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  1. I have friends with Honda's and they run great and quiet. In '93 I bought an EF3800 Yamaha for when the wife and I went out riding/camping in our camper. Several years later we bought a fifth-wheel with another generator. My Yamaha sits in the shed for months on end not being used and every time I pull it out to "test" it - it starts on the first or second pull. I've used it as a backup for the house when we lose power and it has worked flawlessly. It's not a light unit, but it's reliable - more so than the unit in my fifth wheel.
  2. av, Thanks!! That gives me the information I need. Now I can finish the maintenance and the wife and I can go
  3. Thanks for the info. However, I wasn't able to find the manual for my wife's '08 Raptor 700. Does anyone have a link for manuals on this? Please email me if you do. In the meantime, I'll keep searching this awesome site. The dealer wants $30 for the owners manual and $80 for the shop manual - both need to be ordered. I'd like to get the needed maintenance info sooner. I messed up and misplaced the original owner's manual.
  4. Chris_C

    Radiator Fan - we all need one.

    I have the Clarke 3.X tank, Flatland radiator guards, and the fan mounted on my '02 520 EXC. The fan will fit with some minor modification. You need to mount it lower on the radiator to accomodate the tank. This involves drilling new holes in the fan shroud. Doing this leaves you without the handy threads originally molded into the shroud. I epoxied nuts to the inner surface of the shroud and bolted it in place. You can also get clip-on type nuts, the type they use for stereo speakers, to do the same thing. I believe you can pick these up at various hardware stores. I like the extra margin of safety against overheating that the fan provides.
  5. Chris_C

    Awesome Dual Sport Kit!

    Burndog, No disrespect intended but I think you're missing the points being made. As you indicated in an earlier post, you're clearly biased by what you own. Included in the price of the TDS kit is a new headlight and tail light with integrated turn signals. This means you can remove the stock units and save them for when you sell the bike or whatever. Included in the OEM kit is what you already have stock. Being able to remove the kit for racing is important because it helps bring racing weight down and eliminates the potential to break expensive headlights, tail lights, etc. It has nothing to do with how the bike looks. As far as indicators for hi/low beam, turn signal, etc... Perhaps you haven't looked that closely at the TDS system. It has all these indicators on a very nice, easy-to-read display. Moreover, it has an indicator to monitor battery condition and charging output. Does the OEM kit? Some additional features include: independent resettable circuit breakers; accessory output for GPS's, grip heaters, etc; and a 1 year warranty. I've owned several dual sport kits in the past and this one is the best by far.
  6. Chris_C

    Awesome Dual Sport Kit!

    I don't think Hodaphile was suggesting that the OEM kit had inferior parts. I think he was comparing pricing for the different kits and suggesting that the OEM KTM kit was just as expensive as the aftermarket kits. I am very familiar with the different kits and for me, the decision came down to what you get for your $$. Based on that, I would say that the OEM switch should be nice. It sure does cost enough.
  7. Chris_C

    Awesome Dual Sport Kit!

    Mccreary8, The TDS kit is head and shoulders above the BD kit. I don't mean to put down the BJ kit, but they haven't evolved over the years and could be more robust. The TDS started out with a better control design (single board, minimal wiring) and has now gone to an even lighter version that Hodaphile mentioned. The TDS is much easier to install (and remove if you want). In my opinion, support after the purchase is as important as the kit features. Having dealt with both companies, there is no question that TDS is far superior.
  8. Chris_C

    Dirt Rider on speed channel!!!

    Another April fools joke? My speed vision doesn't show any 24 hour shoot out.
  9. Chris_C

    Fitting KTM pipe onto YZF?

