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  1. So I was noticing that I have one finger on the front break at all times on MX tracks, not engaging the break when not needed. I was taught that I should always keep one finger on the clutch but not sure on the front break. I felt kind of unsure of this finger on the front break on some of the bigger jumps last weekend and could use some Expert advise..... Thank you, Dominic
  2. My 2012 is running great after 26 hours. No problems here.
  3. You are using your hot start right! Make sure it actuates freely. I had to clean and lube my hot start plunger on my 05.
  4. I have a stock 5.7 you can have really cheap. you might want to check out the front springs, I have the stock .47's for it also. E-mail me if you want them. The rear spring is real easy to swap out, the fronts you might want some help if you never did them. dominicdube@sbcglobal.net
  5. I have a 2012 RMZ250 and just put in new springs. When I installed the forks back on the bike I went to test how they feel in the garage with the front break on, pushing down. I now have a clicking kind of noise in the forks. Is this normal? Thank you, Dominic
  6. Does anyone, or has anyone used 2.5 fork oil in a MX bike? I have a 2012 RMZ250 which is kinda stiff on the compression side and want to know if this is doable? I currently ride/ race +40 Novice, MX. Thank you, Dominic
  7. I also have a 2012, I always have to use my hot start when engine is warm/hot. Hope this might help.
  8. My 2012 has it also. It looks like it was ground down at the factory, probably due to extra metal from the mold.
  9. Dube340

    New rm-z

    I just wanted to point out that your front brake line should be routed on the inside of your fork guard rather than the outside of it.
  10. Does anyone have any advise on draining oil level on forks on a 2012 RMZ250 I was reading about a year ago that you can simply drain some oil from the forks to make them softer. I have the compression clickers all the way out and have an inch and a half of travel that I am able to use. Also they feel stiff and dont have the money for new springs. Manual only states quantity of 388ml with stock springs. Thank you, Dominic
  11. Dube340

    2012 couplers

    My 2012 manual states white is for raining/high humidity, and the gray is for low humidity or continuous high speed. There were some threads on this topic. I personally havn't used grey or white but will try the grey due to the 95 degree weather we have been having.
  12. Manual says 5 to 6 turns out so I set mine at 5.5.
  13. My 2012 was hard to start when I first bought it. I had to adjust the iddle/air screw out to the recommended setting, which is in the manual. Make sure you adjust revolutions out, not clicks out. The factory had it way to far out. Now it starts 1st or 2nd kick.
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