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  1. Does anyone know what rear caliper and brackets would fit on a 05 rm. My rear brake caliper came off and destroyed the bracket caliper and rotor along with some of the spokes
  2. kevb312

    Clutch line help

    Can anyone give me idea how to install a new clutch line on a 06 ktm 85 new line does not have the ball on the end of the line.
  3. kevb312

    Two stroke bottom piston ring seized twice w/ pics. Why?

    Check for a bad crank seal had a 125 that did that and the left side crank seal was bad.
  4. kevb312

    Need help with forks on 05 rm 250

    Thanks that's what I think I'm going to try and do. Just had the 05 forks rebuilt and correct springs put in didn't wanna have to start over with a different set.
  5. Hey guys I'm trying to figure out what forks are a direct fit on my 05 without changing the front wheel. I had a buddy's kid hit me trail riding the other week and put some large marks on the lower tube. After finishing the ride out my seal was leaking bad. I found a guy with a 04 with a set of forks but the top cap looks different could I just change out the lower leg or is it a different fork? I would like to just change the lower leg if possible but I've found complete newer forks for less then just one leg new.
  6. kevb312

    2010 won't run of choke

    I didn't even think of that anything is possible I do have a lil guy that likes to try and work on stuff. Usually just takes the seat bolts out on me. I tried another tank off my buddy's bike last night and it would die sometimes even with the idle knob pulled out. Think maybe the injector is clogged?
  7. kevb312

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

  8. kevb312

    2010 won't run of choke

    Ok I'll try that tonight. I have a buddy with a extra tank I'm going to try his tank to see if maybe my fuel pump is on the way out. Could I remove the injector and clean it in any way?
  9. kevb312

    2010 won't run of choke

    Hey guys my 2010 didn't get ran for about 5 months now the bike won't run unless the choke is pulled out. Sometimes it will die when given gas. I drained the gas and replaced the fuel filter but still having the same problem. Could the injector or the fuel pump died while sitting?
  10. kevb312

    03 kx 125 piston problems

    I would like to say its warmed up right. Both pistons failed about 20 mins into a ride. Wouldn't the exhaust bridge have been checked by power seal when they did the cylinder? I'm gonna call them tomorrow and see what they have to say.
  11. kevb312

    03 kx 125 piston problems

    No I havent even thought about the cooling system as a problem. My first piston looked like that one but I thought my plug being to hot would have caused that. Would there be a good way to make sure the cooling system is working? I never really thought about it because it didn't push out of the radiator vent tube.
  12. Ok long story short I'm having a seizure problem with the exhaust side of the piston. I had a new crank installed along with main bearings and the cylinder redone by power seal in PA. The first pisto failed at about the three hour mark. Upon removal of the cylinder I found that the ring stuck on the exhaust side. I was told by a friend that my jetting was to lean or my plug was to hot. I replaced the br8es with a br9eix that the book called for. I also took the carb apart to find the stock jets. So I replaced the piston again and around the 2 hour mark it pops again with the same type of piston failure but this time it took the cylinder with it. I'm not a expert on jetting a bike but the plug was on the dark side so I don't think my jetting was on the lean side. Bike is stock other then a pc silencer. Gas mixed 32:1 with maxima 927 with vertex pistons being used. Could I have a bad crank seal or a air leak that would cause this? Is there a way I can check once the cylinder comes back. Could this be a problem with the gas do I need race gas for a stock motor?
  13. kevb312

    Bike Running Horrible Help Please!

    Pull the cover again and make sure the pulse coil is on the cover the right way. Think a buddy of mine put it on upsidedown once and caused the same problem.
  14. kevb312

    PC Platinum 2

    I have a PC on my 08 250sx and it really took away from the low end but the mid to top is very strong. Im gonna get the r304 shorty to try and get some low end back but for a bike that only sees a mx track it works great. Sorry dont know much about the pc2.
  15. kevb312

    KTM smoker Best Overall Premix

    Ive used nothing but maxima castor 927 in my 08 250sx every since i got it new. No problems with gum up but i havent had it apart yet. Gonna do a top end in about 10 more hours, ill let you know then. Smells great at 40:1. Bike has 62 hrs with no problems.