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  1. Crazy to see some of the responses in this thread.. You don't know this guy from Adam, but he must not be as fast as you because his post count isn't as high. I'm interested to see what you find and how you like it, i am in the same boat, but building a 250sx for dedicated MX use. Weather is holding up testing right now, but i am testing several different base gasket thicknesses and head combinations, stock vs. FMF pipe vs Pro Circuit pipe, stock vs FMF vs. Pro Circuit silencer, powervalve springs, jetting, ignition maps combined with all the pipe/silencer/head combinations etc. It does take a little bit of money to try it all, but very few people understand the feeling of a bike that you have tailored to your preferences, and some of those preferences change over time and you find yourself testing again to improve it further. These bikes are expensive from the start but they are absolutely not "one size fits all" when they roll off the showroom floor.
  2. honda34

    Are we all riding with knackered frames?

    I don't agree with the statement in bold, I know the characteristics of the metal act/react in this way, but I have broken (cracked, stress cracked, and completely broken in half) several steel motorcycle frames in my lifetime and I have yet to (knock on wood) break one of my aluminum frames. That being said, I prefer the steel frame a thousand to one over the aluminum frame, because usually the steel frame has a two stroke motor in it...
  3. honda34

    Showa TAC Question

    Can anyone give me the overall length of the TAC forks for the Kawi and Suzuki? Are they the same length between the two bikes? I am retro fitting my favorite 2 stroke with SFF spring stuff from my RMZ, and was looking at getting the TAC stuff so that I can do a little R&D on them... Anyone have any TAC's that they want to sell? Thanks!
  4. honda34

    RMZ250 vs. 270 vs. 290

    it was hard to get it to fire up.. think I got it figured out though. it is a little temperamental when the weather is a little colder. I have to start it from dead cold with the hot start and then pull the choke. this may be due to the U4, I will be out of U4 and on to pump gas late this week so I will see if that changes. The 14 tooth front sprocket is a necessity on these big bores, wish they were a little easier to find.. I had a very strange problem today, the bike jumped out of 3rd gear and freewheeled between 2nd and 3rd. and then did the same thing between 3rd and 4th. it almost killed me a couple times. got the bike home and tore the clutch side down and found the Moto pro detent arm was sitting on the outside of the shift cam.. on closer inspection, found that the bearing was made crooked on the arm and caused it to jump off the track.. just a heads up in case anyone else experiences this. I pressed it straight with a vise and all is good now. sorry for the long pause between posts, my real job sucks.
  5. honda34

    RMZ250 vs. 270 vs. 290

    I'm buying it locally...for full retail price, or higher, I think it's about 89 dollars for 5 gallons. I guess not getting to ride much will save me some money..
  6. honda34

    Vapor lock?

    might try blowing back and forth through it with compressed air to make sure..this is a fairly common cause to the problem you are having, at least on the older carb bikes.. also, one of the radiator hoses runs right below the tank, make sure that you have good separation between it and the tank. have you check/cleaned your injector lately?
  7. honda34

    RMZ250 vs. 270 vs. 290

    I will try to post a picture if it will let me.. I dont have any of it completely together yet but I have some of the ports, tranny, etc while it was going together. One other note I forgot to add was that my local track is a little over 5500' elevation, so that sucks for power production. Our tracks around here are hard pack clay and blue groove most of the time, so I can't wait to get to a good track and see how it pulls through some loam.. Slowgs2001, you are from new mexico, correct? If so, what part?
  8. honda34

