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  1. Sounds like a pretty good deal. When I was looking for used 350s I didn’t find many and I never did fine a low hours bike for a reasonable price. I ended up with a leftover ‘17. Awesome bike!
  2. I have a ‘17 350EXCF. I weigh 220 and ride between 5500’ and 7000’. I put stiffer springs, added handguards and a skid plate. and rode the bike. Never had a flameout or any running problems. I’ve since removed the screen in the exhaust end cap and added the JD tuner. All easy. The bike still runs great.
  3. There’s a 1995 Fantic 259 listed on Craigslist near me. “Needs TLC”. Are parts for these still available in the US? I’m half interested in this thing as a project and low-cost entry into the trials world.
  4. I’m using, for now anyway, an ole The North Face hydration pack that I used for about 6 years mountain biking. I’m currently using a Dakine pack for biking. The Camelback bags like the HAWG are also good. I like the packs that can fit a fair amount of gear, rather than the super light weight bags. So my old MTB pack seems good for the moto as well. Can carry a tube, tool roll, light jacket and 3 liters of water. Still room for more.
  5. Right! Goggles, for sure. The OP asked besides helmet, boos and gloves so I didn’t address helmet - but goggles are essential. I bought some Oakleys from a Sean on or two ago. Great goggles at a good price.
  6. Same boat here. I got back on the trails about 6weeks ago. I bought and wear: Leatt chest protector w/neck brace. (Fusion 3.0) Elbow/forearm guards, and knee braces - C-Frame. Klim Dakar pants are very robust, as well. For summer I may need a cooler pant. It seems there here is a lot of variation in boots. I ended up with Forma Preditors (I’ve got wide feet) and the Gearn and Sidi are highly recommend as well. So so far I’ve had one spill. The front end washed out and I was on the ground at about 10 MPH. Not even a scratch. The shoulder piece of the chest protector was vital. If I had taken that spill while mountain biking (only protective gear being helmet & gloves) I’d have been kind of messed up. Edit: the back portion of the chest protector does not extend very far down my back, but the hydration pack I wear does seem to provide some cushion for lower spine.
  7. These guys seem pretty hard core. Probably more $$$ than the above though. https://www.bajadesigns.com/products/KTM-EXC-MXC-XCF-XCF-W-Electric-Start-4-Stroke-2000-ON.asp
  8. I’m still running stock gearing. Ive considered going a little lower - but then I’d just lug 2ng gear more.
  9. I replace my EXCF pegs with SX pegs. The SX pegs are lower but otherwise identical.
  10. I have Rastway ADV pegs — on my 1150 GS. Great for that bike. Too big for the KTM. I went with the SX pegs on my 350. Lower and cost effective.
  11. I've pulled the horn and blinkers. Is there a reasonably easy way to pull the wiring, theres a little nest of wires behind the headlight devoted to horn, blinkers & indicator? Where is blinker relay located? Is that the little dongle behind the headlight? I didn't have the tank off when I was removing the blinkers so I couldn't readily trace the wires back.
  12. OK! I've got a couple rides in on the bike. First oil change complete, check. Valve clearances - all in spec, check! I've installed an Acerbis plastic skid plate. First ride was a mix of forest service roads (with patchy snow and ice), pavement and some tight, twisty single track. Next steps for the bike are knobbies and stiffer springs. I'm a lard-ass at almost 220 nude and the stock springs are just not designed for a person of my particular girth.... Also install the Acerbis hand gaurds.... Other thoughts.... I'm 6' 2" and the cockpit feels tight. Seat to bar is very tight. I've moved the bars to the forward position and thats better, but they still feel low. I'm thinking, one change at a time: lower MX foot pegs. rain the bar 25-30mm. Maybe a taller seat.
  13. I picked up my new bike (17 350 EXCF) from the dealer a few days ago. When I sat on it and gave it a bounce there was a squeaking coming from underseat area. It turned out to be the shock spring rubbing the intake boot. The sales guy, parts manager and KTM tech were all gathered around. After I pointed out that the shock was rubbing on the boot the tech came back and sprayed the boot & spring with some silicone spray. He gave the bike a bounce and seemed satisfied. “Well that fixed the noise... I said.” with dissatisfaction. So the took the bike inside and put it on the lift. The KTM tech said after a minute of tinkering that he had just had to rotate the spring so that the boot was between coils and no longer touching. At that point I came to believe that they had no interest or ability to fix the issue so I loaded up my new bike and left. Before I start disassembling things, does anyone have any thoughts as to why the intake boot would be so close to the shock? After a couple rides the silicone is gone and the squeak is back.
  14. Nice! I’ll pick up my bike day after tomorrow. Let me know if there are measurements you need, or anything.
  15. Has anyone tried this on a ‘17 350 EXC-F? If not I’d like to give it a try. How much for another print?
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