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  1. thaigan

    Greenbriar Enduro April 11th Port Elizabeth, NJ

    Swimming was the needed skill;-)
  2. thaigan

    NJ enduro gearing

    I think there is a wealth of info here and on cafe husky but searching and finding it can be a challenge. Keep trying, but also this is a very helpful group of people. I don't know the bikes well, but am learning lots about mine thanks to these groups of people(many are the same on each site). I haven't ridden much lately due to injury, but would be happy to meet for a ride some time. There are some great dual sport rides coming up this year too.
  3. thaigan

    NJ enduro gearing

    Where in Jersey are you? You can come see how mine feels. I think 13/50 for my 250 is perfect for both south jersey and also PA rocks though I've only ridden it at the Moonshine.
  4. I'd list it on the ECEA website as well.
  5. thaigan

    Extended warrantee -worth while?

    I didn't have the option of an extended warranty and I wouldn't have bought even if I did and now that I've owned my 08 TE250 for just over 2 years, I still wouldn't have. I've found the bike to be very reliable. You have a different motor than me though. How much is the warrantee and what does it cover and for how long? My opinion is if you have a good dealer, then warranty/no warranty really won't make a difference.
  6. thaigan

    NJ enduro gearing

  7. thaigan

    NJ enduro gearing

    I have an 08 TE250 and the stock gearing has been great in Jersey(13/50).
  8. thaigan

    Off topic news(gruesome and beautiful)

    Thanks everyone! mxdirtdiva, I've been meaning to get in touch with you directly to make sure you got the news about our adoption finally happening. Thanks again for sharing your story with me awhile back! DRZCatostrophe, yes, surfing the waves of hurricane Bill. It isn't as crazy as it sounds. That is when the good waves come in to NJ. To be clear, the hurricane was in the atlantic and didn't actually hit our shores. It came up the coast and just sent beautiful waves. I did decide then though that I am not going to surf big waves any more unless I find a surf helmet I am comfortable with. I've been surfing almost 20 years and this really is a freak accident. I've surfed NJ, Cape Hatteras and Costa Rica and definitely know what I am doing. That said, surfing isn't really a priority...my family is though I do plan to surf small stuff now and then so I can teach my son some day. We've been home from our trip to Korea for only a few days and I'm just looking forward to a good night's sleep and maybe taking my son to the park tomorrow for his first ride on a swingset.
  9. I am sorry for the off topic news, but I know a few of you know my wife and I were in process for our adoption, but the beginning of this story is a bit rough to look at so I'm adding some whitespace in case you don't want to see it. Some of you know I've had a rough year and also it's about to get much better. To start off with, I had a serious surfing injury during hurricane bill and was lucky to survive with only 20 some fractures in my nasal bone and destroyed cartilage. Pre-accident: Post reconstruction: So, I think they did a pretty good job but I'm just glad I lived. Now for the really good news. I'm not going to be able to do the Scrub Pine because we are finally about to go pick our our first son and have to fly to Seoul Korea to get him. We've been in process to adopt him for 21 months now and have been matched with him since last September. If you're interested in following along on our journey, please visit our site where will post pictures and sometimes possibly something interesting. Our Journey to Kai Take care and see you at the Greenbriar! -- gandalf "Proud new dad, finally!"
  10. thaigan

    TE 250 O2 sensor

    Since you mentioned 250 and 310 and if you are looking at new, then there are more differences between the 250 and 310 than cc's.
  11. thaigan

    General Inquiry about Husky Reliability

    I wouldn't be afraid of EFI though. Also, I thought EFI was all new in 08 for Husky. Was the 07 610 EFI? I know none of the other TE's were EFI until 08.
  12. thaigan

    2009 Husky 650SM Power Up Kit

    Strange, maybe we aren't clicking the same link, but if I click on the one in the top banner or the one in the bottom left it just launches an email. You are right about George! He's talked me through a few things on the phone. I wish he was on the east coast!
  13. thaigan

    2009 Husky 650SM Power Up Kit

    Gotcha, except that you told him not to bother with the internet and when I clicked on the "contact us" at the bottom, it launched my email program and didn't give the phone number:bonk:
  14. thaigan

    Husky te

    I have an '08 TE250 with over 1700 miles on it and it's been trouble free. Any problems I had, I created myself:busted:
  15. thaigan

    2009 Husky 650SM Power Up Kit

    Here's George's phone number: 1-714-540-2920