    I did this conversion (KTM EXC pipe to WR400) a little over a year ago. A friend had put a T4 on his '01 520 and wasn't using his pipe. At the time I was having a lot of trouble keeping my Stroker pipe together. I had to re-rivet the stupid thing back together every other ride. One weekend I started sawing and welding and got a pretty good fit to my '00 WR400. The pipe is awesome. I do quite a few dual sport rides and sound is definitely an issue. The KTM pipe is the quietest pipe I've heard and the performance is excellent. I don't think the engine design of KTM has much to do with how quiet the bike is. My WR400 with the KTM pipe is quieter that my 520 EXC. I love my 520. It's got to be the funnest bike I've ever ridden. But I won't get rid of my WR. The WR is fun too, and I know I can count on her in a pinch if something goes wrong with the KTM (happened once and hopefully will never again). The WR is also a great bike to loan to friends who don't have bikes and want to go riding with us. I'm also trying to get the wife back into the sport. The trouble with the WR is.... whenever I ride it.... I really miss that button.
  10. Voted We're still losing 57-Against 36-For 6-Undecided You have to wonder though, how much of that is because of how the "for" vote is worded. How many OHV'ers want to clear the way for clear cutting? That's how it sounds, but there are alot more issues at stake. It's obvious whose point of view is being pushed by this poll. When an article/poll like this comes out you have to question how much is real and how much is BS. In this case, it was easy to see which side to be on. That would be the side of the BRC. I support them and wish that a lot more riders would.
  11. Chris_C


    Keith, I had the same problem with mine, no matter how tight I put the cap on. A friend asked me to see the cap and he proceeded to press the gasket into a sealing lip I had missed in the cap. Haven't had a problem since. You might want to check this out before buying a new gasket or cap.
  12. Chris_C

    Cylinder Head cracked!!!

    Lucas, Yes, KTM did cover the head replacement. However, only after I found a dealer ready to go to bat for me, with KTM. If I hadn't, I would probably be a very disgruntled, soon-to-be ex KTM owner. Matto Cycle in PA made a believer out of me. It's the place I'm going for all my future KTM (parts) business. Good People!
  13. Chris_C

    Cylinder Head cracked!!!

    I feel your pain. The same happened to my '02. Contact your dealer to see if they will go to bat for you with KTM. My local dealer wouldn't but I found one that did. I've seeing more reports of this lately and it appears to be a rare albeit definite manufacturing defect in some of the heads.
  14. Lucas, Do a search on "oil leak". I thought I had heard of this before. There is a thread that started in March of this year about someone who had the same problem. May be a center case gasket out of alignment or the bolt needs to be torqued tighter. Check out the thread. Good luck.
  15. I recently went through a very negative experience at a local dealer and if you've been following the thread "Help Coolant Fluid in the cylinder" then you've probably read it. This is for those who didn't read that and need to know that some dealers are cool. They'll work with you because they appreciate your business. Then there are others that you should absolutely stay away from. I thought I would post an excert from that thread to warn you of such a dealer. Well I made the HUGE mistake of taking the cylinder, head, and camshaft to my "local" dealer yesterday. Today I got the news that KTM will not cover it because the bike is out of warranty (30 days). I told the dealer I thought KTM would reconsider a case where a manufacturing defect was possible - IF the dealer went to bat for the customer. I told him that this shop went to bat for me about 5 years ago and KTM acknowledged the defect. KTM payed to fix the bike at no cost to me. It took 6 1/2 months, but at least it didn't cost me $1400. When I got to the dealer to pick up the parts, the parts were sitting in pretty much the same place and in the same condition that I left them. I asked the dealer if they had looked at the parts at all and they said no. I asked them why they wanted me to leave the parts if they weren't going to look at them before contacting KTM. The Service Manager said that they wanted the parts there in case KTM approved the warranty work. That way, they could get started right away. (So apparently the dealer boiled down what I told them the day before and relayed that to KTM. Hell! I could have done that) Anyway still trying to work with these guys I relayed the story of 5 years ago with my "out-of-warranty" KTM. I said that I was hoping that they would do the same. Blank stare - not the same guys as 5 years ago - I asked. When I told them that there may be a few manufacturing defects in these bikes because I've read and heard of a few others. They said "we haven't"... "... and KTM hasn't either", they're very reliable. I was starting to get a little irritated with their belligerence and/or ignorance. I may have started raising my voice a little thinking I might get through the "thickness". (Stupid, maybe immature I know, you had to be there.) They started raising their voices, apparently under the same disillusioned notion that this makes communication clearer. One of the mechanics, the same guy who gave me attitude when I brought in the parts "disassembled" said I should take my parts and call KTM myself. I said I planned to take the parts to a dealer who cared. At that point the Service Manager reiterated the sentiment of taking my parts and proceeded to kick the box of parts, spilling them onto the floor. Shocked at the sudden escalation of the events, I gathered my parts and calmly told them I would contact KTM about the situation with my bike, and the situation with them. When I got back home I called a dealer back east that I've been buying parts from and told him the situation. He asked me to send the parts to him and he would see what he could do. The parts are on their way.