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  1. nickclauz

    scorpion exhaust

    alright thanks for the reply, shall check it out now.
  2. nickclauz

    scorpion exhaust

    wonder if anybody have tried this exhaust http://www.scorpion-exhausts.com/Supermoto...3.php?model=155
  3. nickclauz

    ktm 525 carb

    whoa thanks mate i'm gonna get a ktm 525 carb n get the nozzle frm sudco
  4. nickclauz

    Arrow SM system on an 'E'

    how was the performance of this pipe like? i am also getting this pipe for my drz SM would like to know how much improvement will i get. Thanks
  5. nickclauz

    ktm 525 carb

    will this carb be able to fit on drz400 sm ? KTM Part Number 590.31.001.200 Keihin FCR-MX39:excuseme: