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  1. 03SVT

    UPDATE: Mx Vs. Atv Alive BLOWS!

    yea the code isnt working for me either. but im definitely digging the KTM 250SXF. 3 stars and that bike is nasty. i thought about picking up the yz but then i figured im paying 3 bucks for something i may not mess with as much as the KTM. i was racing the pro class on it and consistently finishing 2nd and 3rd on it against the 450s. doesnt really seem that underpowered. i think it would spank the takashis and blaze 250s pretty bad (couldnt get into any of those races. seemed the tracks were glitched out)
  2. looking forward to what ya have to say. i know my worst crashes always come when im tired!
  3. im thinking about snagging a G2 quick turn for the 350. i know that i can get the OEM replacement for 59.99 w/ the housing and grip already installed. would it be easier to go that route or would it be worth it to go with the quick turn? or would i kill myself? lol
  4. 03SVT

    2010-2011 250/350SXF mods

    mine is 3994 on the engine, im going to talk to my dealer on tuesday.
  5. 03SVT

    2011 sxf 250 re-map

    i bought the yoshimura PIM2 and downloaded the map for the bike on my PC then loaded it into the PIM.
  6. 03SVT

    2011 sxf 250 re-map

    the bike will run better if you get the fuel curve mapped. the map switch only changes the ignition timing.
  7. 03SVT

    KTM 350 sxf spring rate?

    thanks! its 370ccs right now, once i started to ride alittle quicker i noticed i liked the suspension more, there were some sections i just wasnt comfortable with so i didnt jump the jump, i ended up almost jumping into the woods my last time out on that big down hill (saved it from the woods but still wrecked hard) and managed to bend the mounts on my yoshimura. not happy about it but i think i should be able to get them fixed. at first i thought i might have tweaked the subframe but the stocker mounts up just fine.
  8. 03SVT

    KTM 350 sxf spring rate?

    got to ride on the new springs and revalving this weekend! bike feels awesome! front feels alittle stiff with the .49 springs, but i think that 13 or 14 out vice 12 should do the trick! def soaks up the crap i threw at it and only managed to bottom it one time the whole day.
  9. i figured it out, i cross threaded the bolt that came with the pipe and it completely fubared the threads on the pressed in nut deal they had. i had that removed and put the stock clip type deal that was on the stocker and used the stock bolt.
  10. i had Enzo do the suspension on my 350, im going to ride it this weekend for the first time on the new stuff, just farting around in front of the house it feels pretty good so far.
  11. 03SVT

    Everything is bigger in Texas?

    ive never been to a pro track till freestone. so i dont really have anything to base my opinion on what a national track should be. but i thought the track was awesome. pretty good sized and still had some decent sized jumps. i know that for how rutted and tore up it looked in person it would be a blast to ride. although after about 4 laps my arms would be numb!
  12. 03SVT

    UPDATE: Mx Vs. Atv Alive BLOWS!

    nope, the store isnt back up yet.... weaksauce.
  13. 03SVT

    The big stories at Freestone

    yea RV didnt have anything for Reed or Dungey all day long. bummer what happened to dungey, he was putting on a riding clinic that second moto.
  14. 03SVT

    Dean Wilson's pass on Eli Tomac!

    i got a coule pics of 250 rider # 245 jumping it, they changed it after the practice session and added a bigger bump in front of it. i got to see Reed Huck it a couple times. it made since to change it. to bad they did though, pretty awesome watching them when they were able to jump it.
  15. 03SVT

    the smell of pro motocross

    i was there and could smell the race gas every time they came by. makes me want to waste the money for race gas just to smell that again!