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  1. The one thing that will stand out the most is to have the frame powder coated orange. It does look awesome. I would get some orange fork guards to go with those nice orange radiator fins that you have. The problem with all the orange anodized stuff Is that it is always the wrong shade of orange. I mean that the pieces are never the same color. They just don't match, they fade really fast and then they look worse than the stock stuff. If you really want your bike to look nice I would look into powder coating the hubs orange with the frame. That would really catch your eye. I don't like black rims but orange hubs with the black spokes and aluminum rims would look really nice.
  2. Larry63r

    Maxxis SI any good?

    I love the SI tires front and rear. They are really good in the dirt and they work in sand but not as well as the SM does. The IT is good for really rocky hard pack like the High desert of SoCal and Nevada. The best thing about the Maxxis tires is that they last a long time. You really get your moneys worth out of them.
  3. Larry63r

    Necessary mods 2013 SX 250

    The air box is fine, just learn how it works and it will work just fine for years. I have never had any trouble with my air boxes at all. The shock collar works wonderfully well until you over torque the pinch bolt. Use a torque wrench and it will last for years without any problem. Both of my 2011 bikes have the stock air box and shock collars on them and they still work like they are brand new. The suspension will take at least 10 hours of riding to get broken in. Until then don't mess with them. Just set the rear sag, make sure the fork clickers are set to the same amount of clicks on both legs and run some gas through the bike. Then run some more gas through the bike. Replace the rear tire and run some more gas through the bike.
  4. Larry63r

    making KTM airbox more water resistant/proof

    To bad they don't make them like the old submarine frames back in the 70s. Those were awesome! the air box was sealed up tight and it drew in the air from under the gas tank. The bikes could go through water up to the head tube before they sucked in any water to the air box. The draw back was that the 250s only made 35hp and the air filter was hard to change.
  5. Larry63r

    Ktm 250sx 2003 what are your jetting settings

    It all depends on where you ride. How high in elevation are you? What is the temperature when you go riding? Is your air filter clean? Do you run pump gas? What ratio do you run? There is no magic jetting setting that works at all elevations and every temperature. You Have to change your jetting at least a few times a year just because of the change in temperature. Even if you ride at the same place and never ride anywhere else you still need to have a jetting for spring, one for summer, one for fall and one for winter. If you run your winter jetting in the summer you will spooge all over your bike and foul plugs all the time. If you run your summer jetting in the winter you run the risk of seizing your bike. If you run your spring/fall jetting all year your bike will be fat in the summer and lean in the winter and run like crap most of the year. Pick a good oil that is made to mix at 50:1 to 60:1 and jet your bike to the chart spec for your elevation and temperature. You will be much happier. Trust me. Larry
  6. Larry63r

    Ktm 250sx 2003 what are your jetting settings

    These are the jetting specs that I used on my old 03 250sx. I ran 52:1 with Golden Spectro and Chevron pump gas(91). The bike ran great. Had smooth power and was a good solid bike. 2003 250sx jetting chart
  7. Larry63r

    Ktm 150sx 2014 upgrades?

    I have the SXS front brake caliper on my bike. It really makes the front brake stronger! It is more brake than most people want. You have to be careful, one finger will lock the front wheel at any speed.
  8. Larry63r

    Is this worth it and what should I look for.

    http://www.cookseycrank.com/ The first place to look and the best. Give him a call.
  9. Larry63r

    Quiet silencer for 150 sx?

    I have two silencers (stock,SXS) and a turbine core 2 spark arrestor for my 150. The turbine core is noticeably quieter than the silencers. It does make your bike run really fat though. I have found that I need to jet two steps leaner on the jetting chart to make up for it. If you don't you will have serious spooge and run the risk of fouling a plug while you are out riding. Usually this happens when you are farthest from your truck and at the bottom of some canyon somewhere where there is no cell phone reception. You could carry extra plugs with you or just re-jet your bike. It only takes about 10 minutes to re-jet and it costs a lot less than two spark plugs.
  10. Larry63r

    '01 250 sx info please

    I had a 2001 250sx for several years. I tried many pipes for it The Pro Circuit is better than the two FMF pipes that I had. The best FMF pipe was the SST. It was much better than the Fatty. By far the best pipe I ever had on that bike was the Doma. That pipe put all others to shame. Good luck on finding one.
  11. Larry63r

    2009 250sx gas cap alternative

    You can just take the cap apart and remove the locking ring. I did it on my two 2011 bikes.
  12. Larry63r

    Ktm 150sx 2014 mapping switch

    If you ride in the midrange then you will notice the different map. I race MX and there is no mid range for a 220lb rider on a 150 on a MX track. If you unplug the wire under the tank you can test the 2nd map setting to see if it makes any difference for you or not. I scream my 150 to much and my son rides int so he doesn't spend much time in the mid range either. Just do some testing and see if it works for you. It doesn't cost anything to unplug the wire.
  13. Larry63r

    Bought wrong bike...can I fix it?

    Check your jetting. If the bike is to rich on the low end and then cleans out in the mid range it makes for one tough bike to hang on to. With proper jetting the bike should pull like an electric motor and be much easer to ride. When it hits like a dragster in the mid range (when it comes on the pipe) it is hard to have fun. The bike is always pulling you around instead of you riding it.
  14. Larry63r

    Ktm 150sx 2014 mapping switch

    I have a switch. I ran it on my 150 for a while but I always ran the motor so high in the RPM that I could not notice any difference. I put it on my 250 and it makes a big difference on that bike because I ride it in the mid range where you can feel the difference in the two map settings. You can just unplug the wire under the tank and go test ride it to see if you would like to have a switch on the bike or not. One thing about the map settings. The map won't change until the motor returns to idle. If you have a switch on the bike and change it while riding it will not change the map until you let the bike run down to an idle.
  15. Use what ever ratio you want but you need to use an oil that is made to run at that ratio. I run Golden Spectro in all my bikes at 52:1. 5gl. of gas: 12oz. of oil. It works great with the KTM jetting charts and if you have to borrow gas from someone on the trail you know it will work with their mix oil. That can be a life saver! If you don't follow KTMs recommended ratios with pump gas the jetting charts won't work for you and you will be on your own trying to get your bike jetted properly. Good luck, you are going to need it.