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  1. Next time come to our camp and enjoy some frosty cold ones, let us know when. After seeing me ride, you actually think I know how to make that Go-Pro actually record anything? I just wear it as ballast on my helmet.
  2. I'm only half kidding, but seriously, seeing Vic ride like that gives me hope. in 2015 I bought an FE501s as my "last bike" because I seriously felt like I was nearing the end of my riding days due to old age and general brittleness. I saw Vic ride and it has given me the push I needed to stop being such a puss and get back out there more often, hopefully I have a few more fun years ahead. As for the excuses, I have none, other than a little sand in my VJJ lately.
  3. Glad you mentioned it, I had forgotten to adjust it after the last ride! Thank you!
  4. I'll take any excuse I can get, have you ever had to struggle to keep up with a 78 year old man on those trails? I'm seriously considering taking up golf after seeing Red Rattler chugging up trails like Malcom Smith, so yeah..the tire pressures were not optimal, come to think of it I might have been on the wrong needle taper too.
  5. Well actually, that wasn't my only "excuse"...I also did an after ride fuel system check and found that I had accidentally mixed @ 39:1 instead of the 40:1 that the bike requires, so I'm sure that had a lot to do with the difficulty I experienced.
  6. Andy,Billy,Rich,Scott, and Victor, Thank you all for a fun adventure. We had a great time riding with you and seeing some new stuff. The trails were awesome as well as the company. Can't wait to get out there again. I checked my bike after we got home and discovered that my rear tire was 1.7 psi High and the front was .7 low, that might have accounted for my seeming inability to traverse most of the rough sections, I will make adjustments for the next time. Thank you all again for the tow service, the refueling service, and getting my bike off the trail when I was too tired to do so myself.
  7. There will be 3 riders, 2 of us will be up there early afternoon Friday, the last guy late Friday night. we will be camped at FC overflow and will ride the connector to look for you guysat KM. 2 old fat guys on a KTM 200 and a GAS Gas 200. Looking forward to a nice ride.
  8. Thank you for the info. We will be up there on Friday probably at about mid day. Looking forward to meeting up and getting some miles and smiles.
  9. Hello, is this ride open to the public, are you guys on dual sports or dirt bikes?
  10. Slorigami7

    Silent Dirtbike

    I found a freeze plug for a car engine that fits snugly into the tailpipe of my Drz, drilled a 1” hole in it with a step drill and the loudest thing people hear is the intake and the chain rattling, I use it whenever I need to keep other trail users happy. Works great and completely reversible once I get back to the highway.
  11. Judging by your results so far, it seems that you can pick up 3 mph per pass, based on this, the only limit would be how many times you can ride past the radar..I'm no math genius, but 4 th pass=79...5th pass= 82...6th pass=85...7th pass=88...8th pass=91..so on. IF you could continue to do that, by the 20th pass you should be well past 120 ? JK.....(I couldn't resist...sorry)
  12. Holy ****ing $heet!!!! The spent casing's, targets and trash was enuf to make one puke!!! I saw TV's and Microwaves shot to hell IN THE RIVER!!!!!!! Dumped garbage bags all along the river and road, you name it, it was disgusting... We have the same problem here, ..piles of people's household trash strewn all over the desert. The "authorities" have decided that they will charge between $ 35.00 and $ 100 + to dump a pickup truck bed"s worth at the local landfills,and, they don't accept any of numerous common household items based upon their content...mercury, lead..so on. so now where we ride, you have to constantly dodge the piles of tires, tv's and trash. I'm against illegal dumping, but seriously...why not just make it free to go to the dump...like it used to be.
  13. They used to make 350's, then we told them that if they only had just a little more motor, that they would be perfect...so they gave us 400's...then we asked for more again.. I used to ride an XL 250, then I got a 350...then an XL 600..last year I bought a 96 DR 350, thought it was almost perfect...then the bug hit again, gave the 350 to my wife and bought a DRZ 400, now I'm starting to think, if Suzuki only built a serious dual sport 450, that would be perfect !! It's different strokes for different folks... They build what we buy. Ride safe !
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