the factory specs......CAN NOT BE TRUSTED....sorry just pipen up....but i would really like to knoe what i is with fuel and all the other crap...also if it is duel sported lett me know....i will settle for the bathroom scale!
  9. as it says looking for people that have wieghed there bikes ready to ride with gas! thanx....ahh hell i will take speculation too....but would perfer the real mocoy!
  10. Nope! i asked if there was a FACTORY sm out there(made by honda)
  11. i have been trying to find a site that has such a bike to compare some specs...any body know of this?
  12. attatoy

    what does BRP stand for

    thanx.....i am new to the xr side!
  13. attatoy

    exhaust mods.....and i don't mean end cap

    So what you are saying is save the money and spend it else where?there are not enough gains to warant the output of cash on the header...what about end cap mod vs a slip on?
  14. attatoy


    IF it makes you guys feel better i am switching from the dark side(I had a drz till sombody decided they wanted it more then i did).I found it to be a great reliably bike but i wanted more power....and i had a xr650l before and love the tourqe...can't wait to get my new bike.
  15. I want to know if it would be worth it to relace the front pipe with a larger tube.I looked at it an it comes out and gets way smaller....but i have not seen inside...I also would like to know if the inside has the normal weld bugers and flow hindering sharp pokey angels....if you changed you whole system would you tell me the pros and cons?