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  1. Verastarr

    My FCR-MX 41mm conversion Project (XR650L)

    I did not confirm float height... I saw its 8mm and the way to check it is to rotate the carb downward from upside down until the needle valve "pops" the float up then measure the side height. I presume checking the pilot circuit means removing and checking the jet for debris as well as shooting carb cleaner/ compressed air through the carb body opening for said jet ?? Vacuum leaks would be at the carb inlet/outlet boots, or could it be the slide seal as well ? Not so sure how to check those other than shooting starting fluid at the boots, although my pig does not even idle, nor hold steady throttle for that matter.. Thanks
  2. Verastarr

    My FCR-MX 41mm conversion Project (XR650L)

    Well, I'm back at it.. rolled out the fuel screw, and it helped just a little bit.. still wont idle and backfires.. now I'm a little stuck.. anyone have some ideas or suggestions ?? Thanks
  3. Verastarr

    My FCR-MX 41mm conversion Project (XR650L)

    Couldn't wait. In true special kid style, forgot I pulled the plug boot earlier. Funny how seating it properly helps combustion...lol now she'll fire and run with throttle but no idle and it backfires like I'm lighting firecrackers. I guess I'll get at it tomorrow since it's 10:30 PM and neighbors just love my motorcycle habit..
  4. Verastarr

    My FCR-MX 41mm conversion Project (XR650L)

    For some reason my FCR MX is too short for a 26mm bell. Here's the pic. It's all buttoned up now and it does not run yet. It'll fire for a few seconds at a time but that's it... I'll find the issue tomorrow.
  5. Verastarr

    pilot screw parts sequence?

    Ok. Got it. I have been mistakenly calling the slow jet the pilot jet. And calling the pilot screw the fuel screw... nevermind...
  6. Verastarr

    pilot screw parts sequence?

    OK, I'm trippin on this whole pilot screw thing.. I just bought a FCR MX 41mm flatslide for my XR650L... I swear when I disassembled it there was a spring, washer, and o ring on the pilot jet... but no way would it go back together like that ... could not even compress the spring enough to catch the threads... so I assumed it was from the fuel screw, since that one had no spring, o ring or washer upon dissasembly... When I put it back together, the pilot goes in fine with nothing but the pilot. No spring, washer or O ring... in every FCR MX exploded view I see, there is no spring set on the pilot, just the jet.. But in the OEM carb exploded view, the pilot has all these things.. anyone care to comment ?? Thanks
  7. Verastarr

    My FCR-MX 41mm conversion Project (XR650L)

    Hi Everyone, I am doing a 41mm FCR MX conversion to my 1993 XR650L, and bought the Sudco XRL adapter, but its too short. (26mm) It must be the type of FCR I purchased.. Mine was off a 2001 KTM 520SX. Everything seems to fit well except my fuel screw is just above the starter hot wire, so I'm going to have to rotate the starter wire. Luckily the original KTM bell is the right length (36mm), just too wide an OD on the airbox side.. so I'm just going to grind her down to 60mm and try to use the original.. (dont know why I didnt think of this up front..lol) I'll let you guys know how she goes.. I have it jetted with a 155MJ, 100PAJ, removed the main air jet completely, 42PJ, and 68SJ. I did the AP Linkage mod with safety wire, and am doing a full FMF Powerbomb/Powercore combo with header wrap on just the header, de snorkeled, smog blocked off and removed, Uni filter and I think thats it for engine... I have both DPR7 and 8 types (not sure which I'll use)... I am at 700 to 1000 elevation and only ride above 50degrees F... Any suggestions hooligans ??
  8. Verastarr

    Complete Guide To Installing FCR MX on a XR600

    OK, after further research and checking my linkage, I do need to O ring or wire my AP Linkage. I bought a Tokyomods fuel Screw and i found out it does use spring washer and o rings. So I guess I'm wondering if I need to do anything in the AP diaphragm/cover area and if my float needle is good
  9. Verastarr

    Complete Guide To Installing FCR MX on a XR600

    Hi Guys, Im pretty new to the site, so forgive any lack of knowledge/stupid questions. I am basically doing Dot Coms exact conversion to the XR650L. I bought a FCRMX 41 off ebay from a 2001 KTM. I want to go over the carb before fitting it. I'm changing my jetting to match dot Coms, and I got the air boot adapter, and a power bomb header (already have a White bros slipon) The first thing thats got me confused is that this float bowl has no leak jet. do I need to address this ? Second, do I do anything with the AP, or just leave it alone ? The linkage seems tight up top, so I'm not sure if it needs an O ring mod, and I'm wondering do I leave the diaphragm assembly alone or add a Boysen hot shot or other cover ? I removed the main air jet and left the pilot air jet at 100 Next, theres 2 pushbuttons on the side, I guess you pull out the black one for choke, and pull out the red one for hot start ? I plan to add an adjustable fuel screw, is Tokyomods OK ? Do I still need the little washer and spring ? I know it comes with 2 o rings.. Whew !! Sorry to ask so many noob questions guys.. I just want to ride a little harder.. I'm a trail and street guy.. single track woods stuff maybe once or twice a year.. Thanks !! one final thing.. if the carb is upside down with the bowl cover off, should the float needle valve hold the float up or should the weight of the float depress the spring ? I'm wondering if it needs replacing..
  10. OK, Cool, I'll buy it separate.. Thanks Yall !
  11. Thanks Man, so is this a Kawi OEM part, or can I buy it from Sudco ? It looks like it was an option for all those bikes listed. Cheers,
  12. Ok Guys, I got my kevlar suit on for the flame throwing ill get,, but holy heck I cant figure out how to order a NCVT needle for my FCR MX 41mm... Sudoco has no idea what I'm talking about.. can anyone advise me? Thanks
  13. Hi Guys, I know this has probably been gone over before and Ive seen a guy on Youtube with this exact mod and tried to contact him with no luck. so sorry If im repeating an old thread. ive got a 1993 XR60L with snorkel removed, White Bros slipon, and Uni filter. Shes been put up for about 4 years (I know..) and now I'm getting her back going. Carb was gummed up and I decided to upgrade while it was out. I bought a FCRMX 41 without TPS, but with hot start and choke that came off a KTM 520SX from like 2000. The damn thing measures almost perfect to the original, I was very surprised.. Well its got like a 180 main I havent opened to see the others, but I want to rejet for 700 to 1200 altitude. The dude with the black/red on youtube (BugCrush3R) named out the jets he used and the needle etc. I guess I just pull out the old and in with the new.. I see there ar air boot flanges, but mine is only 1mm shorter than stock.. do I need the adapter boot... also, Ive got a big ass hose coming to the air inlet side of the carb from what I guess was smog or blow by return.. do I just block this thing off ?? plus a bunch of other thin hoses hanging down.. I suspect overflow hoses that I just leave disconnected ? Now I get confused.. theres adjustable leak jets and special float bowls and Tokyo Mods stuff for this carb.. which of that stuff is most handy for tuning on the fly, and which is overpriced BS ?? I just wanna ride, and I'm not a MX'er... trail dude that goes single track in the woods here and there.. Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated Thanks ! Mike
  14. Verastarr

    510 SM Thermostat?

    No Thermostat, and yes you are supposed to warm it up. It warms up pretty quick.. Get the 510, if you want the Ferrari, and the 610 if you want a Porsche. Warning: the 510 is incredibly hard to ride within legal limits. You cant help but stonk all over the place, its too much fun !!