    RMZ250 vs. 270 vs. 290

    I wanted to update this thread with the progress that I made over the winter.. I just got the bike complete and put back together and finally got to ride it yesterday. First off, the parts list: 2013 RMZ250 with about 20-25hrs since new Athena 290cc big bore kit CNC porting by Williams Motowerx Dimpled valves (stock size) Custom cams by Williams ISF polished transmission Moto Pro detent spring and detent lever Black Ops coil corrected throttle body Vortex ignition Twin Air filter, still have the screen in it Yoshimura TI pipe and carbon silencer VP U4-4 gas After getting the bike together, I had a hell of a time starting it. I have never had trouble with this bike, it has always been a one or two kick thing even from dead cold. I found that I had to lean it out with the hot start when cold to get it to start. Other than that, it ran perfectly.. after getting it fired up, I had to open the idle about 12-13 clicks, which puts me at about 18-19 clicks out from stock.. Also, set TPS to .615v The break in ride went good, the bike felt a little flat, but I wasn't at a track to where I could really tell what it was doing.. after getting to the track yesterday I started testing with fuel and ignition settings a little. After the first round I could tell it was running way lean, so I turned low mid and high up to 7 on the Vortex, running Map 6. after the second round, I pulled the plug to check and still wasn't seeing any color.. still very white. Went up to 9 on low, mid, and high and the bike started responding better and finally sounds a little rich. I wish I knew a little more about the fuel maps on the Vortex, does anyone know if Map 7 or 8 has more fuel delivery built in? I don't mind starting rich and coming back down...its starting lean on a new motor that I don't like. This bike is a monster now! I couldn't believe how smooth and powerful it was. At first, it felt a little slow, until I realized that I was in 4th gear in most of the corners! I honest to god thought I was in second or third the whole time when I was actually switching between 4th and 5th. I could not believe how easy it was to roll on the power and control the way the bike reacted with the throttle.. still a lot more testing to do but I already have a 14 tooth front sprocket on the way.. I may try map 7 and see if it helps what seems to be a lean condition.. One question I don't have a lot of experience with VP gas since the dreaded first design of U4, does the 4-4 still gum up the way the original did? Can I get away with leaving it in the bike for a week or so at a time?
  9. Maybe its just me, but I would much rather watch a rider like Weston Peick scratch his way up from the bottom. Definitely wasn't cotton candy and daisies for him.. If he's (Pourcel) not doing it for the love of the game, he'd better realize that this is a sport with a small window to make money, and every season that you don't race is money that is not in your pocket. If factories are picking up riders with resumes like Jake Weimer over title holders like Pourcel, I would think he would be re-thinking his attitude and get to proving why he deserves a factory ride.
  10. honda34

    RMZ250 vs. 270 vs. 290

    Well I think I've decided on the 290cc kit for the first round, I kind of doubt that I will want to downsize to the 270cc kit after that, but we'll see.. Still debating on polishing the tranny.. has anybody ridden a bike that has been fully polished? I usually polish the shift drum/detent/etc for smoother shifting but I haven't had a whole tranny done yet..
  11. honda34

    RMZ250 vs. 270 vs. 290

    Thanks for the feedback so far guys. I am still really torn between the 270cc and 290cc kits, to the point where I may buy both eventually to test back to back.. I'm thinking if I go that route, I will most likely start with the 270cc kit.. I hate to buy both if there is a clear winner though.. The injectioneering mod sounds like it will be worth it, so that will be on the list of to do's as well.. I was a little curious about this, being that it seems no one else in the industry is supplying the same mod..unless I've missed something.. Depending on money at the time that I tear everything down, I think I've talked myself into polishing the tranny as well. On another note, the vortex ECU was a major upgrade over the Yoshi PIM2, tested back to back, it was an impressive difference. if you guys have any more feedback it would be much appreciated!! Cody
  12. honda34

    RMZ250 vs. 270 vs. 290

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a little feedback from the guys that have/have ridden some big bore RMZ's. I have a 2013 with about 15hours on it, I haven't gotten to ride much in the last couple years but it looks like I will have some time to next year, so this winter I will be working on the bike a little. I think I am pretty much sold on the big bore idea, I like the RMZ but compared to my 2006 RM250, it leaves a little to be desired. I haven't been able to decide between the 270cc and 290cc kit. I am 6'0" 180lbs, 32yrs old and an aggressive/mid to front of the pack B rider (mx) when I get to ride and practice, so i'm thinking the 290 may carry me a little better but I bought a 250 instead of a 450cc because I have a little more of a "rev" riding style from growing up on 2 strokes.. suspension and chassis is all dialed.. Current setup is: 2013 RMZ250 Yoshi RS4? titanium/carbon full system Vortex ECU Parts I have already: Hot cams stage 2 cams Intake and exhaust Plans: 270 or 290 BB kit from cylinder works-compression is up for discussion, I am not against running race gas porting, valve work, probably by Jesse from motowerx looking at polishing transmission ( I have a tranny to do for my RM250 also, so I might as well do both at once) Injectioneering throttle body upgrades- is this worth it, or all hype? Black ops coil-again, is this worth it? I am assuming that this will kill my stock clutch in short order so a hinson will be in order after I kill the stocker. (not before) I can do all the motor work (assembly), some machine work and the porting myself, I have heard good things about Motowerx so that is why I am considering sending the head to him. Any input will be appreciated, I have been reading all I can from ac717 and a few others bikes. Thanks, Cody
  13. honda34

    Help 2013 rmz250 killing me in small stuff

    any idea what your oil levels are currently (Left and Right since they run different levels)? As far as the gold valves in these forks, you probably won't find a lot of help in this forum, but if you could post the stacks for the gold valves you might get a little input on tuning them..
  14. Haven't tried it yet, this is the first I've heard of it actullay. I'm interested though.. If my supplier can get some, I'll try it in my bikes soon. My supplier is usually pretty slow on getting new products though..
  15. Also, check for the obvious, pinched or pulled throttle cable or incorrect routing..