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  1. 2-stroker96

    2012 yz450 handle bar mount question

    I have the same bike as you, and I have my mounts in the more forward holes with the mounts turned so the bars are closer to me, hope that makes sense and im running renthal twinwalls 997 bend I found this to be most neutral and comfortable for me and im about 5'9" small build
  2. 2-stroker96

    2010-2013 yz450f motor mods

    thanks DDMX18 that's exactly what im looking for like I said ill be trying the marmont map and if that gives me what im looking for then it'll save me the money that cams would cost
  3. 2-stroker96

    2010-2013 yz450f motor mods

    probably before I buy anything else im going to try the jay marmont map with the ti-5 exhaust might just be all I need
  4. 2-stroker96

    2010-2013 yz450f motor mods

    I use the bike mainly for racing mx, DDMX18 do you remember what you did for mapping, I have the tuner. the other thing I wonder is with aftermarket cams, will the valve clearances still be the same as the manual specs. I also have the procircuit Ti-5 exhaust, so im hoping that plus cams will move the power more so where I want it
  5. just my own experience, I recently bought a '12 yz450f thinking with FI it'd be easier to hard if I ever stalled, its starts easy cold 1-2 kicks and it'll fire but if I stall mid moto I still have to find neutral and it is a challenge to get it going again
  6. 2-stroker96

    450f starts

    no im talking about the aftermarket launch controls, pro circuit, ride engineering and I believe works connection still make them. theres a few other companys im sure that make them too. it physically holds your front forks down just for the gate drop just google it and youll come up with tons of results. I paid 100 bucks for my pro circuit one and they work wonders, I have mine set up to hold my forks down roughly 3.5" from the top of the stroke and helps with keeping weight on the front
  7. 2-stroker96

    450f starts

    I would highly recommend a holeshot device or launch control. same thing different terminology, makes a huge difference on starts but also experiment with starts. having both feet on the ground is a good place to start, keeps you balanced better coming out of the gate and you definitely want your weight over the front and I just bought my first 450 in the fall and was playing around with 2nd and 3rd gear starts so id do the same and stick with whatever feels more comfortable, I also have a holeshot device made a big difference, ive had one on all my bikes im right around 160 in gear so im not far off from you, when your that light 450 front tires come up quick, good luck
  8. 2-stroker96

    Looking for input on boots

    fox racing f3 race boots, best boots ive ever owned
  9. hey everyone I have a 2012 yz450 and am pretty happy with the bike so far, still getting comfortable with it, just came off a 05 cr250 2 smoke and is a whole different ball game, just got my suspension back from pro circuit, im looking at doing a motor mod either a high compression piston, or looking at doing cams instead, was looking at the gytr cams. im just wondering if anyone has done any of these mods or which one would be better over the other, bottom to mid is good in my opinion but I really don't like the flat feeling top end, Im wanting to make the motor pull strong all the way from bottom to top so if someone has any advice on the topic id really appreciate it im not really sure where else to look for information, im an intermediate rider, 5'9" 145lbs w/o gear not that that really has any significance to the topic, and ive played with gearing a bit already and have kind of settled with 13/49
  10. 2-stroker96

    What bars for 2012yz450

    if im not mistaken i think the windhams are even higher then the 996 bend, the 996 bend is the stock honda bend, it just feels very neutral to me, and i still have my mounts in the very front holes, the 996 bend makes me feel more like im sitting in the cockpit of the bike rather then on top of the bike if that makes any sense at all
  11. 2-stroker96

    What bars for 2012yz450

    honestly the stock bars were the first thing to go on my 2012 i hated how low they were, i bought a set of renthal twinwalls 996 bend, which is the same bend i had on my last bike and i love it, it definitely made me more comfortable riding the bike
  12. 2-stroker96

    2005 cr250 front spokes question

    i havent done a rear wheel yet but i'm going to assume so i'm pretty sure that the 08 450 rear wheel is the same as a cr250, maybe hrcracing will chime back in and post of a picture of a rear wheel he did as well
  13. 2-stroker96

    ISF superfinishing pics

    im curious where did you have this done, ive thought about doing it on my bike as well, from what i understand it supposed to free up a bit of hourse power too
  14. 2-stroker96

    2007 kx250 for $2000?

    if thats an 07 kx250 (the last year they made the 250 2 stroke) i would pick it up in a heart beat for 2 grand, sure its got mm graphics on it but stuff like that can be easily changed, ive been looking for a decent priced 07 for the longest time, i would jump on it personally
  15. 2-stroker96

    2005 cr250 front spokes question

    thanks hrcracing this is exactly what i needed, i will be referencing these photos as well for when i go to lace the new rim up