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  1. HondaRyder7

    07 Crf450

    Yea me to i just had to fix the damm thing i blew a rod barring no fun
  2. HondaRyder7

    07 Crf450

    I found the problem! There was a bunch of water in the carb! I have a twin air box cover for when i wash it. the seal must have not been on tightly. Bike is up and running in tip top shape
  3. HondaRyder7

    07 Crf450

    Thanks again! Tomorrow im going to clean the carb ill keep you guys in touch.
  4. HondaRyder7

    07 Crf450

    Thanks for all thr replys. I should of added that the bike ran perfect the weekend before. I cant even touch the throttle at all. Even if i move it a 1cm it dies. Something is wrong and i dont no what i can be
  5. HondaRyder7

    07 Crf450

    Hello, I have a 07 450 and when i start it up it idles perfect. the problem is when i give it any bit of gas in bogs down and dies. I try to start it with the throttle wide open and it still wont start? The only thing that is wrong is when i give it gas it dies? What can be the problem? Electical? Carb?(its clean)? Thanks for the help!
  6. HondaRyder7

    which boots are best

    Sidi Every comfortable doesnt feel like a boat. very light and protective!
  7. HondaRyder7

    08 450r

    I beleieve the purpose of the Aluminum tank is so that it can have pressure so the EFI works right...maybe ???
  8. HondaRyder7

    06 450 R Gearing / Flywheel Suggestions

    Ive been hearing people putting a 13oz stealthy flywheel...Thats what im thinking im going with...keep me informed
  9. HondaRyder7

    O-Ring chains

    wouldnt installing a space throw the alignment off the chain form the rear sprocket.
  10. HondaRyder7


    What gearing are you running?
  11. HondaRyder7


    On the 07 bike isnt the front sproket 14 and the read 48?
  12. HondaRyder7


    Do you still a lot of low end with that gearing? And how are the length of the gears?
  13. HondaRyder7

    2007 crf 450 PICTURES

    Those are sick graphics i like it..nice bike..how much did it cost to get your rims anaodize?
  14. HondaRyder7


    Thats help a lot thanks
  15. HondaRyder7


    will this give you longer gears and more top end