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  1. BBrown626

    2013 yz450f

    ^^ That is funny. I haven't changed anything on my bike except the oil and rear shock spring. I would at least set it up for your size and weight. Adjust the bars, controls etc. Ride it a little but then take the time to tune the suspension as it make an enormous difference.
  2. BBrown626

    99 YZ400F - Leaking Carb + Hard to start

    Is it leaking out through one of the tubes or from a gasket? If leaking froma tube it coule be the overflow. It isn't uncommon for a carb to have a float stick. Tapping it with the handle of a screwdriver can free it up. Also if leaking from a tube, they have drain valves and it could be slightly open. If from a gasket you should be able to buy a rebuild kit or have a shop fix it if your uncomfortable. ZipTye Racing is known for working wonders with those carbs if it hasn't already been modified. Good luck.
  3. Try repacking it. These bikes go through packing pretty quickly. mufflers are NOT maintenance free. If that doesn't quiet it down to an acceptable level then give the stocker a try or look for a modern muffler that is designed to be quiet. Unless your racing you won't miss the power as much as you could miss your riding area if it is closed down due to all the noise. It only takes one person to complain. Good luck.
  4. BBrown626

    cleaning parts

    Kerosene or diesel fuel work great. Diesel fuel is cheaper. For some parts that have any rubber (o-rings, seals, etc) use Simple Green. Change all your bearings while you are in there. They don't cost too much. Other than that, closely inspect everything.
  5. BBrown626

    2014 YZ450 Works Connection

    I have the WC skid plate. Good stuff. Not sure of the need for those rear brake guards though.
  6. BBrown626

    Front brake upgrade

    I bought the Tusk oversized rotor and I am pretty happy with it. Of all the upgrades I bought over the last few years, the Tusk brake is about the best. No, I am not a cheapskate. I figured a rotor is a rotor and it is definitely better than stock size.
  7. BBrown626

    2014 What mods have you done?

    I have an oversized rotor and aftermarket gas. Very happy so far. Would like to add a skid plate and will be looking for tires, chain and sprockets soon.
  8. BBrown626

    2014 Skid Plates?

    That thing looks good, but very thick too. Guessing it is plastic, but I'll take a look. Thanks. Looks pretty good. I think I am between this one and the light speed.
  9. BBrown626

    Replacing chain and sprockets

    ERT2 is good for racing. My local shop sells them for $80 and that help. Gray's ORN6 chain lasts a long time as does DID X-ring chain. The X-ring chain is rated for road bikes. It does offer some resistance though and it is noticeable in comparison to a racing chain. I like the dual ring sprockets. They last a long time with a good chain.
  10. BBrown626

    2014 Skid Plates?

    Looking at options for a skid plate. Any reason not to get the off-road version (shields for the water pump and generator) instead of the MX version? I ride 100% on tracks, but why not have the extra protection offered by the off-road versions? Do they get in the way? Anyone make a carbon fiber skid plate for the '14? Thanks.
  11. i haven't tried a 90 with the '14, but generally I have found they don't corner as well. Have you played with the fork height and also added some rebound dampening? You can go in a few clicks on the rebound dampening to find the point where the bike hold the line better, but the forks don't pack up in the bumps. If they don't rebound fas then the compression from braking and you shifting yoru weight will keep them short through a turn. Which tracks are you riding?
  12. BBrown626

    These forks!?! 2014 YZ450...

    I am pretty happy with my setup, except today I rode a track that had a lot of braking bumps and it was harsh. So far I have gone to a stiffer shock spring In two clicks on fork rebound to get the right feel through the corners and hold a tight line Out two clicks on fork compression to soften things up. Out two clicks on shock rebound as I found it was jumping nose high. I had been riding mostly on the main track at a Pala and that is somewhat sandy. Today I wasn't feeling like all the big jumps, so I put in most of my laps on the vet track. There were a lot of braking and acceleration bumps. The bumps beat me up pretty good. On previous year bikes I drilled holes in the free piston and changed the ICS (?) spring. The short spring that is inside the free piston chamber. I have also installed the Dual Del Taco mod, but I don't know if that mod is helpful for the '14 or not. Pulling out a little oil seems like the easiest fix to try and soften them up. It is easy and cheap.
  13. I'd bet you can get there with adjustments to the rebound damping on the fork. Turn the rebound in a little and it will keep the fork length shorter throught he corner, for longer.
  14. The '14 has fantastic power and acceleration. The suspension is great stock. I have my new shock spring ready to install in the morning (thanks DaveJ). Sunday I'll setup the suspension at pala. Just riding it stock with stock settings it is pretty good. Once the suspension is tweaked it will be great. Add the reliability and it is pretty darn good. I am an old guy and I nearly bought orange, but lots of complaints out there about reliability and the suspension isn't so good.
  15. BBrown626

    2014 Yz450 Crank Breather Mod

    Is there a drawback to hooking the vent to the air box that is at a lower pressure?